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+2 from Eliisa :]
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Just saying hi and dropping some votes :)
11/02/2014 à 02:13:58
+2 :) -Flyingpetals
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Bollywood Actress
|11/15/13|dear malu,
i replied!! and pssst, its supposed to be ps not pms. :p
Heart of Courage -- Two Steps From Hell

Most people on OMD call me Amary, Malu calls me Seagull, and Bloody, Darky and Angel call me Pink Penguin! Most of the time you'll find me RPing on the boards, and playing games on it. So if you want to be my friend, just look for me there, or send me loads of pms!! I don't speak French, I only speak English, Dhivehi, Turkish, Japanese and a bit of Russian. But my preferred language is English and sometimes Turkish. My birthday is on the 28th of September.
Most of you would know by now that I'm an avid writer. I have published most of my short stories on a site called Figment, and now I'm working on my first sci-fi novel during NaNoWriMo. NaNoWriMo is an annual novel writing month starting from November 1st to 30th, as a writing challenge to anyone having trouble finishing their novels.
NOTE: I'm always looking for more DVers, so don't hesitate to ask me, or recommend me some who are willing to DV with me! 
If you aren't a daily voter of mine and leave me votes, ask for me to vote back, I will try to vote back with one of my alts~~ 
keiramarinasierradanemelody1231flyingpetalsjennymansonsidney98goldenlighttcuty29juemicci4ainin98ribbonheartbloodybridearlekinlainmaluadrlynneunnie of my alts speak for themselves. They are all made in tribute to either my OCs, or my favorite characters from shows/animations/movies. 

I have joined a lot of clubs this month, and have been in some for over an year. You can find them on the Board under the tab "Dollz Clubs and Contests"
~POTTERMORE; A Place For All The Potterheads And Fanatics
~Kawaiisa Academy
~Monster University; We Scare Because We Care
~Princess Academy
~Animaniacs Club
 ~DarkElfQueen Is The Best!
~Camp Olympus 
If I were to list down all the books I have read, it would take about an year or so to put them all down here. So I'm going to just list the ones that I really really love, because..
J.K. Rowling; Harry Potter series(all), The Casual Vacancy
Cas.sandra Clare; The Infernal Devices(1&2) 
Suzanne Collins; The Hunger Games Trilogy(all)
Meg Cabot; The Princess Diaries(all), The Mediator series(all), Size Doesn't Matter, Airhead (2) 
Danielle Steele; Sisters, Daddy, Heart Of Gold
Sophie Kinsella; Shopaholic Series (1&3)
Dave; The Lost Boy(2)
Charles Di.ckens; The Secret Garden, A Little Princess
Charlotte Bronte; Jane Eyre
Kami Garcia; Beautiful Creatures(1&2)
Brothers Grimm; The Complete Collection of Grimm Household Fairy Tales and Legends
Veronica RothDivergent(1&2)
Lissa Price; Starters
Phillip Pulhom; His Dark Materials(1,2&3)
Kenneth Grahame; The Wind in the Willows
Becca Fitzpatrick; Hush, Hush saga(1&2. 3 in prog) 
Rick Riordan; Percy Jackson and the Olympians(all), Heroes of Olympus(1,2,3, 4 in prog)
And many more!
KEYS:~ |Peach on text; Inappropriate themes for under 13, *; Only Manga, !; Both manga and Anime, #; Only Anime/Show|
~*Junjou Romantica
~#Hana Yori Dango 
~#Ouran Highschool Host Club
~!Fairy Tail
~!Hana Kimi
~#Nodame Cantabille 
~*Fullmetal Alchemist
~#Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
~#Dragon Ball-Z
~!Vampire Knight
~!Bitter Virgin
~!Blue Exorcist
~#Dance in the vampire bund
~#One Piece
~*Kemono ni Koish.ita

Thankyou Malu for the chibi doll, heart-shaped mirror and edited pictures that I don't have anymore. Thankyou Faechild86 for the reindeer horns, the oueija board and blue sweater. Thankyou Zooey900 for the school books for my alt gryffindor-ftw. Thankyou Arlekinlain for the chibi sun. Thankyou Keiramarina for the blue plush bunny. Thankyou Jazz333 for the swan figurine. Thankyou Bloodyemos for the heart-shaped mirror and the blingee of my doll. Thankyou Anyamalfoy for the Libra sign. Thankyou Ribbonheart for the zombie chibi. Thankyou Adrlynne for the chibi ghost. Thankyou Darkelfqueen for the chibi bat.
If I missed any, please don't hesitate to correct me!
Thankyou Shadowchild3 for this amazing layout, the Fiolee avatar to go with my sig, and also for the equally amazing layout you made for my alt amaryllis-leightley.
Thankyou Fasionstar for the edited pic of my entry for your 2012 seven sins contest.
Thankyou Angelfire for the amazing Rumbelle av&sig and this present for my birthday. (It has text on it's right saying "Happy Birthday Amary from Angelfire" but you can't really see it because it's in black.)

Thankyou 3noody-chan to this very cute chibi of myself! This is literally me every day.
Thankyou Fairykisses for the Zeki av&sig, the pink backpack, two-toned wig for my alt roxalia and this amazing Collage of my doll.
Thankyou Saffirelle for these certificates;
I'm everywhere, so you are more likely to find me on(excluding OMD) Facebook, Twitter, Babydow, and Tumblr.
Find me on tumblr here >>
I'm also a writer, you can look up my works here >>
I guess I'll post my ships here. :D 
KEYS:~ |Pinkontext are OTPs|Peachontext are OC(own character)s|
Tomione(I basically ship Hermione with everyone except Harry)
Eli Lieb x that-dude-in-his-Young-Love-vid
There's probably more, But I'll list them here later. :D 

Age Type City Country
20 years Woman Hogsmeade Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Johnny Depp, Jen Law and the whole cast of HP Anything except modern pop and heavy metal Pretty Woman junkfood!!
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
purple and blue Run a library Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, ONCE, Teen Wolf, Gossip Girl, Modern Family, Masterchef Playing my guitar, reading and writing short stories

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