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I like your doll. You have my votes <3....
04/07/2012 à 10:27:33

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 Status:Happy almost birthday Alex! :)
Talking to:Antonio
Theme song(s):Girls fall like dominoes
(Other account)sotyxittyxbitty
My Name Sotyanna Rose or (Soty Shanelle Roselie) , Feb 14 1993, 19 , Cuban , Miami
Hello Kitty, Tattoos, Piercings, Fashion, Weed, Alcohol, Animal Print , Lipgloss, rainbows, Long Hair, Jersey Shore, Bikinis, Heels, $$$$$$, Fast Cars, Loud Music, Hairspray <3,Best friends Gabriel (Gabe) and Jordan (Always will be a friend to me R.I.P 2-6-
2012),Pictures,Artist,Speak Spanish and German and do Sign Language,Dubstep,electronic etc,Brown eyes,1 sister (who dresses up my doll),Love hacks,winter,summer,spring.Aquarius,open minded,shy (alot..sorry),different,don't lable or judge,family and friends what matters to me,Rehab twice (not going back),hats,black fingernail polish,flexible, a non-believer (sorry about that to),animals (even my puggle Mixie) sungl*** (gotta rock em),inspired by pink and Amy lee (evanscence) and Marilyn Manson, Dahvie ***ing Vanity&Jayy Von Monroe (Botdf),Ronnie Winter (The red jumpsuit apparatus),Ronnie Radke (Etf),♥Bill Kaulitz♥ (Tokio hotel),BoA,Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler  (Icp) and Brandon Belsky (Julien-k),Aron Erlichman (Deuce from Hu),G-Dragon (Big bang),Pitbull,Lady gaga,Ke&sha,Oli skyes (Bmth),  Andy six (BvB),JT,Se7en (Brokencyde) Nicki Minaj,David Schmitt (Bc),Spanky (Ddc) .Loves kimichi,sushi and chinese. Miss bi-polar (a little, not that much) stubborn? (ehhh not really),Swear (Yes I do),screw up..(yes! I admit to that),plays the guitar (my prize obsession),have an accent(dispise it), two enemies (not saying who, but I hope they choke and burn in hell),harsh (can be),Studying to be a graphic designer,Loves different cultures.Fave song(s) has to be money and hoes orI.D.G.A.F♥ .Loves suprises,want to be invisible.Sarcastic (sometimes),can hit a really high note,thinks age is just a number.Supports things or people,tall or short,lets just say..Im not that tall.Loves flowers (any type).Single or taken (single).Fave movie is the tittanic and fave scary movie is My bloody valentine.Loves contacts (Blue,black,red).Hates thunderstorms and loves the dark,don't take *** from nobody.Hates liars or  cheaters,or being someones rebound (uh uh ain't happening).Not that talkative (fill free to ignore if Im like boring which I wont care).Hard to share feelings ( I don't do that sorry),use to take lithium♥ (a drug used to treat depression, dont take that *** no more),claustrophobic.Goes to college, and have a job.Creative,wild,amazing,mostly just being me. Loves heights,loves making other laugh,tries to cheer people up (Which I love).Loves fruits (strawberries the most).Don't like talking about my past (unless your really close).Watches Family guy (Im the recarnation of stewie the girl version).Loves skittles and nerds,loves to text (alot).Loves to hang out with Gabriel,Javier,Maela.Gets cranky (not a morning person).Was adopted (true fact but still love my family even if I am). Had or was anorexia nervosa (not anymore).Loves to meet new people.Loves to learn new things (learning to speak Japanese). Gives people nicknames (in a good way). Can be a sweetie (true).Could be a *** (Yes,it ONLY happens if i'm ***ed)
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 Bestfriend <3
best friend right here (me and jordan again good memory
Im ME Whoever Doesn’t Like It Can *** OFF ! :D
New piercings :D

My God..we both look alike (Jordan and I) ♥j'aime beaucoup poussin ya♥

♥Me and my chicka Regan ♥
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Age Type City Country
22 years Woman Miami trick♥ US
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