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Aiden|Seventeen|Taken & In Love.<3

Status: Uh, Josh. You wanna know something? Even though you're miles away.. I love you. I know I haven't been on lately, but I swear I've never stopped thinking about you. <3

Mood: I love you.


See him? That's Josh. He's mine. M-I-N-E. Mine.<3

Welp, I'm gonna attempt to re-write this to explain everything better. So, if it sucks, I'm sorry, I'm not the best writer. Anyways, I Love You. So much you can't even understand. Simply because it cannot be put into words. I seem to fall harder for you each and every day. Ever since that first day, I knew we were going to be together, I honestly never thought it would last this long. Because I half way expected you to think I'm a selfish conceited ***hole and leave. But you didn't. I'm so happy for that. I'm honestly in love with you. Haha, people will read this and say "you don't know what love is." They can shut the *** up because I do. & I know I've found my other half. I'm stuck on what else to write because I don't want anyone else to know just how amazing you are, cause then they might fall in love with you too. & I don't want that. Anyways. I Love You So So So So So So Much.<3

5/19/2012 - Forever<3

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21 years Man He US
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Boy With Serious Issues..

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