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bianca96 has 20 goodness points.

Bollywood Actress

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♥♥♥~~~Welcome to my page~~~♥♥♥

April, 23rd...

---4 days until my


---Votes delivered---


    *---*Hello, everyone!*---*

My name is Bianca and I'm from Argentina. I speak Spanish and

I'm learning English.

I'll be glad to answer all your nice comments!


I have been playing this game for six years between My Diva Doll

and Ohmydollz :)

I'm also on EliteDollz! Feel free to add me there if you want!


I love dressing my doll and decorate her rooms! They are under


Anyway, hope you like them!


My favourite hobbies are playing with my beautiful dogs, reading,

and drawing! I like gym too and I'm trying  to do e.xercise every day!


I LOVE football and my favourite team is River Plate! 

Here is a picture of the stadium! It's amazing and beautiful!

We call it "The temple of football"


My sisters are here too!


You can visit their lofts if you want!


I don't like liars and rude people, so please don't visit my page to

leave me annoying messages or insults, because I'll report you to a




Rules? I don't have rules on voting, it doesn't matter to me if you

leave +2 or +1...I'll try to return all your votes as

quick as I can...!

My alternative account ALLEGRABEU

I use "Allegra" to return votes, so if you receive votes from her,

they're from me, of course!


My daily voters...!

  • Adrlynne (On hiatus. She will be back in April/May)
  • Goldenlightt (On hiatus until May)
  • Sidney98 (On hiatus)

I'm a regular voter and I always check my 100 last votes...



Special thanks to...



[For the Halloween girl, the X-mas globe, the sweet kitten and the wig]



[For the beautiful Christmas/Graduation teddy bear and for the

bouquet of flowers!]

[For the pretty teddy bear to celebrate my graduation.

Also for the nice Irish dwarf. Gracias, Andy!]


[For the lovely plant and the beautiful St. Patrick's Day gift]

  [For the pretty puppy!]

  [For this beautiful picture!]



[For the pretty lucky globe]

[For this nice Irish little man]

[For this lucky hat]

Here's my membercard of the "Catwalk Club". Thank you Icefoxes!

Jazz333 for the nice X-mas present, Mllemeg for the cute little doll

and Shadowchild3 for my avatar and signature.


Contest prizes!

Autumn contest

Floral Contest

 photo ffc-cop-bianca96_kbcr.png

Fall contest

Winter talents

Lucky colours

 photo 2013-lcfc-cop-bianca96_kbcr_zps70c5e5a9.png



Ultimate Pink Contest

Lingerie contest

 photo ltfc-cop-bianca96_kbcr_zpsea217793.png



SECOND PLACE! (Musical Celebration theme on 02/07/2013)

My outfit:


{#aomd_bisous}Thanks for reading and visiting my doll!  See you!


Age Type City Country
17 years Woman River Plate Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Mi Bayusa! Rock & Pop Cloudy with a chance of meatballs Everything!
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Green Vet, fashion designer The Simpsons Reading

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