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♥ Welcome ♥

Humor Today :Happy/ Fun/ Talkative♥ / NORMAL♥{#ok}

Mode : Online at least 1-2 a month !

About me

Me: for a start a call absolutly "EVERYONE" Darling !! :D
And i like to talk !! :O oh my gosh dont i ever like talking


Name: Sinead


Age: 14 - 3/4


Languages: English & French a little Spanish


Lives to: Have fun / meet friends / go on holiday / Meet Boys lol {#good} …..


Fav Wild Animal(s): Wild Cats {#ok} (Tiger , White Tiger , Snow Leopard ......)


Fav Pets : Guinnea pigs , Rabbits(Bunnies) , Dogs


♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Best Friends In The Real World♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

#1 Lucy (xxxlucyxxx) <3 <3 <3 Xxxx{#aomd_bave}

#1 Charlie (Charlie) <3 <3 <3 Xxxxx{#aomd_bave}

#1 Marion <3 <3 <3 Xxxxxx{#aomd_bave}



Style: F.U.N{#star}


Is: Happy ! {#bisou}


Is a: Daddy’s girl {#fete}


Does lots of stuff with: Family/ Friends /My BFF's !!!!!! Boyzz{#aomd_bisous} .…


Color type (suits me): Red / Pink /Brown/ Green/ Blue.


{#nrv}What I can’t stand{#nrv}: People eating with their mouth open ah it’s horrible, when others insult others , freaks, and fighting!!!!

What I love: making friends, seeing


happy/having fun/lovers{#aomd_bravo}…:’DDDD 


NO +1's please ! {#pleur}

I Only Accept +2's Thanx {#good} 


Please Leave A Comment About My Loft Or My Doll.{#aomd_bravo}


Don't Copy My Style Or My Ways Of Being >.<


Do Not Leave An Insult !{#nrv}:

About Me / My Dolls Or My Loft or Friends






Daily Voting With

I don't do daily voting anymore sorry !! 





+1 Gift To The Beautiful And Lovely


 sez  :D <3 Xxxxxx {#star}


Thank you so much to C o o k i s e z

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sez has given you a gift. Go to her page to say thanks ;)


On My Page

...Please Listen To My Music (Just B4 My Comments) And Please Comment About Them , If You Want Me To Add Songs Please Leave A Comment Saying That You Want Me To Add : Example :"Avril Lavigne - Smile"



Lover Thing


Him : Hi

Her : I Need to tell you something

Him : What ?

Her : I Love You

Him : But Im 18 And You're 14

Then .....The next day he finds out that she died after cutting her vains by writing on the wall : " Age Does Not Matter "

He Also liked her and did the same writing on the wall : "She was right"

If you also belive that age does not matter poast this on your page .





When will "he" understand that its "Him" i want !!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥





I Need 10 000 Votes !!!! Anyone Who Offers Don't Hesitate !!! I Need Help :D :D <3

I Also Need 1 000 Weekly Doll/Loft Votes !!!!



Haters I just wash my hands with them !! {#ouf}







While writing the story of your life don't let someone else hold the pen. ♥♥♥


 Thank You All For Visiting My Page , And For Voting ,All Votes Are Returned(most of the time l :D )

♥♥  {#mang}  Love You All Have An Awesome Day  {#mang}♥♥





Age Type City Country
18 years Woman Candy Castle Island XD UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Pop Salad / Spaghetti / Korma(curry not spicy)
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Yellow Green/Pink Purple Red Estheticien Doctor Who !! Sports

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