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argalie has 0 goodness points.

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II don't vote for myself! If I have many votes it's because I play in ohmydollz's french. And one girl on this ohmydollz need to give me many many many votes. But I dont like ohmydollz french because they have many dollz that vote for herself. Because of that I dont go very often at ohmydollz's french. So she (the girl that she need to give to me many votes) create an acount on ohmydollz' english for repay me my votes. (sorry for my ortographe mistake but like I already said I'm french.) But I will in her to stop voting more than one time/ day. Sorry and good play!


                   Hi! My name is Jessica.

I'm from Quebec I'm  not an english girl but I can speak a little in english (but I do a lot of mistakes!).

I miss you dad, I will always love you...


I research some daily voters! +2 every day preferably but if it's impossible it can be questionable :)

lunely every day :)     th3-french-girleveryday :)

seinalyndia every day :)  hydrangea13  Everyday  :)



Age Type City Country
18 years Woman Montréal Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
cascada and some others Glee music (generaly)
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green and white Be happy :) Glee Sing and dance!

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