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Sugar cook ies are made and they look great and...
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8 more day's for the party and vote +2 from...
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happy anniversary to OMD!!! <3 even though some of these events and glitches make me crazy >_> i enjoy playing this game with my friends, and i appreciate all the work the OMD team does! ^^


my bff Charolyne and i are celebrating our birthdays!! our birthdays were in july but we didn't get to celebrate together (it's all my fault, she's so sweet and wonderful and patient!! <3) so we're having our late birthday party on the beach! come say hi and catch some waves with us! ;D


i hope you all had a wonderful and fun summer!! (or winter! ;D) my summer was all over the place! the highlight of my summer was africa! i had the best time surfing! :3 and i loved seeing so many animals and of course the MY elephants! XD <3 it was time for the wildebeast migration so there was lots of activity! but i just can't stop thinking about the sky, the sunset and sunrise, the endless stars at night~ <3 i wish i could stay in africa forever!! ^^ 


i've still been too busy to get back to daily voting or replies, i'm trying to spend as much time with my sis as i can, thank you all so much for your patience and understanding, and thanks so much to those who keep her in your thoughts and prayers <3










hello! ^^ i'm a bunny! ..okay maybe i'm not really a bunny but i do act like one! i'm shy and sweet and i have a white fluffy coat. i'm also nervous and crazy, but don't be afraid to say hello, i love to meet new people and make friends! <3





no clue why, but i decided to remodel all of my rooms... X___X

i guess i'm just working on my rooms as the quests are released? idk lol


my other dollz



any doll claiming to be mine that is not on this list is not my doll



Age Type City Country
100 years Woman Los Angeles/Tokyo Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Hello Kitty Vocaloid, J-rock, K-pop Godzilla chocolate
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
all chef/baker Twilight Zone, Ancient Aliens miniatures, Re-Ment

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