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Welcome to my page!

Here you will learn about what  makes me happy and all about me! Enjoy! First, we have my rules:


 1-Please--no homophobicness or racism or negative comments/mean notes/misleading messages

2-Nobody should be treated badly! Watch your tongue!

3-Don't be shy! Everyone is unique in different ways! Be proud of yourself, dollz!!

4-I can accept gifts, votes, comments, and messages, but I am not commanding you! You are nice dollz--yes, I know that, but I am still a stranger (okay, a "new doll") to OMD and I still have one vote (lifetime). Can you help me earn at least 10 weekly votes? Thank you for your caring!

5-I am sorry but I cannot add dollz whom I do not know well or who are being mean. I cannot add dollz who force me/threaten me to add them. Also, if you are my friend, there is a %99.9 chance you will be on my page!

6-Remember--I do not exclude people! Want to be on my page? Send me a PM (private message) or a comment. Thanks!

Then we have my BFFS (which, BTW, is under construction)

                         MY BFFS

My #1 BFF on OMD is Sousou15


BFF page=under construction!


"About Me" and "Fave Things" are next (sorry--those, too, are UC):


About Me:

Under construction!

Fave things:

Under construction!


Daily Voting Info is after that!


                       Daily Voting

An important topic throughout OMD--especially on MY page! Do you want to be one of my DVs? Just PM me or send me a note or comment! Easy as cake! (I prefer vanilla cake. Whatever--get on with the votes!) All you have to do is press on 'Vote' and ask to be a DV! Oh--and please, when you vote (daily or non-daily) please tell me when you voted so I can return your vote! No +1's please unless you want to equalize my votes!

1 vote for me=1 vote for you

2 votes for me=2 votes for you! I will return the votes, I promise!!


I'm looking for DVs! Any so far? Not really. . .

                                MY DVS (DAILY VOTERS)

Under construction! Check back later! 

Daily voters wanted! Daily voters wanted! Contact me on OMD ASAP!!!

Thanks for checking out my page! Sorry if it is short--3/4 of my page is under construction! Check back later!

Goodbye for now!! XXXOOO



Age Type City Country
16 years Woman ottawa Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Selena Gomez soft rango lolypop
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
pink model victorious playing omd

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