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-Re: : - 17/02/2013 07:54:36
Yus. 'Cause you're my most favorite bunny of all and I luff you too much to be mean like that.xD 
Can you be my nightingale.)
 17. Single
more pics of me visit my  acc lovelyxh,ellxinside .I am a Christian. .Pg doneby:Sotyanna. 
Status- He has risen. Indeed
Status 2-The potato has failed me.Eating: CerealVerse: Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. 

kaa-mjj-forever:  - Happy Birthday Michael Jackson 55th #MJJ ♥ LOVE YOU ♛


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Image and video hosting by TinyPicFor all of you who wanna mess with Alexis. So like um Alexis I heard you like kittens so I got you one.-intheround Follow

Hehe gurl stop it. Ya know u my babe Alexis.Well are you coming to bed with me, Alexis?So like hey foxy lady Alexis so like call me sometime. @_@ I have dirty thoughts about you Alexis.



When I hear someone say this "the best solution to your pain is kill yourself" is like telling someone to give up on their dreams, you just don't tell someone to kill themselves. Thats wrong and those people are sick and need help,and just because someone is depressed or cutting doesn't mean they want to end their lives, that just means they having a terrible time and they relief themselves thro...ugh cutting, depression is no ones fault is a health problem so people shouldn't tell someone to stop being depressed because they can't its not something they choose to do it just happens. As for cutting its hard to stop, I know because I've been there too,but it isn't impossible, it just takes time and patience and with the right people by your side to help you through it your life will get better ♥ I know this might sound kind of corny but it comes from the bottom of my heart and you guys are like family to me c: don't ever forget that.
Why is suicide so funny to other people I mean really...Think about it this way if you think its so ***ing funny and you tell someone to commit suicide everyday then how would you feel if someone close to you commited suicide...It sucks and its not funny it can *** someone up bad emotionally and well of course physically... Its a tragic that people don't care about... This is why the world is like it is today..

Elie WieselPhotoPhotoI need to talk but I dont know what to say... I need to cry but I don't know how to let the tears flow... I want to live but I dont know if I have the courage to face another day...
 photo a8b0936a-8e8a-448e-98e5-88cc996d1520_zpsb5575fd1.jpg photo 78f7c964-5463-4f93-8489-3249f72d7d54_zpsb60af8f6.jpg<3 !!!Image and video hosting by TinyPicMichael Vampire - Vocals photo 78e0eae2-91e1-427d-b2fa-cab86778635d_zps248848a9.jpgJOIN THE CONVERSATION ABOUT GOD -> @[197703066933647:274:Preparing The Way]PhotoJesus is Lord, soft v neck tee! Still time to save 15% off your purchase when you use coupon #15040513 (exp 4/10/13)  And remember wearing Christian Clothing is a great way to start a Jesus conversation.  Visit our store:   don't delay & save  LIKE AND SHARE WITH THE WORLD.........Azi✙ ♥ Enjoy The Epicness Here ♥ ✙ - .♥. @[194913120550148:274:Gothic punk emo scene of the new hell] .<3.PhotoPhotoLet us make ourselves READY for the HARVEST!Today is Draw a Bird Picture Day!   Here's an image to inspire you.Comment and Share Like :]  Follow Admin --> Wajahat Mughal ♥Photo: Share' If you agree...<3 photo c80cc301-0069-4801-a733-e32b7a31671e_zps5d68f9f8.jpgPhoto: omgPhotoPhoto photo caf823aa-554c-4ea5-bf35-05d3a3613ac7_zpsc3357147.jpgPhoto: I have found the 2nd top 10 true emo fan! (Not mentioning who. Not yet) Who will be the 3rd winner!? Then look forward for tomorrow! & once I find 10 of them, they all get a shoutout together! Only REAL supporters of this page get to win.  ~Hurricane K.Photo: Tag whoever is your fallen angel~  -Yours truly, Hurricane K. photo a8a3c301-b799-4374-96d2-13d9ddf6827a_zpsbe795770.jpgPhotoPhotothis was the first black veil brides music video/ song i ever heard :') ~shadowgirlPhoto: Which one are you .?~DreamLoud:D Y eso es lo que debemos decir algunas veces  @[277681659020702:274:Minaツ]Cuántos like~ skellator ~PhotoSe mai ti avessi offeso, sappi solo che, dal profondo del mio cuore, veramente non me ne frega un cazzo.Photo: :-:So true :)) -Nika Ferguson'Like' if you can relate? : (to anyone who says *** about the page, or Black Veil Brides, or just any music i like. ~shadowgirlPraise Him!PhotoHow many LIKES?dark blue angel girl picture and wallpaper
cemetery girl dark lipstick picture and wallpaperdark and lonely girl picture and wallpaperalone in the dark picture and wallpaper

