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+2 from AM. xoxo
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Thank you for my beautiful smile please and...
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New Pictures Below 

Thank you for stopping by to visit and voting for me~! :)

Happy Easter my friends~!   B is spending the night tonight. We're celebrating Easter Saturday by going out to eat then coming back here to color eggs, hide eggs, find the eggs, and then celebrate Ben's birthday~! I wish you all the best~!
Silent votes tonight with warm hugz from Cook iesez~! :)



Easter Claudia

Happy Easter Babydoll~!! Love, G'ma

B Color


K prunes

K's first taste of prunes~!

B Bike


B Crocus

B picking a Crocus ... see her peeking out of the corner of her eye? :)

B Nap Time

Playing outside makes someone sleepy~! :)



Be still for a while and praise God for his favor, His grace and His Awesomeness.  God is able to do the impossible and is always near. He loves us unconditionally~!   Esther 4:13


     ***** Change of Status:  I am back, however, I am not a daily voter, but I return all votes~!  I will vote when I can which is pretty much every day.  There will be some days when I can't vote nor leave comments so check your last 100 votes~! *** I check mine~! *** I hope you will understand, and if other's feel like they can't vote for me being not a daily voter, then I understand.  Just please let  me know with a PM ok?  Thank you all for everything~! ******


You came into my life,
so far away, yet so near.
You make me smile when I am sad, afraid and lonely.
You have a piece of my heart,
which I rarely allow.
You are an angel on earth.
You see the light inside of me,
even when I do not.

by Claudiafaith










The counted cross stitch I'm working on at the moment. It's 3 little girls on the beach~! Or it will be~! :)





 Free Kittens~! 








In Memory 

I love my Daddy


  October 11, 2012
He said he would be gone when the leaves started to fall.  He pa s s ed away on the same day my sister, Cindy, pas sed away on in 1954.  I will miss you Daddy~! All my love, Becky






My  Dollz that help me vote:




    I am going to start thanking for gifts differently. I hope you don't mind, but the way I've been doing it is getting too big~!  Thank you divas for all the lovely gifts~!

Thank you for my smile Babydoll~!! It made my day~!

Thank you for the smiles Claudia~! 2/23/14

Made especially for me by ClaudiaFaith~! Thanks babydoll~! xoxo


Thank you very much temari-xichi for my lovely gift~! xo

Made for me by lilysummers~! Thank you so much~! 2/16/14

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


THIS ONE IS FOR C O O K I E Z! :D My ice cream buddy :P By Flyingpetals~!

Made for me by Jenzg11~! Thank you so much~!!


Thank you Sani for this lovely blingee~! xoxo

Thank you Alicia "Arlekinlain" for this beautiful snow globe and your friendship!


Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts~! (Joyceeileen, Ramonna, Sylvanrain, Arlekinlain, Admanthe, Torchwood, Faechild86, Cajunmoon, Zarinen, Juri, Lilysummers, Blacksatomi, Csgardener, Cyberdoll96, Snortmort,  Historygeek, Sierradane, Izabest, Danutzik65, Tahlenwing, Kiya1990, Akikodna, Hollystarr99, Kimaly, Saioko, Dowii,  EstherWalton, Anyamalfoy, Melody1231, Nicole194, Goldenlightt, Yuuki07, Chrystaleen and my new friend ClaudiaFaith~!)  


Age Type City Country
62 years Woman Ohio US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Julia Roberts Smooth Jazz THE VOW Ice Cream
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
RED Own a Shop Greys' Anatomy Dollz/Read

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