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ayase-chan has 421 goodness points.

Ace of Blackjack

~Welcome to my page~

{#new}Summer semester is underway~

I ran out of votes I can give for today (since I missed the day before yesterday, so I am making them up...)...I only have one more vote to give out before I am all caught up...

Room Themes:

Loft - Blue with a Touch of Christmas

Garden - under construction

Living Room #2 - under construction

Duplex - Loft

New-Lywood - A Night in Tokyo

Cake Shop - Sweet Shop

High School - University (School Life)

Crypt - Super Scary (Haunted) Halloween Party

Cloud - Daydream into the Clouds

Cabin - Cozy Winter Break

The Venetian palace - Trip to Italy

The Retro room - University Housing

Christmas - Santa's Workshop/Town

Hotel - Getaway

Kitchen - Under Construction

Style inspiration - Ayase Yukiya from Okane ga Nai (No Money)

"You can go far little by little"

~About Ayase~

Hobbies: Thinking about gardening recently

I like strawberries and sweets.

Gentle, leisurely, and sometimes restless. Easy-going, yet really stubborn.

One thing that you should know about this account/page is that it all revolves around the character Ayase not actually me.


~Pictures from other users~


Thank-you arlekinlain for the gift~{#fete}

Arlekinlain, thank-you for the gift~ {#star}


Strawberries are delicious. {#mang}


I went to my first convention with Allen-kun. >.< The maid cafe was interesting. ^^


I went to another convention with Allen-kun. >.< We were able to see LM.C and Vic M. ^^


I have been to a couple other conventions since then...



Daily Voters


If you'd like to be a daily voter just drop me a PM.

Please keep my votes even. I may not vote back if you only vote for my loft or doll.

~Thanks for visiting my page~

Age Type City Country
21 years Man Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Tomato or eggplant
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue and White Linguist Gardening

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