  • Perché dovrebbe interessarmi cosa pensano gli altri di me? Io sono chi sono e chi vorrei essere.
  • Song's I wrote♥
    Song: Needed You have so much going on in your life. Don’t worry you got a future. Don’t let anyone bring down. You got to believe in yourself. You’re needed in this world. Got to keep your head up high. Most importantly I need you. Forget about the past. Move on there will be brighter tomorrows. Don’t you even fear. I am here for you. Your needed I need you. Don’t back down. In a fight you’ll just get stronger. In arguments we’ll just get closer. Your needed to me. I don’t know what I would do with out you. We are strong especially when where together. Your needed I need you. I been through what have. Just keep your head up high. There will be brighter days. There will be better years. I need you. Your needed yes you are. Just ignore those negative thoughts in your head. Your needed, and I love you. Dedicated to Sotty. <3
    Song: Whatever I don’t even give a ***. Don’t like my hair. Whatever. Don’t like the way I dress. Whatever. I’m not here to impress you. I just like impressing myself. Wear that crazy hat while you wear your heels. Whatever that’s my attitude. Don’t care that’s my motto. Ignoring you, ignoring your ignorance. Don’t care. Don’t mine what ya say. Whatever that’s just me. In the halls go ahead p*** me by. Just as long as I’m alive. Who needs you anyway? Whatever that’s the way I am. Don’t like it get over it. I don’t wake up every day to please you. I went without wearing my favorite yellow jacket. That you said was lame. Does it make you happy now? Did your life get better? No, so stop hating. Do you think I was here to impress you? Don’t care. It’s just whatever. I’m not here for your entertainment. You’re not exiting yourself. Whatever. Whatever! Don’t care, get over it. Had my red heals on that you said I looked ***ty in. Go ahead if it upsets you this much, then go boo hoo. I’ll wear my ***ty shoes anyway. Whatever God didn’t make me to do what you think is cool. You think your so cool. Guess what maybe I think I’m cooler.
    Song: Look at the mess that you made. Times are going faster than ever before. Didn’t know it could go so quickly by. Past is really the past. Didn’t see the future coming. Now you are in a predicament that is crazy look at the mess that you made. You could have had me, but you threw it away. Don’t want a good woman. You would rather have that chick, but now she left with the children you had from her. Took all the money for her, and left. What comes around goes around that’s the truth. Look at the mess you made. Cheating on me, and I got a new man. Tried everything to be the one for you, but I guess I wasn’t enough. Look at the mess you made. All because you had to pay all your money for your drugs now all you’re doing is scrubbing rugs. Use to bring her into our bed, and now you’re sleeping on the hay stack. Look at the mess you made. We could have had it all. We could have had children, and you could have been in the mansion which is now mine. You could have had the car which I put in my name. However you threw me away for some white ***. Look at the mess you made. You could have seen you’re children, but they don’t even know who their daddy is. Look at the mess you made. I hope all that money for cigarettes was worth it. Now that I actually have money for the bills. Now you’re bagging me back honey no no no. Got a new life now. You where my past. My last, and my forgotten. Look at the mess you made. (Song: Keep me broken (2x)You laugh when I want to show a tear. You seem to not even care. That I tried my best to make you love me. Go ahead if making me sad is what matters most. Then I’ll just cry all the nights away. Keep me broken. Do you have to watch me as I bleed? Does it make you feel better? Keep me broken. Might as well crush me. Laugh in my face. Go ahead as I cut through the pain. That you bring! Keep me broken. That’s what ya wanted. I don’t have anything left. Keep me broken. Watch me as the bruises go up my arm. Do you have to make me feel like I’m nothing? Keep me broken. Watch the lights go out. Watch the lights go out. In my head. There’ s nothing I can do to make you love me for me. Keep me broken. Hairs falling out. Scream my head off. When I’m happy you just seem to take it away. Keep me broken. Catch the tear drops in your hand that I cried. Suck the bled you shredded from me. Keep me broken. There if that’s your will let it be done. Keep me broken. Look at me while I face sorrows. Pain is here again. Keep me broken. There should be more of me, but there isn’t now. Keep me broken. Lose faith in me. I tried every time your just like my pain. Keep me broken. My head is spinning around. Don’t show you care. Keep me broken. Rise my stress up once more. Keep me depressed. Look at the mess that you made. Keep me broken. Keep me broken. Keep me broken. You might as well be planning on my funeral. …… Keep me broken
    Happiness Just be happy. Even though times seem to be hard just smile. Laugh let it all out. Happiness comes in the joy of giving. Just give, give, give. Happiness is loving someone dearly, so love, love, love. Be happy, when you look in the mirror smile. Your beautiful, so show the world it to. Got to be happy, don’t waste your time with fear. Just stop caring, and smile for once. Happiness is when you feel the joy. Be proud of who you are. At random times it’s good to let out a laugh. Stop crying change your tears to joy. Your heart needs to sing, change your sad song to something that will make you love yourself. At the end of the day when your feeling down. Remember the good, and smile. Be happy for who you are.
    You cried a river, but the oceans you see our tears that I cried. 3X)You cried a river, but I tell you the oceans you see our tears that I cried. You felt hurt, and I felt sorrow. You cried, and I wept. You wept, and I mourned. You cried a river, but I tell you the oceans you see our tears that I cried. You felt pain, and I felt sorrow. You saw mourning, and I saw death. You saw death, and I saw hell. You’re fighting against evil, and I’m fighting against demons. You’re not accepted, and I’m an outcast. You cried a river, but I tell you the oceans you see our tears that I cried. You mourned, and I just died. Tear drops catching in my hand. You are cut, and I have scars. You have bruises, and I am bleeding. You cried a river, but I tell you the oceans you see our tears that I cried. Your mind was confused, and my heart was broken. Your heart was broken, and my spirit crushed. You’re lonely, and I’m hated in this world.)) Another song I wrote: Song: Silent holocaust. Silent cries that no one seems to hear. Everyone just turns a deaf ear to agony. No one hears it, no one sees it. However it’s known to the world. Silent holocaust the cry of death. Silent holocaust the silent cry of a child. The death of a soul. I see them cry. I see them cry. I see them cry for mercy. Mother why didn’t you want me? Why should I be punished for your mistakes? That I didn’t even make. Silent holocaust. One heart stopped. Another death. Eyes that never saw. Ears that never heard the sweet sound of music. Silent holocaust. The world of death where it isn’t loud. Where everyone turns a deaf ear, and nobody seems to care. All the hearts are harden. While the mother has nightmares at night. It happens in day, but no one sees. It happens at night, but no one is aware. Silent holocaust. A disaster that no one wants to stop. Imagine if you weren’t wanted. God Elohim do you hear the cry? Have mercy on us. Must a child be remained unborn? Didn’t even feel a mothers love. No tender care. Silent holocaust. Where the dead are young to perish. Life is taken away in an infant. Silent holocaust. Silent cries. Silent cries. Silent cries. For all the holocaust victims kaddish.
    Song: You’re stronger. Abused as a child. Your mother was going to abort you. You’re fatherless, and you never knew him. Your uncle sold you for 20 bucks worth of crack. Look how far you made it from then. You’re stronger than ever before. Looking at the past you got more strength. You taught yourself well, and you grew up just fine. You’re stronger than before. Moving on, and keeping your head up high. Look into the mirror, and see the new you. You’re stronger. God is listening. You where rapped at only 15. Had to give up your child that you loved so much. You wished the best for her. Look how far you made it. Your child misses you, and wishes they can see you just once more. You’re stronger than ever. As a young girl they made you feel ugly for not winning one beauty pageant. Now you’re smiling in the mirror. You’re stronger than ever. Made mistakes that you regret, but you learned, and got wiser. You’re stronger than ever before. Made you feel worthless, and treated you like a dog. Made you do things you didn’t want to. That’s all behind, and you’re stronger. Everything that has happened didn’t even leave you empty. Didn’t ruin your whole life. You just got stronger. Nobody will not adopt you, but you still have God as your father. You’re stronger than ever. Don’t listen to everything they say. They lie, and just are jealous. You’re beautiful, and smarter than how they make you feel. You were born, and you lived. You’re stronger, stronger, and stronger. Stop the fast. Wipe away your tears. Wash up, and smile in the mirror. Go outside, and dance around. Sing for joy. You’re stronger than ever. 
                                   Cuts, cuts, cuts.

    Bleed I'll bleed with you.

     Cut all the scars.

     Take what's rightfully yours!

     These bruises just go up the arm!

    These pains just won't go away!

     Hey can we save this for another day!?

     I can just this pain won’t go away!

     Let’s cut!

    These scars represent me!

     Mark who I am!

     Don’t think your alone!

     Because I been told these years don't always hold what's for the future!

     So let’s cut.

    Bleed with me.

     We'll cause the scars.

     Make our mark

    ! Let’s cut!

    We bring our own pain!

     No more games!

    Nobody hurts us as we hurt ourselves!

     So we decide to be happy we are the masters of our own emotions.

     You can't hurt us!

    I am the master of my own feelings!

    Nothing going to get in the way when I say let’s cut!

     We'll bleed won't you please be there for me?

     These make my mark!

    All I been though I'm stronger!

    I'm my own best friend!

     I'm my own enemy!

     I chose what I'm going to feel, so let’s cut. Cuts, so let’s cut together.

    Make our marks.

    Show where the masters for our own feelings!

