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Friday votes ~ Hope4ever2
21/10/2016 à 01:20:55
Ride the train I’m far from home, In a season...
19/10/2016 à 00:13:46
Tuesday morning votes from SIERRADANE
18/10/2016 à 12:42:02
Sunday night votes from SIERRADANE
17/10/2016 à 05:11:03

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anyamalfoy has 281 goodness points.

North Pole Adventurer

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I am not a Mod Anymore.


I'm Crimson Feather. Welcome my condo.

I have lots of extra dolls. If they're not listed here they're not me.

~ ~ ~

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About Votes!

If you'd like to be a daily voter just drop me a PM. If you're going on holiday you don't have to PM. Just put a note on your WIA so people know you're away.
Please keep my votes even. I may not vote back if you only vote for my loft or doll.
I may not vote back from this account as I often run out of votes. My other dolls are listed at the top. When I run out of votes on here I use them instead.


My doll and her rooms



Facebook: Crimson Feather
Twitter: Vitriolicheart
Youtube: justahippyslacker
Tumblr: fake-on-the-outside & raytoroslovehandles



Things I need to buy

Towels, Aquavilla, Party room

Age Type City Country
38 years Woman Somewhere over the rainbow UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Gerard Way Metal & Rock Labyrinth Cup Cakes
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black Hair Dresser Dracula OhMyDolls

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