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"Genius is the capacity to see ten things...
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+2 from rubyheartz08 <3 relaxing before work...
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 Giving random votes, visiting old friends, and making new ones

 im not daily voting, only playing n.n

 Thank you for visiting my doll & Thank you for wonderfulll messages!!

 Updating many stuff: gifts received, friends & sisters, on site adding many stuff.




Free stuff for your profiles here [[ OMD Fansite ]]

My Main Site here

 Arlequin Creations

Past Contests / Recover your award link here 


 Not Daily Voting for now, but random dropping votes and visiting dolls n.n

 Making Contest! July-August 2014!

 Dont ask for gifts, rain of votes, accounts (sell, trade), feez, for made your profile, dont share your account.

 Create your own profile, its fun, dont copy others.

   speak spanish & english. 

  I only made graphics for my friends and awards from my contest



My dollz !





Sisters:  Andybel  Kristi  Lolita-Elenita  Zoey900  Sis00  Summersky69 

Friends I love very muchFairykisses  Melody1231  Kiya1990  Madara  Magikgoddess  Faechild86  Danutzik65  Terylana  Aylet  Yuuki07  Jue  Seinalyndia  Fedaa  Love84  Doomsdoors  MallOu  Ayase-chan   zez  Sierradane  Joyceileen  nOregrets  Elonnany  Sc***agull  Emeralda1221  Rubyheartz  Carnation  Rosered86 Torchwood 

Dollz I love them! Icerainez  Kiesielek  Eroica  Eliisa  MoonGemini  Iklovech  Lilysummers  DarkShadow  

Always a pleasure play together, talk, exchange votes, ideas, good wishes, delivery gifts! All are great women!





* n.n *

Reserved for info about my favorite doll & character many used in all games online: Arlekinlain


The others are: Shiharu, Astaroth and Ammonn

Others Alts I already use in some games: Ishtar and Ashtar



 My facebook / send me a message before add me ;) 

Finally done speciality on cultural politics, was a great experience inspired on "Teatro para la Vida Misma" theatrical group. They were so nice on teach me many things.

They started "zombicamerón", about dead.

Series Im watching:

- desperately waiting for game of thrones  >.<

- Black Sails, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Good Luck Charlie!, Phineas & Pherb, Futurama, Dragons of Berk, Dexter, The Simpsons, South Park (Comedy almost all)

Music: I heard almost all, preferably pop, rock, metal, j-pop, k-pop, visual key, recently a lot of USA pop.

Prefer bands: Mago de Oz, Lacrimosa, Illuminate, Bunbury, Glee version songs, Adele, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Utada Hikaru, Rurutia.

About the girl

[ Studies in Political Science, Studying Political Culture in Latin American, and Studying Political Communication ]

[ Mexican - Eyes brown - Hair Brown - Skin Light Brown ]

[ Pets: 2 dogs, old ones - Like birds! ]     [Eternally in love with Chris Hemsworth!]

[ Do not make life easy for the man who likes! jaja!]

[ And everyday more in love with him! His name is Pedro! ]

Me :)

 My RL pets

Bombom almost 13 years old – pictures taken when she was sick. She is good health again n.n

Dora almost 14 years old – The good girl!




Age Type City Country
25 years Woman MEXICO Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby

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