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So, my real name is Baraa, but I like being called Vanny. I’m elven years old. I’m from Bahrain & I live there. I’m Muslim & proud. I dislike & like a lot of stuff. I hate liars, cheaters, haters, fakers, hackers, etc. I like Fashion, friends, family, my besties, my life, food, anything pretty or sweet, Summer, Winter, Music, etc. I’m just a simple girl living in this huge world. I’m single, and not interested in any relationship. I like Tumblr & Facebook. Most of the time, I read books, surf the net, watch movies with family & friends or work on my iPhone 4G. I like simple make up & simple clothes, but sometimes, when I get bored I mess up stuff. I talk in different accents sometimes, like, British, Indian, Italian, Gangstar-ish, Asian, etc. I believe in many stuff, like miracles and fairy tales. I believe that someday Earth will be a better place & I believe that everyone will be happy & enjoy their life. I enjoy talking to anyone who would be hyper & talkative. I hate people who never talk and are always bored. If anyone would like to add me, feel free to add me. Please feel free to visit my page anytime you want. And be sure to leave a comment , I'll always reply. If you want to chat with me, just send me a PM. Or ask for my Facebook or MSN. Thanks for visiting & thanks for who have read till this. I appreciate it.

I leave votes without leaving comments. Please check your Last 100 Votes. Plus, I might be too busy sometimes to get on and daily vote so, I apologize.

Age Type City Country
15 years Woman Bahrain
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
AndySixx-JustinBieber-HayleyWilliams- Screamo-Pop-AlternativeRock-Rap Alot Alot
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
AllOf'Em NotSure Alot Alot

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