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"Yeay, a new order of books just came in. Now I need to find a place where to place them in the bookstore....I'm runing out of shelfs...I might need to expand my store."


Booklover10's Story

Before moving to OMD, Booklover10 (B.L.) resided in MDD. A tragic incided happen in MDD where all of its resdents had to abandone all of their belonings, and leave the town for good, never returning back to it. Like all other residents , B.L. had to start over in a new place that was refrecened by the previous towns people, OMD. This big town was a new turning leaf for her.  She decided to settle in a small town right off the edge of OMD. This town is a pleasant little place, its been here since the start of OMD. Not a lot of people here, every resident knows one another. 
Even though it small, the town hold many undiscovered hidden places. This town was B.L. first choice beucase of the library that is located at the center of the town.  It has so many books that she had not seen before and its always a pleasure to see its being renovated for more books coming in. 
When it came for her to find a home she started off in renting an apartment just above an old bookstore run by a pleasant old lady. When the lady decided to close down the bookstore, B.L. convined her that she will help her run the business. Two years later the lady retired, hanging the reings to B.L. Now she owns the bookstore, being the happiest person she ever was. 
Recently she has noticed that someone had bought the Cliffside Manor that was located up on the Cliff hill. The story goes that the manor was abandoned for fifty three years. No one knows whether it was purchased by a family member or some stranger. Right now the owner of the Cliffside Manor are doing renovations, and they have hired the towns people to help with the construction. The all knowing librarian and B.L. were hired as well, to help with the library that is located in the Manor. 




LOFT --> Library 


DUPLEX --> Booklover10's Appartment

MANOR --> CliffSide Manor

FUNFAIR --> The Street



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finish the library

buy a street room







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