    Let’s cut 

    Sr.(SONG: ONG:Song I wrote called for the Without a fight-Whoa I'm taking back what I lost now. I'm never going back. Can't you see I'm still me. I do what I want. Never go on without a fight. I'm taking back my life. I'm doing what I want now. Can't stop me now. This is my life. Don't like that leave. Dying is not today. Die! What for! Are souls are still here! I'll torture you in spirit! Whoa! Won't give up without a fight. How about my fist tell you how I feel. When I'm done you'll see you never had control over me. In life and death you can't stop and get rid of me. I do what I want! With out a fight! I won't sit down until the whole world knows. All your little lies never blinded me. Now who's laughing now. I mock you go ahead say as much as you like! You're going down! Down! Down! Down! I do what I want! With out a fight! I already accepted my own destiny! You're not God so why should I care? I live my life but not with out a fight.(((Song I wrote:I’m trying I really am trying to make this all make since. The puzzle is so confusing. And I’m trying not to let go of me. I almost left myself behind. My windows are broken but I’m still able to stand on my feet. I’m walking on shattered gl***. I paint a picture with the colors to show my emotion. I’m trying to find myself again. I’m losing, and I can’t take it. The winner trying to be one. Of my own life I just don’t understand. I’m trying not to pour everything. Down, Down, down. There making me go down, but I’m already falling. I’m trying to get back up, why do you have to keep kicking me. Pretty soon I’ll go numb. I’m almost empty. I’m trying to hold on to my own life. Trying to stay in my body. I’m not ready to die, but I’m so ready to go. I’m trying to make this story with a happy ending. I only wanted the best but you kept pushing me away. Until I just fell down to the floor. I almost got to hell. Trying so hard. I was meant to be strong. I can’t see to make sure if that’s even my own reflection. I can’t see myself anymore. I am trying so hard to be me. They hate me just cause who I am. I am who I am why can’t they accept the fact. And I’m trying to still believe that I was here for a purpose. But I’m trying but where did the rose petals go. They all fell off. I’m trying to plant rose garden again. With no water, I’ll keep it alive. I’m trying as they walk all over me. There’s just so much a person can take. Before they take their won life. But I’m trying to still hold on. I’m trying to still keep going. I’m trying to stay strong. I’m trying to be me. I’m trying not to fall all the way down. (((New song I wrote called screamed to the heavens.Oh my God! Oh my God! Screams and pray! Blood in his name! No crushed bones! I will scream to the heavens that this bull*** will stop! I'll go to hell just to stop this! Slap some sense in the Devil! I Scream to the heavens! Can't you see the agony of my people! Oh my God! Help us now! Dang it!! I just can't take it! Bang it on the horn! Blame it all on the horn! Scream to the heavens! Take this misery and throw it down! Hell is here!! Humans are demons! I am immortal! Asking to be brought home! I don't belong here! Scream to the heavens!!! See how they mock you!! Burn those blasphemies!! They won't be laughing forever! See how there souls are dying inside? How there breath has stopped? Why do you let them mock you! Oh my God! Scream to the heavens! See how there deceived! Bringing me pain! But loving it! One day they'll suffer more! Scream! Blood! Scream! Pain! Scream! Agony aaaahh! Scream to the heavens that this world won't destroy until they are satisfied with there do called deeds! Then we'll show them who's boss! No mocking or face hell! Oh my God! Scream to the heavens!

    From the deepest darks depths of me I found relaxation. Resting in my slumber. Not to fight the pain but to rather embrace my sorrow. The tears I fall I gained more love of my silent cries than from any joy. Accepting hopelessness but never giving up on myself. I decided to marry the night. Where the night falls but evil doesn't comsume me. Dark soul without any help. I found me lost in a world so cruel. My grave is my home I can now see beauty in the ugly of a beast.
    Song I wrote:To your dying hear.  To your dying hear.

    To your dying heart you rest in your own darkness.

    Listen to your own cries.

    I can still hear your screams.

     Don’t think no one was listening.

     In your own despair, I dare come to save you.

    Hate let them hate.

    Sickened you are.

    You are just so pretty in your pain.

    Then I still have the nerve to tell you I love you.

    You should let me care for you.

    It’s okay not to be... okay.

    You rest in your own blood.

     To blind to see the cruelty of the beast.

     Blood became our salvation.

    Your scars remind you of who you are.

    I just kiss them away… Hate, hate.

     I wouldn’t let you take away your own life.

     I just had you slumber peacefully.

     I am sorry but I just couldn’t have you gone.

     My own selfish ways wouldn’t set you free.

    You became a part of me.

    Your heart is broken.

    I already gave you half of my heart to yours.

    Mine isn’t whole anymore.

     It was the only thing I could give you.

    Didn’t want you to break.

     Not putting you down.

    You have a right to feel the way you do.

     That doesn’t mean I gave up on you.

     It’s hard to get over something but there’s still hope for you.

    You are what makes you beautiful.

     I do this deep down for myself.

     That’s why I didn’t let you leave.

     I hold you close to me.

    I am sorry I just couldn’t have you end it.

     I gave you me.

    Can’t leave, you have my heart.

     It’s selfish I know.

    I just love you way too much.

    You are a part of me.

    Allowing you to feel down.

     Having you fight your own battles,

     but I won’t let you lose.

     You’re all I have left.

     I remember what I was living for.

     I am your shield.

     I’ll be hard on you to make you stronger.

    I never meant to hurt you.

     You don’t have a right to be sad.

    Though you do have a right to my sympathy.

     Instead I gave you empathy.

     Wanting you to get over it

    . I let you fall but I need you to believe again.

     I can’t get over you.

     You remind me of true beauty.

    Go ahead hurt if it feels good.

     Embrace your pain.

     It’s upsetting that you feel this way.

     You have every right to feel good about yourself.

     Never got tired of hearing your heart ache.

     The tears you fall are lovely.

    Not that I find joy in your suffering.

     It’s just that you remind me of myself.

    They couldn’t even blush with their vain self.

     While we feel sorry for ourselves.

     One day we will see the sun.

     Cry it’s better than faking a smile.

     If hurt is what you want you can feel it but I will never let you go as a ghost.

    You can’t lose yourself.

    I already did from this love I felt.

    You’re not hopeless.

     I put a lot of faith in you.

     If you lose I will simply go to my grave.

     I threaten that I will be sad but it’s true without you I’m lost.

    Selfish I know, but I can’t help you’re a part of me.

     If you lose I would be losing me.

    The agony just feels good.

    Embracing our pain just feels so right.

     I’m here for you; I will say this until it sinks in.

     I don’t care if you don’t believe me.

     We will be strong. I care for you even if you don’t like it.

    You can hate me but I didn’t love for the things you do.

     I love you because of you.

     You’re stuck with me.

    You can’t get rid of me

    I love you too much.

     Sometimes love just has to hurt.

     You’re my true beauty. 

