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June 4th, 2015- It's been a year and half since I updated...Wow. I seriously need to find time on here more often. I graduated high school, started college, moved to Florida, and currently moving to Georgia as well as got engaged! Life has take quite a toll in such a short time lol

December 27th-Christmas was great! I had a great time with my family and with my bou

November 2nd-First off, Happy Dias de las Muertas (Day of the Dead). Next, my life has a rollercoaster. I had a party Thursday, found a friend of mine got put into icelation (punishment room at school) for a stupid reason, and a guy I met at the party asked me out today. Today started off horrible but ended great. Between Caije and then finding out this girl was going to end her life but decided she'd randomly talk to me and decide not to was great. I'm invincible lol

October 23rd-HALLOWEEN QUEST! I finally got to finish one and am loving my forest (which I've already finished hehe). 2 new bands have I discovered! All at Sea and On My Honor. Check them out!!

October 12th-I FINALLY CREATED A POETRY VLOG! The Channel is KatInsanityAsylum. Please watch and here me say my poetry. It would mean the world to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

September 26th-It's Spirit Week at school. The guys cross-dressing is amazing. I created a Tumblr. Please follow? The-Fantastic-Dreamer

September 18th-So much school work and family/school/guy drama. Grr, lolz. So much *** and so little time. I did do this weeks quest on Whitehorse45. When I actually finish the room, I'll let y'all know. Also, if you have an idea on how to mix DNA Forensics with Babies, please PM me with it!! I need help!

August 6th-Boring day today....


August 2nd-77 more votes and I reach my goal. Guys, I'm almos there but I have to have them before 6 pm EST tomorrow. Please. It's not far off. I  will have special gifts for certain people. Be on the lookout in your pm's in the next couple weeks!

August 1st-200 votes in one day!! WOW!! Thanks. I'm positive I'm making it this time!!

July 31st-Flash Boutique?  WOW. Thank you Feerik. I'm almost half way there. It's getting there pretty quickly. Thank you guys, again. I still have a huge list but will be returning some more votes back later. I did sign up for the Fashion Show for the first time in almost a year. Wish me luck!

July 30th-So I have this really long list of votes to return. I'll be returning votes long after this week is over. I'm currently at 272 votes. That is a little more than a fourth of the way there. A special thanks to those of you who have told your friend, daily voters, or have posted my goal on your WIA. I feel so blessed for all the help.

(IMPORTANT TO VOTERS) July 29th-I'm currently at a 165 votes. I will try to get as many votes returned as possible. I only have an hour on the computer and sixteen accounts to take care of. I will try my best though. If you vote and want them returned, it is best to leave a comment or pm due to my last 100 getting overly filled up with votes. 

August 13th-Wow, it's been a while. School starts tomorrow, Yay! Now just if my counselor would listen to me. 

July 28th-Working on my 1000 weekly trophy. All help is greatly appreciated. I'll try to return as many as I possibly can. I want to thank those who've voted already so Thank You!

The MU Placement Test is up and we're (Darkelfqueen and I) still looking for monsters to join the University if anybody is interested.

July 27th- this new layout was made by my awesomely, amazing friend Varky (Darkelfqueen). Yep. She is







Currently listening to: 

"Bad Girlfriend"-Theory of a Deadman

"Hurricane"-Theory of a Deadman

"Let it Go"-Idina Mendez

"Let Her Go"-The P***engers

"Simple Man"-Shinedown Cover

"Second Chance"-Shinedown


-$1000 trophy








My Boyfriend, Caije, and I as Angelfire drew us <33

My name to you all is either Kat or Bloody. I answer to either. I'm 17 years old. My birthday is November 17th. I'm from a majorly country state called Kentucky in the US of A. I am also a member of Darkelfqueen's OMD based magazine called the "Lovely Insider."

 I have manic depression, I am a clean from cutting since February, I am overcominganorexia but when school starts, that'll start back up. I am OCD and could swear I haveschizophrenia. I have been bullied in school since I was in the third grade and hardly have a friend. I even lost my best friend recently and am still trying to keep myself from dwelling on that. 


I listen to a myriad of things. I like anything from pop to country to rock to screamo. It all normally depends on my mood. I do not like rap but I will listen to it if it is A) in a pop song, B)in a country song, C) in a rock song, or D) is Mackelmore. I'm open for suggestions so if you have any, pm me or leave it in a comment. I do have favorites: Black Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens, Ghost Town, Within Temptations, and Three Days Grace are just a few.



