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+2 from Iponyx3123 MONDAY AGAIN!
06/10/2015 à 00:11:10
Russia's toughest prison uses Caucasian...
06/10/2015 à 00:03:36
05/10/2015 à 23:40:31
+2 (from starholic) for 10/05! I will give...
05/10/2015 à 23:26:27

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 Updating Daily Voters List. Send me Message if wanna exchange daily votes.

 Recently I received some messages from "x" dollz asking stuff... or telling me bad stuff about other dollz... I have to say: I dont pay attention to that kind of messages, please enjoy the game.

 By the way : I never ask for account,  m***ively votes, p***word, and nonsense stuff.

 You can meet all my dollz in this page, section "My dollz" lol jajaja n.n

Enjoy the game!!

Voting Double somedays ;)


If you have time, please read about what's happening in Mexico.


Video To see about

Please Dont forget us, we live in same world! That can p***ed to me, to my cousins, to my brother, to any who go street and scream to Government they are doing all wrong and killing us! Twitter#Ayotzinapa

It is truth, in Mexico we are under a silent mandatory: dictatorial regime.

Please read what I want to said about:

The News are saying it wrong, there are around thousands of people already disappeared since 40th years ago, wasn't the mexican narco only business. The Government was doing this since then, its usual, but mexican people are losing afraid. There is normal find "fosas" in the middle of the desert, forest, mangrove swamps... with died bodies and in worst conditions that you can imagine. (children, young people, older people, they don't respect age, gender...)

People from Ayotzinapan in State of Guerrero know that the war was betwen 2 political bands, using narco families to obtain their objectives. 

They know that the 43 young men are dead... and won't going to appear. The fight is for a real political change in my country

In the middle of political war, they killed those students that only have 4 choose in life: 1) Go to USA and be inmigrant; 2) be "sicario", ***asin for narco; 3) be a narco...; 4) be a student in Guerrero and become elementary and middle school teacher.

The problem was when students went and talk to Local Government about NOT CLOSE their School!!! Because there are a lot of little towns out of the Cities in all México. 

Like those movies popular in USA about Mexico... it is saddly truth. But now people from all world can help us a little only supporting via twitter, facebook. You can help us posting on social webs. We don't want more violence here, and we aren't doing those things that they said, like destroy stuff at street or hitting other people (police). They infltrating as always police members as a normal people in protest marchs for do ruin all.



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Arlequin Creations

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(Read before you can try to contact me <3 thxs!)

Send me a mail if you wanna be my daily ^^
Dont ask me for gifts, feez, m***ively votes, accounts or stuff, I ignore nosense comments/messages, check on forum  Im not a moderator

 I always vote back ^^ +2 = +2 )

Thank you for all comments!! and to my friends & sisters for the beautiful words and gifts!! I love them!!


See ya girls, thanks for visiting my dollz! <3







Dolls I love style: AxariaLove84RheasilviaLadykikyoEroicaMoonGeminiIcerainezMeribellaIklovechPryde7Rosered86SilverbastMikomiDoomsdoorsSaverinaAnime-kurabuEadwynnMusical-AngelGummy-bearzAyase-chanDarkshadowElysionRareblue

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Arlequin Lain Born around 2000 year. While I meet my friends at highschool 3th grade ( I think). 

Original Arle in AD&D:

In Solstice my Shiharu:






 My facebook / send me a message before add me ;) 

Finally done speciality on cultural politics, was a great experience inspired on "

Teatro para la Vida Misma

" theatrical group. They were so nice on teach me many things.

They started "zombicamerón", about dead.

Series Im watching:

- desperately waiting for game of thrones  >.<

- Black Sails, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Good Luck Charlie!, Phineas & Pherb, Futurama, Dragons of Berk, Dexter, The Simpsons, South Park (Comedy almost all)

Music: I heard almost all, preferably pop, rock, metal, j-pop, k-pop, visual key, recently a lot of USA pop.

Prefer bands: Mago de Oz, Lacrimosa, Illuminate, Bunbury, Glee version songs, Adele, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Utada Hikaru, Rurutia.

About the girl

[ Studies in Political Science, Studying Political Culture in Latin American, and Studying Political Communication ]

[ Mexican - Eyes brown - Hair Brown - Skin Light Brown ]

[ Pets: 2 dogs, old ones - Like birds! ]     [Eternally in love with Chris Hemsworth!]

[ Do not make life easy for the man who likes! jaja!]

[ And everyday more in love with him! His name is Pedro! ]

Me :)

 My RL pets

Bombom almost 13 years old – pictures taken when she was sick. She is good health again n.n

Dora almost 14 years old – The good girl!

Flying Pink Butterfly Kaoani

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Age Type City Country
26 years Woman MEXICO Other
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