    Untangled have to admit that it was hard letting go. 
    Now you’re gone, so it’s not as hard. 
    Finally letting go, and making it through. 
    Untangled from my mind, 
    no more flash blacks of those cruel nights. 
    Untangled from my heart no more pain. 
    Lies in my face don’t have to worry about that anymore. 
    Finally free got the strength to move on. 
    Untangled from my life I’m doing my own thing now. 
    I was trapped, and the straps where to much. 
    Couldn’t even get up. 
    Then I prayed got the strength to walk away. 
    Untangled you from me. 
    Now I’m free. 
    Become a ghost.                                                                                                                
    I will have to leave you. 
    It hurts to see the one you love fade away . 
    You never know what can hurt you until you embrace your pain. To wonder not knowing where to turn. 
    There’s no pint in staying. 
    I only make things worst. 
    I will become a ghost. 
    You can’t see me cry and you’re shut off from hearing my screams. 
    I’m just so sickened where love becomes a lie.  
    Where do I go? 
    Who do I turn to? 
    My only best friend was this knife. 
    Can't you see me? 
    I gave you a close whisper for help. 
    It will just be better if I left. 
    To become a ghost. 
    I could stop all this. 
    I regret to show you the real me. 
    Loving is pintless. 
    I’m use to being on my own. 
    To go as a ghost. 
    I’ll be free to bleed. 
    I regret giving my heart out. 
    I’ll become cold as ice. 
    I just ended up hurting you. 
    I was just to blind to see the cruelty of my own reflections. 
    I had to push you away. 
    You couldn’t even hang so why should I stay? 
    I didn’t mean to make things worst. 
    I’ll do us both a favor I’ll go as a ghost. 
    Where you don’t have to see me anymore. 
    I’ll just go. 
    I can never hold on to anything good enough. 
    I wasn’t right to play this part. 
    I will stop hurting you. 
    I’m sorry I can’t change who I am so I’ll go as a ghost. 
    It wasn’t my choice to hurt you
    Prevent Couldn’t even smile looking at myself. 
    Couldn’t even breath, just thinking about yesterday. 
    Don’t become like me I must prevent you from picking up the knife. 
    Don’t try to hide it away from me I know, my inside is grey. 
    Can’t even breath, when I think of your pain. 
    I must prevent you from picking up that knife. 
    You don’t want these scars. 
    Once you start it’s hard to get back ...up again. 
    You shouldn’t feel like me. 
    I must prevent you from being broken. 
    Don’t cry. 
    Not today, you can’t become like me. 
    Don’t you dare ever lose yourself. 
    Losing my mind just thinking about that bleeding. 
    Just lost myself I can’t lose you to. 
    I must prevent you from causing your own harm. 
    Don’t want yourself to go as a ghost. 
    I can’t have gone. 
    You don’t know my fear. 
    Honey, I’m afraid of losing you 
    . Not today, I can’t have you become like me. 
    Oh no can’t lose you. 
    Please don’t leave me. 
    I believe in you more than myself. 
    Must prevent you from losing all hope. 
    I feel alone and lost if you go to bleed. 
    Don’t become like me. 
    You’re stronger than that. 
    Must prevent you to even cry. 
    Don’t you dare ever pick up that knife. 

    Honest sinner
    I may not be perfect but honey you got your flaws. 
    At least I can admit to my pain without feeling any shame. 
    Trying to confuse my head with is my suffering okay. 
    Are you confusing yourself with ignorance with the demons you can’t let go. 
    I become my own ruler. 
    Who needs an angel when you can get the light yourself. 
    I don’t need your pity, but I don’t need your hate. 
    Trying me make me die, darkness feels so alive. 
    I got no selfish mind with the Devil. 
    While you all go down to rot in your greed. 
    I’ll be resting in flames but not burning. 
    Don’t be scared I tried to save you, 
    but I’m no Jesus. 
    Tried to be what you wanted. 
    I would have done anything for you to accept the truth. 
      I am not good enough to wear thorns on my head. 
    I am not strong enough to be on a cross, 
    but honey I would done anything for you. 
    Don’t blame me when I don’t want your continuing non forgiveness. 
    I’m not going to scream but I would have taken the blame for you. 
    This good heart knows how to build up walls. 
    You’re run over by this madness. 
    I don’t need your pity, but I don’t need your hate. 
    I would do anything for you, but I will not stick around while you just ignore the fact that I’m hurting. 
    While I would have put myself in risk for you. 
    Hate me all you want, but I got no selfish mind with the Devil. 
    Take me alive, or dead I’ll leave my anguish on your head. 
    Kill you in my mind, but you still exist. 
    That’s just something that can’t go away even if I took you to hades. Where I rule, but can be saved. 
    I belong to the night, but I am promised eternity. 
    Free my soul, but I’m locked with this ignorance. 
    I’ll be more ***ed to see you

           Wake up inside.