I am a Junior and I do go to a Biomedical Academyfor half a day. Currently, after this school year, I will only need one English credit to graduate but due to the Academy I won't be graduating early. This year will be my 3rd year for Spanish and I will be taking the 4th one next year. I am normally in advanced cl***es but the Academy does make that hard (which is why I chose a regular English 3 this year. I would take honors but can't due to scheduling. I'll also have enough on my plate so I won't be able to take AP.) I will have at least 10 years of college ahead of me. My career choice is to be an Obstetric and Gynacologist aka OB or OB/GYN, so in other word I will be delivering babies! :)



-I do draw and sketch. I don't think I'm good but others beg to differ.

-I write. I have some stories but mainly poetry that I will post in the poetry section.

-I love reading. Currently I'm reading the 3rd Percy Jackson bookCeres (a manga series-currently on book 12), and D-Gray Man (a manga series-just finished book 1).

      -Past manga readings:

         *Alice in the Country of Hearts/Clover/Joker

         *Crimson Empire (book 1)

         *Black Butler (until book 8)

      -Favorite Authors/Books:

         *Sevenwaters Trilogy-Juliet Marriler

         *Twilight Saga and The Host-Stephanie Meyer

         *House of Night series-PC and Kristen Cast

         *And many more....too many to think about, lolz. I'm such a book worm.



I love anime. I prefer subbed to dubbed but I'll watch either. I'm currently watching three different animes: Fairy Tail (episode 88-suggested by Rarity), Karin Chibi Vampire (episode 4-suggested by Zoey900), and Code Ge*** (episode 8, suggested by Darkelfqueen).

I have watch Junjou Romantica 1 and 2 (suggested by Ilovem12), Yu-Gi-OhBlack Butler (season 1), and the original Pokemon series.



I am the oldest of the 6 siblings I live with. The others are Tabi (13-Jezzabelle), Dyllan (12), AJ(10), Cheri (6), Raiven (4), and Eli (2). The first four are all full blooded and the other 3 are only half but to me, they might as well be full blooded. I love them all the same. I have four step siblings: Jeremy (17), Christopher (16-I am older than him by a few months),Samantha (15), and Daniel (13). I don't ever see them because of their mother and they don't even know that we exist. I do have major family issues and it does get to me at times. I have the coolest backyard for a subarb backyard. We have a 4 ft deep inflatable swimming pool, a 76 feet water slide, a 100 ft zip line, a 9 hole frisbee golf course, we turned the shed into a playhouse with redneck air conditioning, monkeybars, back deck, and slide. I also have a swing that goes from one high branch and gets you pretty high. There's also a waterbed, croquet, and volleyball. I have three pets. I have two dogs: an American Bulldog named Buddy and a German Shephard/Husky/Wolf mix named Dixie. I personally own a hamster that used to be a science project. His name is Bubbles (there is a story why). 

Outside LINKs:

My Poetry




Writer's Cafe

Instagram: Silenced_by_Beauty



bieberlol Originally created to make fun of Bieber...mean, I know. Now works as a level doll. She is at level 150 and her loft is completely covered from items she had recieved because of it. You can check her loft out to see all the time items you would be getting.

sillydomaine An alternate I do quest on. Currently has the Wedding (finished) and Shooting (unfinished) rooms.

jakealice My Kawaisa Academy doll. She does do quest as well. She has the Rainbow (unfinished) and New Caledonia (finished) rooms.

whitehorse45 An alt I do quest on. She has theManor (finished) and will soon be containing the Royal Palace from this weeks quest.

happy12345 My wig doll!! She has tons of wigs.

jorjor Currently working with the color Green. She has a quest room that is purchasable: the yacht.

tingleling My flirt doll. She is currently on her 10th or so flirt.

fakeemo101 My cupboard doll! She has the cupboards but one, Hannah, which she is currently working on.

beautifulmess An RP doll. She is Dia Goldeen from the TMI RP. Dia is hispanic and so is the doll. There are 2 parts of the loft currently finished. The bamboo part is for her son Volkna and the cloud part is for the twins, Sirius and Severus.

beebee45 An alt I do quest on. She currently has 2 rooms: Concert (unfinished) and Sarah's House (unfinished). I did start the Dirigable Quest as a replay from Sarah's House but didn't get to finished it. Curse this game for that! :lol: 

orangeblossoms She is my official quest doll. She currently has 3 rooms. The Elite Villa (finished), Submarine (finished), and Shooting (attic). She also has many pieces of past quests. 

malificent Officially my purple doll. I work to get purple clothes on her.

leo-burbanke My very first RP character for TMI. She has so much spunk and attitude! LOLZ! She has a love for red and black and I almost have all the items I need to finish her loft.

saffi-goldeen Originally an TMI RP character named Saffi Goldeen. She is now my MU doll (that I am a creator of). She does have the recent Magic School room.

xenakis Originally my DG RP character...since I don't RP there anymore, she just gets used for other things. 





