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About Me

+ I only speak English, so please no messages in another language, I won't understand them without Google Translate, which can have weird results.

+ My Birthday is January 26, I'm an Aquarius.

+ If you have something personal to say to me please send me a note instead of leaving a comment. My comments are generally full of comments of voting so I generally only glance over them, which means I could miss a comment about something else.


> I now have an account on Elite Dollz, where I am known as Leiana. Currently more active on Elite Dollz.

My Dolls



None of my dolls are voting accounts. I am currently using them seperatly. 

My Loft

+ Only room currently even semi-organised is my original Loft room.


Currently Only Giving Out Votes Rarely, Not Everyday!

1. Voting Does Not guarantee return votes.

2. I do use my votes to return the votes I recieve, by checking my 100 last votes list.

Please Help To Keep My Lifetime Votes Even, Thank You!

3. If you give me +1 and it is not to even my lifetime votes then I will not vote back.

4. If I recieve more votes than one doll can return I will either A. Only give my votes to those I think deserve the votes more. Or B. Possibly vote back with one of my other dolls.

5. If I missed a day then I will return the votes I missed when possible.

Gift Wishlist

Will Only List Three At Any Time.

1. One of the Wigs. 

2. 3.  

Any Gift is appreciated though.



 for the  and the .

 for the . and the .

 voting acct of  for the .



Thank You All For Visiting My Page.

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24 years Woman
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