    Listen closely this is me speaking to your mind. 
    Getting closer to your soul. 
    I’m having a desperate need for you to come back to life again. 
    I know you can hear me. 
    You try to fight it away, you don’t have to be scared. 
    Those screams you hear are my deep agony of love I feel for you. 
    Come back to life. 
    Don’t be dead inside. 
    I’ll be the one who takes my own life instead of seeing you hurt. 
    Wake up, remember you’re not sleeping. 
    You’re just broken. 
    Can’t you see the beauty in anything? 
    Someone as perfect you still hurts inside. 
    Don’t try to tell me you’re not lonely. 
    You’ll be alright but you keep crying. 
    Just throw it all away and bring your troubles to me. 
    I listened when no one else did. 
    Please you can’t sleep forever. 
    Wake up, hear crying of sweet pureness. 
    Don’t try to tell me you’re okay. 
    Don’t you dare to act like you’re not aching. 
    Come back forget their senseless hate. 
    You’ll be okay, and your pain is something I’ll take to my grave. 
    I see the rising of loveliness in your eyes. 
    You don’t understand though I’m numb you can still make me smile. 
    Forget all my hurt, just wake up. 
    End this all right now, bring your burdens to me. 
    I’ll be your savior, let be your angel.
    Losing myself
     I can’t even accept who I am. 
    I’m literally dying on the inside. 
    No matter how much I try.  
    It’s just a waste of my time. 
    Critics are everywhere.
    They don’t get my hair and clothes.
    I’m something they don’t understand. 
    Wearing this outfit do I look okay? 
    Not even close. 
    I’m far from perfect.
      All I see is flaws. 
    So I decided to keep on losing.
    Just to be accepted.
    I kept on losing.
    Until I lost myself.  
    I’m on the edge of falling.
    I’m almost losing the real me behind. 
    Looking in the mirror.
    How much do I have to lose?
    Until I’m accepted. 
    Is this what they consider beautiful? 
    Until there’s nothing left of me. 
    I’m so ashamed. 
    I can’t even look at myself. 
    I’m no super model so I’ll keep on losing.
    I’m dying more and more….
    Got no selfish mind with the Devil
    I don’t need your pity, but I don’t need your b*llsh*t. 
    Shut up when I’m speaking. 
    Controlling my mind with what’s real or not. 
    Acting like a rebel, 
    but you’re always bound rather it’s truth, or lies. 
    You think you’re free but you’re either a slave to the truth or lies. 
    I’m an outcast, I’m aware of the all the plastic faces. 
    Behind is every dark secret. 
    Call me whatever you want, but I am an honest sinner. 
    I don’t lie, and the father of lies can’t take me in. 
    Where do I go? 
    The sun feels good, when it goes down. 
    I want to be a saint, but my soul is lost. 
    I’ll run and to my good book. 
    I’ll burn all the insecurities, 
    and just be trapped in a light. 
    I’m an honest sinner. 
    Bring me down, but you don’t even know where you’re going. 
    This earth doesn’t last long. 
    You don’t know where you’re from, 
    but I’m an honest sinner. 
    Dead or alive, at least I told you the truth. 
    Everything you know will just burn in a lie, 
    until you reach up for the sky. I’m an honest sinner. 
    Dead or alive at least I can be my own savior. 
    I can’t get to heaven by myself, 
    but I can choose if I want to on my own. 
    Can’t you see everything is not what it is seems? 
    This is not supposed to be. 
    Look here down there it’s not my fault that someone wanted to disobey 
    however now I’m a slave. 
    You won’t even win, sure I sin, but unlike you I still have hope. 
    You know the things you shouldn’t know even though you were already like the one above. 
    He already lost, shut up. 
    Stop walking on the line. 
    You’re either saved or not. 
    I’m an honest sinner.
    I am warning you:
    I am warning you. 
    If you dear take it, you’ll be taking me too. 
    Don’t you dear give in. 
    Stop you can find your release in me. 
    There’s no way I’m letting you lose. 
    If you go down than where both going down, or where not going at all. 
    Your face says your happy, but your eyes tell me a lie. 
    You’ve been lying to me. 
    You don’t have to release. 
    I am warning you if I ask what’s wrong you better not say you’re fine. 
    I am warning you, you better not try to hide. 
    I stayed here for you for a reason. 
    You know better to hide it from someone who loves you. 
    Unroll your sleeves, darling. 
    There’s no shame. 
    I’m taking you to dinner. 
    You’re perfect just the way you are. 
     I am warning you. 
    If you say it’s just cold I know you’re lying to me. 
    Why don’t we sit here in each other’s arm. 
    I won’t let go of you. 
     I'll write love on your arms.
    (Dedicated to  Carsten.)
    And if your heart is broken I will give half of mine to yours. 
     And I'll write love on your arms. 
    These scars will say hope instead of fear. 
     And I'll climb mountains just for you. 
    If the roses have thorns we'll still smell there sweet aroma. 
     And if you fall I'll catch you. 
     Spread my wings and help you fly and get your own someday. 
     And we will fight this together. 
    We will live on forever being young. 
    Being one one heart. 
     If you cry I'll cry. 
     If you smile I'll smile. 
     And pieces if shattered heart is everywhere and I'll give those pieces to you. 
    One word and just doesn't seem like it's enough but I love you. 
    And if your heart is broken I'll give half of mine to yours. 
     I'll write love on your arms. 
    These scars will say hope instead of fear. 
     I'll wipe away every tear. 
    Show you true beauty that only comes within. 
    It's all out of fear. 
    I'll be there. 
    I'm not going anywhere. 
    We will fight this together. 
    Soldiers of love. 
     Imagine life of never ending happiness. 
     I feel peace within me just with you. 
    And I feel less hopelessness just knowing you. 
     Saying your name it's written on my own heart. 
     I'll write love your arms. 
     It will say hope instead of fear. 
     I'll give half my heart to yours. 
     Someday we will not always feel this pain. 
     You belong here I always have a place for you in my heart. 
    It's all out of fear. 
     I’m just as scared as you. 
    And I will love you even in death. 
     I will climb your walls. 
    Never be alone got a friend to call your own. 
     And this will last forever it will last more then love it's self. 
    I'll write love on your arms. 
    Give half of my heart to make yours whole. 
      I feel peace when your with me. 