MY Clubs/Contest:

-DarkElfQueen is the Best ^_^/*

-Monsters University

    *Looking for Monsters to join

    *MU Placement Test is up

    *Dorms have been given

 Clubs I'm currently in:

-Camp Olympus

 -Animaniacs Club

-Kawaisa Academy




-In Arlekinlain's February Contest I won:

2nd place in the Cupid category

1st place in the February Style category

And 2nd place in the Couple in Love category with my lesbian couple :)

-In Arlekinlain's January Contest I won:

2nd place in the Miss January category

2nd place in the "Winter Fairy" category

2nd place in the "Dark Winter Lady" category

1st place in the "Free" category

And the sketches I won:

and the game gifts:

-In Saffirelle's and Angelfire's All Over the Rainbow" contest I won 1st place in the Orange catergory, 1st place in the Yellow category, 2nd place in the Blue category, 1st place in the Pink category and 3rd place in the Rainbow category. I won a total of 5 edits, 5 certificates, 4 avatars and signatures, 3 layouts (I traded 2 in for stamps), and 60 votes. I'll post the prizes as soon as they finish.

-2nd place in Subway1's "Monster High Contest"

-3rd place in Icefoxes "Mineral and Gems Contest"

-Malu and Amary's "RP Decider Raffle":

  photo Grell_Sutcliff_V_2_by_Sophie5000_zpscd4585bd.jpg-Fasionstars "Ultimate Pink Contest": won 3rd place in Icefoxes "Minerals and Gems Contest"

-Angelfire's "Halloween Contest" 2012:'s "Hip Hop Fashion Contest":

-Kieramerina's "Winter Talent's Contest":

3rd place in the Writing section's "Elemental Contest":'s "Who Will Be Crowned The New Miss OMD?" Contest:

Participation won 2nd place in MalloryGoodwin's "Story REMIX! Contest"

-I won the 2nd round to Rukia131's "Ultimate Cuteness Contest":'s "Water Contest and Raffle":

1st place's "Cupcake Contest":

4th place in coloring's "Seven Deadly Sins" Contest:

-Mademoiselle143's "Juliet Capulet Contest:


-I won 4th place as Ophelia in Historygeeks "Cl***ic Storybook Character Contest"

-Malu's "The Seasons" Contest:-Kimaly's "Rainbow Contest":

2nd place

Raffle place in the "Pool Party" category of Lunar2228's "Summer Contest"

-Malu's "Midnight Magic" Contest:

-2nd place in Crazygoddess's "Forever In Your Own World Contest"

-Participation in Kimaly's "Contest: Kawaii or Asian" Asian category

-Arlekinlain's Summer Contest



-Miss OMD 2013-Malu and Amary

for Participation. I made it to round 3.

-Darkelfqueen's Halloween Contest

I'm proud of this one because I made a wicked Edward Scissorhands, Twisted Mad Hatter, and a sweet Pinnochio.







*Warning: A lot of my poetry is depressing but there are few that are happier.*

Poem 1:
You can't trust a soul
For nothing in the world. 
Eventually they'll leave you
When the time comes.
How can you lie for so long?
There is no one
You can fully trust
Because what is trust
Without full, truthful 
Doesn't matter if it'll hurt trust?

Poem 2:
Life is screwed on every end.
You never know who your friends are.
Dont get too attached to anybody
Because even your shadow leaves when it gets dark.
Nobody will stay by your side
Even when your trying so hard to reach out.

 Poem 3:

I tell you all my worries,
Trials, and issues.
You know my pain
And still you decide to betray me.
Will betrayal ever end?
I can't trust you like I used to.
Nope, not anymore.

Poem 4:
I can do.
Never in a million years.
Lying for as long as you did
Is unforgettable.
We'll never be where we used to be.
You're lucky you're not dead to me.

Poem 5:
I can sing and I can weep
But there will be no room for you.
It's best to pretend this didn't happen.
Us, I mean.
Forget those years we had;
Make them disappear
Because from what I see,
There is no room for you here.

Poem 6:
I gotta keep my walls up
Never let them fall 
Because everytime I do
I get a reason to build them back up.
I'm on guard from here on out
So I won't get hurt ever again.

Poem 7:
Years in the wind
That's all I see.
All the moments have blown by
Like the eastern breeze.
Can we catch those winds and fix this mess?
That's something, I guess.
Whether it'll happen beats the heck out of me;
All I feel is the forgiving breeze.

Poem 8:
Season by season
We were stuck to each other.
You knew my heart but I now question
Whether I actually knew yours.
I guess I can't trust
Even my greatest of friends.

Poem 9:
I spoke so highly of you
That I want to take it all back.
This is no nice, kind, understanding friend
But a girl that'll lie to you for years.
I'm not sure if I actually know you anymore.
That seems to be a myth 
After this dreadful night.

