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Bonjour, few that read this!

I'm CantDraw b/c well... I can't... draw... well

Do you see my background?!?! It's so cute! (fun fact: the rabbit is a Holland Lop.. i'm guissing blue or black tort... I havn't judged rabbits in a while)

I found the games on here... and also learned that I suck at all of them except the lotto tickets one... if that could be considered a game seeing as it takes no skill, or effort even, on my part... but at least they're fun {#ok}

You know, something I don't like is the dating thing on here:

      this random guy, who has done nothing for you,

      expects you to buy some clothes you don't want

      so that you're desent looking enough for him to look at...

      and I think to myself that I don't actually want his gift that much

So I bought a plant for my condo... that in no way resembles anything (no longer!) illigal   ;D

Age Type City Country
21 years Woman CO- u don't need 2 no the city US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
rock M*A*S*H Beef Stroganoff
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pastry Chef Baking

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