    Okay these are my rules. 1. Don't be rude! 2. Don't start bull***! I'll just block you. 3. Don't hurt my friends I'll kill you! 4.Be kind and nice. 5.Vote for me. 6.DON'T BE MEAN TO CARSTEN OR I'LL KICK YOU! 7.Respect me. 8. I'm not down with the whole one word messages thing so don't come to me with that "K" thing. -_- Don't talk to me if you're going to like "oh, mhm, k and so on. I put up with that before and I'm not going to. It sickins me when someone says "mhm" all the time. -_-
    Important people♥Good morning beautfulsThis is Sottyana. Can call her Sotty. <3 Aka pokemon. She calls my donkeykong. We got the names from playing this game. X) Lol. She is beautiful. If you think she's ugly then your eyes are bad at seeing. -_-An inspiration to me. She is my rolemodel. I have never been needed by somebody before. I'm very close to her. She understands me. We been through alot of the same things, so she gets me. If you hurt her. I will kill you. >:) We both know pain and we both love each other very much. <3 
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicHATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU!!! JEREMY IS MY GAY LOVAAAR. This kid is cool Cartsizzles.  He's my kiittybabyboobookitty. <3  :) We have our song. It's called make dat jump. It reminds me of him and me. :"D OWN HIS FACE.I love him a lot. I am his Lesbolovaaa. I tell him everything. He is here for me. He stays even tho he wants to quit  but stays just for me. He understands me and always listens. He has the same thing I have which most people wouldn't understand. I mean he said something and I was like wow I'n not the only one. :o  Lol, anyways I love him so much. When other people where rude he wasn't. <3 I love him he's the best. I'm here for him as he is for me/And I'm his favorite and he can't say no to me he luffs me to much. :3 See he's there for me no matter what. <3  He is just unf perfect. I am now offically mommy kitty of Eris.<3 I wish my best friend Carsten liked blue cheese so like no effing tuna for his p.ussy Anyways he's like my best friend of all time. He's number 1. He's my ultimite best friend forever. I don't know what I would do without him. I would just sit in a corner and cry CRY for the rest of my life if we wheren't friends. I would be sitting down in a corner eating lima beans. I can be a real weirdo and we can be like dafuuuq togetha. It's always a good time. I tell him everything and he never judges me. He's been here for me ALWAYS. He's the one friend I know that actually learned how to deal with me haha. He puts up with my bull*** lol. He's amazing, and gorgeaus. He's like my effing unf. He's perfect. Okay he's only MINE. If you even dare try to steal him away I will make your life a living hell. HE'S MY BEST FRIEND SO DON'T TOUCH HIM. He's beautiful, handsome and gorgouse. Lol. He knows me the most liek for real braaahhooo. I remember like everything. I know a lot about him. I know his birthday and that's good enough. Jk I know more. lol. I wish my kitty the best in life. I only trust him and a few other people. He's real and not a fake. I am glad we started talking. I remember when he use to delete me and I would get really mad. Well I guess he decided he's stuck with me anyways so might as well make a friendship. i actually used to try to avoid him but now look at us. There's an US now. <3 I always get jelly when others try to flirt with him. I keep all his messages to. I love to stalk him daily. I may be obbsessed but I can't help he got reeeeses in his heart of gold. He's so awkward and it's really cute. c:  Hurt him I'll make your death slow and painful haha. If you even try to take him away from me I swear to the hells and heavens I will make you pay for the rest of your cheese greeen beans got that? Okay good. I replace all them with a heart beat cause we are bffs. When it comes to him you betta bet your I got his back. Me and him togetha fighting this battle. haha. I'll tell him anything. I am actually being serious sometimes I say too much. o.o I'm his favorite bunny of all. <333 I wish to be single together with him in our secret hide out with tons of cats. He totally gets me. He understands me like the most or at least acts like it anyway. XD he knows how I feel. He never fails to put a smile on my face. I could just DIE DIE I say if he left me. He's like a part of who I am. We are alike in ways. We have things in common and it's really easy to talk to him. I finally got my bestfriend. He keeps me living.  Stay strong for momma kitty, Eris is gonna be a star for us. There's not one thing I hold back from him. Whenever he's sad I'm sad. Whenever he's happy I'm happy. I hate it when he's sad cause it effect me. .-.  He effing ruined my cupcake flow. >;o If you ever  say I won't be your bunny then those fingers will go chop chop chop. Lol I actually wish he would start liking blue cheese but he doesn't. >.> Meowwwoowww atcha boy love you kittybooboo. Anyways I'll love him forevaaa. Haha. Kitty + and Bunny = perfection. Song I wrote for him)And if your heart is broken I will give half of mine to yours. And I'll write love on your arms. These scars will say hope instead of fear. And I'll climb mountains just for you. If the roses have thorns we'll still smell there sweet aroma. And if you fall I'll catch you. Spread my wings and help you fly and get your own someday. And we will fight this together. We will live on forever being young. Being one one heart. If you cry I'll cry. If you smile I'll smile. And pieces if shattered heart is everywhere and I'll give those pieces to you. One word and just doesn't seem like it's enough but I love you. And if your heart is broken I'll give half of mine to yours. I'll write love on your arms. These scars will say hope instead of fear. I'll wipe away every tear. Show you true beauty that only comes within. It's all out of fear. I'll be there. I'm not going anywhere. We will fight this together. Soldiers of love. Imagine life of never ending happiness.I feel peace within me just with you. And I feel less hopelessness just knowing you. Saying your name it's written on my own heart. I'll write love your arms. It will say hope instead of fear. I'll give half my heart to yours. Someday we will not always feel this pain. You belong here I always have a place for you in my heart. It's all out of fear. Im just as scared as you. And I will love you even in death. I will climb your walls. Never be alone got a friend to call your own. And this will last forever it will last more then love it's self. I'll write love on your arms. Give half of my heart to make yours whole. I feel peace when your with me. ♥(Dedicated to Carsten Aka CaRstakittywow) I OWN HIS FACE BTW <33  
    Happy Birthday to my Kittybabyboobookitty. <3
                                 Song: To good enough.
       You are everything I ever want to be. You are everything I ever wanted. One of the strongest I ever known. I let you capture my heart. You are and always will be everything I will ever need. It doesn’t matter about the others cause we are both part of the same sickness. I tried to let you go, but I don’t want to. It’s scary you are to good enough for me. I don’t think I will ever be ableto find the words to say more than just I love you. One thing I do know is that you are perfect. I can’t let you go. It’s hard to express your amazingness. You are whatever God says you are. What I think is just the truth, You are to good enough for me. When I close my eyes you are the first thing I see. All I have to do is imagine you and I become better. I can’t, will never, and don’t want to let you go cause you are perfect to me. Just looking into your eyes makes me want to love you even more. Whenever you’re alone we’re never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. Even when you’re not physically here you still are cause you have a special place in my heart. You are completely everything. You are simply you and you are beautiful. I don’t know if you will ever believe me but you are my bestfriend till the end. No one can and ever will replece you. You can’t be replaced. No one compares or even comes close to you. You are to good enough for me. You make me what I want to be. You make me smile you’re a natural. If you can’t let go of your painful past just picture me and let that calm you. Even though I don’t know if I will ever be able to stop hurting you keep me living. I do know you’re the reason on why I am still here. As long as I know you I won’t give up on you. I can’t give up on you. Can’t give up on us. There could have been something better or worst but I don’t care you’re all I ever want. Apart but never in heart. Youc an’t be replaced.  Even if there’s something better I don’t care you are the only thing I will ever need. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy or sad all I know is that this love is true. They call this a game I call this a war. We are the soldiers have no fear cause Christ will help us though. We all come from the same sin. You are to good enough for me. You are everything that was ever meant to be. I could go on but the more I do the more difficult it becomes.  If you believe the truth or not you are perfect. I will never give up on you. Memories fade but you never will. They call this a suicide but we are part of the same sin. I will fight for and with you I will be your guard. When you’re all better I want to keep you alive. There’s no trying you’re in my heart. I kept and will keep my promise. If you ever start hurting, can’t let go of the pain just picture me. Just know this even if the battle ends this love will never will. If you feel fosaken just reach out for my hand. Just remember that God still remembers you. We will win this war. In the end you’re okay. I’m glad there’s an us.If you give up now I’ll just hate myself. If you can’t believe in yourself than do it for us. You are everything what God says you are. The reason I stay is because I have you. I may have to fight these demons but you make me put down the knife. You might feel like you have to fight this alone but you’re never on your own. It doesn’t matter if you change you’re still in my heart. You are to good enough for me. You keep me alive. (I’ll go to hell with or for you if that’s what it takes.)
    1.Carsten stares at me in amazement daily.
    2.No pretty girls are allowed to talk to Carsten. If you are pretty you are not allowed to.
    3.No one is allowed to give Carsten a hug unless it's on a Friday once a month.
    4.Do not touch Carsten's hair.
    5.Carsten is only allowed to compliment someone once a year.
    6.You must be in arm length when sitting next to Carsten.
    7.You may give Carsten an air hug once a week.
    8.Unless you are me, only ugly people may talk to Carsten.
    9.You may not look into Carsten's eyes in amazement after 2 minutes.
    10.Being close to Carsten's face is not allowed.
    11.Carsten only adores and admires me only.
    12.If you are able to smell Carsten than you need to back up.
    13.Carsten only has me as a favorite.
    14.Carsten must cook for me.
    15.Do not sit on his lap.
    16.Carsten only prefers brunnets with beautiful curly hair.
    17.Carsten only likes dark brown eyes that sparkle under the moonlight or whenever. (Like mine.)
    18.Carsten only prefers tall girls that are a giantess that remind him of a goddess.
    19.Carsten prefers only tan light dkinned girls that remind him of a beautiful carmel.
    20.Carsten likes slim girls that remind him of a delicate g.l*** doll.
    21.Carsten only loves virgo women.
    22.Carsten only likes women with names that begin with the letter A only.
    23.Carsten loves bunnies a lot.

     Friday once a month.

