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brokenbymichael has 2 goodness points.


So it's been awhile but i'm back. :)

So This Would Absloutly Be Your First Hack My Dear ^^ It's Carterrr~ I'm Hacking You Because You're Legit Like That, Ha. Blah; Mhm. you're Such An Amazing Person, Who Anyone Would Love To Spend Time With, &' You're So Sweet &' Funny, You Entertain Someone When Their Down With You Inspiring Words c:, I Truely Love You, Cause You're Amazingly Awesome, &' I Won't Ever Regret Meeting You, Who Would, Eh? You're Someone Special To Me, &' Really Fun To Talk To c: You're Honest &' Full Of Beauty From The Inside, I Never Expected To Find Someone So Pure From The Inside, You're So Amazing, Girl. I'm Honest About It, You Can Make Someone's Day So Easily, With Your Beautiful Words c: &' Your Way Of Telling Who You Are, Is Just So Honest, You're Honest In Everything, OMG, I Just Love You So Much, Never Change, Alright c: ? I Love You. Aka.Carter


[ ItwatxCarter ]

Age Type City Country
100 years Woman whatever city ur in UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Me Rock Finding nemo IDK
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple I gotta life.... stareing at you

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