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North Pole Adventurer

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I'm Crimson Feather. Welcome my condo.

I have lots of extra dolls. If they're not listed here they're not me.

~ ~ ~

~ ~




The Official Stuff!

I am an Official OMD Moderator. What this means is I am here to help and make sure you are abiding by the rules. If you've recieved a message from me about you breaking the rules please read it. Action will be taken by Feerik if I have to report you.

If you're not sure what the rules are please check out these links.
Game Rules
General Terms & Conditions
Please note, NONE of these rules are optional. You agreed to follow them when you joined the game. Everyone has to follow them, including me. Know the rules and then you won't have any problems.

If you're having issue with the game or need to know the game basics, the board is the best place to start. There's an FAQ, with lots of helpful guides and a help forum for any site issues.

I do not get paid. I can't give you free Feez/gifts and I don't know any game loopholes. So please don't ask.


About Votes!

If you'd like to be a daily voter just drop me a PM. If you're going on holiday you don't have to PM. Just put a note on your WIA so people know you're away.
Please keep my votes even. I may not vote back if you only vote for my loft or doll.
I may not vote back from this account as I often run out of votes. My other dolls are listed at the top. When I run out of votes on here I use them instead.


My doll and her rooms! 


Arctic Station

Camden Pub

Heaven (empty)

Hells Library

Second Hand Shop

Palace Library

Hawaii (empty)

New York Appartment

Pirate Ship

Wedding Shoot

Shopping Mall (unfinished)


Halloween Party

Enchanted Forest (empty)

London Appartment Downstairs

London Appartment Upstairs

The Cabin (unfinished)

Christmas Town

Venice (empty)

Concert Hall (unfinished)

Retro Room

 The Sky Ship

Beach House

The Japanese Garden

Hollywood Appartment (unfinished)

The Hunger Games

Candy Land

The Appartment (empty)

Hollywood Awards Show

A Place In The Clouds (unfinished)

The Party

An African Getaway

The Shopping Mall

Haunted Castle (empty)

The Fashion Show

Winter Wonderland

The Birthday Party (unfinished)

Love Room (empty)

Jungle Paradise

Buddhist Temple (unfinished)

VIP Room (empty)

Deep Sea Life

The Ballroom

The Crypt

The Villa

Chinese Getaway (unfinished)

The Three Sisters

Magic School



The Jet

The Theatre

North Pole

The Pattesserie

Indian Summer Palace

English Summer Home

Fairy Palace (unfinished)

Fairies Home

Tattoo Studio (unfinished)


Hotel California


Mexican House

Health Center (empty)

Medevial Castle

Ice Room

Master Bedroom (empty)

Nursey (empty)

Pool House (empty)

Doctors Office

Star Villa (empty)

Funfair (empty)

Sewing Workshop (empty)

Park (empty)

Terra (empty)

Deep Space (unfinished)

Mediterranean (empty)

Jungle (empty)

Party (unfinished)

Ranch (empty)

Game Room (empty)

Palace (empty)

Citadel (empty)




Facebook: Crimson Feather
Twitter: Vitriolicheart
Youtube: justahippyslacker
Tumblr: fake-on-the-outside & raytoroslovehandles



Things I need to buy

Towels, Aquavilla, Party room

Age Type City Country
38 years Woman Somewhere over the rainbow UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Gerard Way Metal & Rock Labyrinth Cup Cakes
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black Hair Dresser Dracula OhMyDolls

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