    Matthew he died sadly. He will always be in our heart. <3 R.i.pA song I wrote that is dedicated to my best friend Matthew James. R.I.P.) Song: Fallen angels rise everything happens for a reason. I still hear your whispers to me in my dreams. You are with me in spirit. Fallen angel where did you go? Perhaps you’re where you belong. Tell me that you’re alright, and I can live my life just fine. Knowing you’re in heaven. Fallen angels rise. All have to go home again sometime. Breathing hello you’re just sleeping. You’re with me in spirit. In my heart your love is still growing inside of me it’s bleeding that you are gone. Fallen angels go there path to a better world. Peaceful slumber I hope afterlife treats you right. Your image still lingers here you are beautiful. My fallen angel, that has risen again to proclaim his glory. Accept your reward in heaven. If only you knew the agony of our hearts. Just to know you’re okay will make my day. Rest in peace but you will live your glory. Fallen angels rise, my tears... is all I can do to ease this pain. I can’t let go when your amazingness still haunts me. Away I pray you’re alright. Though you’re buried I know you’re just sleeping. Fallen angels have to go back home sometime. Rest your sweet head you are more than this world has ever given you. I love you and if only you knew that you’re missed. You are remembered forever long living legend. Fallen angels rise, my dear sweet angel don’t cry, we cry for you. Living in agony because I just do not know if you’re alright. Sweet ghost come say you are better than ever. Fallen angels have to be where they belong though. May Christ have mercy on your soul. Your memories are with my mind forever. I just can’t let go. My angel that has fallen and now has risen up above. I love you. I know you’re just sleeping. You’re heart is spiritually beating. I’ll see you on the other side.. At heaven’s gate I’ll meet you there. 
    This Awwa :Okay This is Mikey!! Mikey mouse cuteee. Ikr!! I always give him food! But he must  be a good boy or no dinner!!! Now he's my good boy who always gets a treat for his best behavour. c:If he's bad then I get the belt and whip spank! >:c Don't be baddd chu or else no tweats!! He is so amazing and cool. :D I made it FaceBook official that he is my good boy. yup yup. I patt his head he likes it when I patt his head. :3 I lovers him a lot. <3 Love you. c: They say love is forever your forever is all that I need. <3 Words can't explain your beauty. You are stunning and beautiful. Such a gorgous face. <3 Keep smiling and keep your head up high! I can see peace in your eyes. <333 Omg! You are effing incredible. <3 You make happy when I talk to you. I feel I can actually tell you things. You always say the right things! :O Like when you made me feel better about Matt-R.I.P. Most guys are stupid.. >.> But you said well what I wanted to hear. <3 Oh and Miss.Orange needs to back off!!! Grrr. We started talking and we just clicked. Haha ya know. Like I known you forever. O.O You're not like other guys. c: Not even close to a jerk. I effing love you. <3 :) Danny s.exy sixx. rawr. ;)And you are so cute to. :O My new bestie is H.OT! HURRAY. :Dits okay not to be okay <3Song I wrote for Danny smexy Sixx! :D Reflection deeper I don’t know what makes you this way. But you gotta go deeper. Why do we all have to cry our life away? Looking at the reflection. Who is that? That is the person who went through beyond the stars. You gotta go deeper and believe. The reflection is still here made it this far….. Reflection go deeper. Finding yourself again. Don’t want to lose you. Don’t want these memories of you to fade away. You gotta believe. Beyond the stars. In the mist of your life you will live beyond glory. Yes glory. Gotta try there’s a more reason why to be you. You have to go deeper. I will look my whole life to find you. Don’t lose who you are. Don’t be afraid to be you. To be you. What must I give to you? What do I have to do? I will stay. I will pray. Reflection deeply I see you as you. Beautiful. Don’t know why I am still doing this to myself. I’m sick to my stomach and it cuts deeply even more for you misery. Agony with you. Cause you don’t wanna be you. But I love you for you. I will go over the mountain just to find you. I will cry a river to show the misery. There’s sorrows in your eyes. Yes it shows. I want you to know. I can’t live with out you. Go deeper. Search don’t ever start dying…….

    Under co.

    GemmmmaHey, love! It's meee, Gemma~ WHOOO! I'm hacking you because I'm god*** cool. c: Hmm ... where do I start? You're the most awesomest person ever! And you've got great taste in music. c; You're super sweet and funny and you can always make me smile. We've only been talking for a while but it feels like I've known you for like forever! Giiirl, you're cray cray about tacos. xD It's okay, me too. You're just absolutely amazing and I love you<3 If you mess with her, I will attack you *rawr* I've got claws of dooom.I'M WARNING YOU. Anyways, I LOVE YOU<3
    ~Gemma (TheFallenAngel)

    Wellppp, this is Dakotaaaaa, hacking you. :D Idk where to put this so just put it anywhere after I'm done with it, okay? :3 Yeahh, anyway. You're really so cool! And funnay and crazayy, and I likey. c8 'cause we so cool together. :D Heh. It's always fun talking to you. It always puts a smile on my face. xD So yerpppp. I guess I'll end it here. guises, this girl is like amazing, so, if you hurt her, I'll fly on my unicorn and kill you, RAWR. o-o yeah, be scared, i'm scary. ;D kkay, I'm done. Love youu~,

    Heyyyy :3 Nikki is Hacking you <3 Just wanted to say Your Awesome And one of my bffs oh! :O And your SUPER PRETTY ;) SHARPIE BUDDIES 4 EVER <3 well i gtg More ff5 hehe Baiiiiiii<3

    Ello :) it's me sotyanna or pokemon haha well you're just awesome even being a friend.;) It's on like donkey kong huh? haha yes I am a nerd so yeah >.< lol hehe but yesh monsters rule other than elmo <;D haha anyway your just beast and You're such an amazing person who I adorabe and you shouldn't take *** from other people be strong hun and im sure of things will getter better and besides you should be frwoing so turn that goreous smile upside down and make it a great day for you.Lots of love from me and i'll always be there for you when you need it xoxo from:sotyanna/pokemon♥

    Hey girl :D it's A to the Y to the B to the R to the double E! All of you out there need to know how awesome this girl is. This girl, this girl, right here, is pure awesomeness! She's fun to talk to and has a great personality. If someone doesn't like you, they're stupid :) I always got your back and Im here for you when you need me. Im so glad we're friends and Im proud to call you my friend. Love you, girl :)-xpsushibox
    SOOOO i'm the first hackk! :) This girl is freaking amazing. I luhhh herr! I suggest that if you want to start some *** with her, You're not going to wake up in the morning. Gurrr, you're so freaking awesome the dancing gummy bears are jealous. <3 Love, Xavier! <3
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicWell I actually am quite terrible at these things but you wanted me to do it anyways so, Alexisbunnycat c: I think you're quite the weirdo o.e But in a good way, I promise.c: You're just this ball of amazing-ness, I can honestly say You are one of my best friends. You're beautiful inside & out. Don't let anyone tell you any different, Okay? Good. And You know I'm always here for you, Alright? Iloveyouu.c: Byee. - Carstenxdead