Poem 10:
"Sticks and stones will break my bones
But words will never hurt me."
What a lie we feed today 
For words is what makes me bleed.
No one sees the pain they bring
By a mere word they utter. 
I'm sorry for those who believe 
That words do not hurt.

Poem 11:
I cry a tear
For the ones I've lost.
For those who pained
My aching soul. 
You were never meant 
To truley be my friend

Poem 12:
A slit wrist is nothing
Compared to a broken a heart.
Suicide is nothing
Compared to the pain I feel inside.
They're escapes
But not the right ones. 
At least I can escape 
Through the world of writing.

Poem 13:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
What ever happened to you? 
You have changed, have.
There is no denying it now.

Poem 14:
I feel hollow,
I feel empty;
There is nothing there,
You see?
A whole is now open 
In the place my heart should be.



He gnawed at my heart            
And left it in pieces.
He took my love
And shredded it to bits.
He left me standing there
Without looking back,
No more love in his heart
For the girl in the mask.
My heart has been ripped,
Burned and bruised;
It has been left to the dogs
And all of the world’s hatred.


 That Feeling

That feeling
When you feel like nothing you do is ever enough.
That feeling
Where you want to just quit and give up. 
That feeling
That everyone around you is prettier and skinnier and better than you. 
That feeling
That you know you'll never be something to anybody. 
That feeling
Of aloneness. 
That feeling 
Of worthlessness. 
That feeling 
Of being hated and judged for who you are. 
That feeling 
That people are only nice to you because they feel sympathy for you and don't actually care. 
That feeling 
Of self-hatred. 
That feeling 
Of hurt, pain, and suffering. 
That feeling 
That everyone is better off without you. 
I know those feelings. 
A lot of you know those feelings. 
They haunt us day in and day out. 
We hope for a day 
That we'll see our way out 
And all we do 
Is bury ourselves into more darkness. We can't reach the end of the rabbit hole. 
Remember that Alice found the end. We can too. 
Don't give up or give in. 
Stand your ground 
And be proud of who you are. 
Shake those feelings 
And finally feel what it's like to be truly happy. 
Find it, 
And you will fly.







What can I say about her? She's amazing. She tries to make me happy all the time and tries to keep me from doing any damage to myself. She's an amazing artist and an amazing writer. She'



TWIN! I have been friends with this chicky for two years now and she's the closest friend  I have. Her and I are so alike but so different that we call each other Twin. I can tell her anything and she can do the same likewise. One day, her and I will take our trip to Germany. One, day, Twin.



Oh my dear, sweet Malu. She's such a fun character. You can't help but have a smile and laugh every time you talk to her. She just great! I love this little chicky to death (and no Malu, I will not kill long as you don't force me to eat lasagna).


Amary is an amazing writer. She's gorgeous and how can you help but not like her? Seriously?


Ilovem....oh we have a few memories. She's a great person. If you ever see her on, try to talk to her. I promise she won't bite (and check her photography out!).


This moderator <3 She is undescribable but all the same incredible. I love her to death and can't wait to see my Australian friend in a few years. She's an anime fanatic and got me into watching and reading so many.


I have recently gotten to know this chick and she is one amazing person. She smart and funny and has the biggest crush on Sebastian that I've ever seen (though Grell still deserves to be with him and not William ;p). 

I RP (role-play) with all these girls and then some on the board. I participate in 4 RP's currently. They are the:

-Mortal Instruments


-Fairy Tail

-Princesses Have Dark Sides Too






All these stamps are made by LovelySaffirelle








from Faechild86

from Shadow-dancer

from arlekinlain

from Willowskye

from Malu

from Anyamalfoy

from IceQueen88


Miscellaneous Gifts (if you sent me one, let me know)



Past Avatars and Signatures (that were not contest won):***DmqAaQ40/UhPcO-2wKEI/AAAAAAAAAzY/UtorAz***ayg/s1600/BloodyemosSig2-01.png

By Shadowchild3

(my twins)

By Angelfire

By Saffirelle

By Darkelfqueen

By Zoey900


Things created for me: Cullen97

By Fairykisses

(For my alt. Leo-Burbanke)

By XemoRockerX Zarinen

(for Leo-Burbanke)

By Darkelfqueen

By Angelfire

By Saffirelle

(For my alt. Leo-Burbanke)

By Campanella

By Cocobelle

By Malu

Things others have made but I love: Melodie2

 By Arlekinlain

By Fairykisses







*facepalm* I have to thank the lovely Saffi for all these Black Butler and Fairy Tail images.








Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Somewhere over the rainbow US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Andy Biersack, Ashley Purdy, Jake Pitts, Jinxx, and CC Screamo, Rock, Metal
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black, Green, Purple, Red, Blue

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