    Hala smexy. River here. I just wanted to be like, legit bad girl and light chor' page on fire with awesomeness, which I obtained from you. BTW. ;) Alexis. My strawberry snivvle nivvle. You're amazing, baby girl. Like. I've never known of a human specimen to be so ***ing funny. Like seriously. WHO IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD WOULD EVEN JUST START TALKING ABOUT RAMEN NOODLES AND HOUSE FIRES? Us, hun. Note the emphasis on the US. Yeah. Tisk Tisk, I'm not sharing. The person you're actually taken by is me. Because you're the hunky fireman to my fire. You're the noodles to my ramen. You're the stars to my American swagg... flag? SAME THING. I loooooooooove the good ol' days when we poked kids with our walkers when they came on our gr***, and when we blew up buildings. We were so EVIL <3 Hint: #Bad girls club. FOREVER AND EVER BRUH. We also make a killer fruit salad with our smexyness. Okily Dokily, YOU SAY YOLO, I SAY HOLO. BUT DON'T KEEP USING YOLO, BECAUSE THEN I WOULDN'T WANT TO NOLO (you.) I just made a song for you. Do you like it? Okay. LEAVING. Before I embarr*** myself even further. I love you, strawberry <3 ~ River (handsxlikexhouses)
    Well Heller there cutiefiddd lawl. Well, I guess I'm hacking you so let's get this on te road c: Gurl, you're fricken amazing, wonderful, silly, CRAZY, caring and so much more. Man, since day one when I started you've been there by my side and you had my back. You're one of my closest friends on here. So you're special Huh? Lol. We had some crazyyyy as.s days that you had to tell people at your school. But, In reality, they're just jealous little bi.tches that want attention. You know what I mean? If not, sowwerhhhh. AnyWhoLaHon. You were right about people nowa days. Horrible. Berrrh. Anyways, I'm so suckish at these I'm so sorry. OH, yeah almost forgot this. ALEXISSSS, you're bertiful, don't let anyone tell you different. Those jealous can't suck a dogs and themselves cause they're messing with the wrong girl. <3. LOL @ my pictureeeeeeeeeh. Anyways. I Lah Yu Alexis, (NH), Nevaa change iight? <3 Kay, if you couldn't guess who this waas. It's Chloe c; Lawl.Kay Byeee<3 - Chloerrrh. (sleepingxwithxstar)

    Welpp...Guess who is finally hackingg youuu...
    Adopto Mumma >.<
    Remember Pretty Lil' Lady, when you have those little kidly winks and go on that silly show, I get half the cash! mmmkayy? Yeah.
    Well you make me laugh like crazy, your super nice and random as fudge XD which is probably why I is fwends wit chuu. You make me laugh when I'm upset and you like "fangirling' over band members like meeeeehhh.
    Uhmmm... Your music taste=Perfection. <3
    Ohh.. & that thingo you stole awhile back. I WANT IT BACK >.< Okay?!? I Needs It Backkk!
    Imma finish this. Soo I Laahhhrvithh youuu.
    Byeee xo -Apryl (xbeautifulnightmarex)

    Tumblr_mgqz36ziad1rn3q3oo1_500_largehey, its Nikki <3 k lets see woman, you're hilarious..and you're always incredibly kind to me! Whenever Im upset you can always make me feel better (: we haven't necessary known eachother long but I'm pretty positive you were my first friend :3 you're gorgeous in your own way and dont you ever forget it! Thanks for being there for me Alexis, love you always girly! -nikkixsykes
    Ermahgerd c: Its Mikey hacking you love. So i suck butt at these but whatever. So on with the show. I love you so much girl.You're perfect and shouldnt let anyone tell you otherwise.You know that im here for you whenever and i have your back 100%.You're a sweet person and always feed me food c: I really am so happy i am freinds with a person so amazing like you.I love you so very much.This is the end of my hack cx.I know its short but words cant describe how amazing you are.Love LoveLove You! ~Mikey (MikeyTheGreat)
    all-these-scene-kidz:  Express Yourself on We Heart It -
    OHAI, who's this you may ask o; OH it's Oliver that's right HACKING THIS BISH! jk. hmm hmm let me see, I have no idea what to write D; I guess i'll start with I think you're flippin strange and sometimes cool xD nah you're always cool o; our conversations are thee best like I swear, there isn't ever a dull moment with you xD and there is too much carsten on your page don't lie! nah I'm only kidding.o; lawlz. welp, in all seriousness, I think youre an amazing person and friend. oh and another thing, don't EVER let anyone bring you down. you're better than that.screw the haters.  yeah so I think that's all. LUHYUH. - Lovee, Oliver [Oliverxshutup]
    ALEXIS! Oh My Gawd. You Are Awesome, You Understand? Like Seriously, You Are. I AM SO GLAD WE STARTED TALKING. I Mean, We Like Totally Understand Each Other. Which Is Great c: Plus, You're Like Really Fun To Be Around. You Brighten My Day Sweetie, And Like Woaah You're Really Random Which Is Cute. You're Really Adorable Too, And You Always Listen And Help If I Need It. And Imaa Always Help You Too, Okaay? Anyone Hurts This Girl I Will Kick Yo' Sorry Little Butts. Cause, You Will Be Sorry If You Get On The Wrong Side Of Me c; ANYWAY. Back To This Child. She Always Puts A Smile On My Face, I Mean, Its Not Hard For Her. She's A Natural;3 Haha Anyway, Yup Alexis I Love You Hunny+If Anyone Hurts You, Lemme Know. c; Hehe. Take Care Sweety, -Dakota (Ryanxrawrs) ... Ill Add Some Later cx Yellow. Umm. Well, hey baby. JESUS YOU'RE SO GOD *** AMAZING. I really suck at these so, just a wittle warning.c: Umm. You're amazing, hands down. You're fawking lskflkdfj <3 Like jeeeeeesus, calm down with the awesomeness. You're perfect, like, when I say that, I mean it. ILOVECHUWITH49% of my heart.c:  OHKAY BYE
     photo 126898316_zpsfa81ec9f.jpg
    Ohey Alexis :) it's Veronica :D Hm what to say about you, we've known each other for a loong time and you are definitely crazy xD nah I'm only kidding hun. but yes i think you're pretty fun to talk to, 
    ooh and those conversations about your crush lately, adorable if you ask me, I won't say anymore to that though.o; heehe.
      Pooh I suck at these, sadly. well i think i'm gonna be done for now. Alexis, you are absolutely
    gorgeous, don't let anyone else tell you different.[:  Loveya! - Veronica (Youonlyliveonce)
     hey beautiful this is Jessie hacking yo doll :)
    i love r convercations that we have together u make me laugh smile and honestly ur the only one i can be myself around. plz never change ur self for anyone ur beautiful just the way u r. any person is lucky to have u as a friend. i hope we can be friends for a long time. u r a beautiful person from the inside out. if anyone ever tells u that ur not beautiful dont listen to them cuz u r beautiful no matter what anyone is gonna say about u and i will always be here for u if u ever need someone to talk to u can talk to me.  i love u with all my heart  Alexis <3
    love Jessie <3 ( xvampirexbrookex )
      Welp I'm going to plant my bootay right heur.Well Alex there's so much to say about you.First of all you are a wild child.That's one thing I love about you.I love how our conversations have excitement,imangination.It makes me smile like a kid getting a present.Come to think of it you are my present,you opened up a side of me that never been discovered before.I love how you care about the people you love. You're just this amazing person that I've became friends with,I plan to be your friend till the end.Nothing will stop me.You are a strong girl that can do anything you wanted to.If any of you hurt this girl I swear to god I will cut your d'ick or vags off.Try me.I love you like a fat kid loves food.-Your ninja turtle Natalia♥

    Age Type City Country
    18 years Woman US
    Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
    Michael Jackson Chuck Norris Bvb. SWS, MJ Lion king, prince of egypt Pizza/sea food
    Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
    Black it's the color of my soul Texas Ranger FBI My little pony.

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