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I won't really be getting on here much anymore.
Babygirl; <3
I don't get on this anymore but I said i'd type you something so. anyways. This is probably going to suck really bad (more than you.. (; ) and im going to probably sound stupid oh well. so anyways, So like yea. There's this girl, and she's the most gorgeous girl i've ever seen and she's perfect and her name is Apryl. She is my ***ing hero. She's been there through literally everthing and she's the reason I'm even alive. I love her more than I've ever loved anybody before. I've been in love with her since day 1. Nobody even COMPARES to her. She is perfect in  every single way possible. she's just so ASGKHDLDJl. I seriously have the best girlfriend to ever exist. are you jealous? good you should be. You can't have her. ever. she is mine. ***ing mine. m i n e. MINE.  She's always there for me. always. I'm always used to people just leaving and not giving a *** about me..  which would be majority of the people i've been with. she loves me for who I am and she talks to me all the time (unlike some people. -.-) cough cough. She's rude and weird and tiny and whiter than paper. (; but i love her. I love every little thing about her. She's my pineapple, my floor (;, my babygirl, my princess, my snow kitten and my babydoll. She's my everything and without i'd be dead. I want her forever & always. I'd do absolutely anything for her. You've been hurt a lot and I'm going to prove to you that not everybody is the same. I will treat you like a princess and give you the love you deserve for the rest of your life. You've always been the one.. You've always had my heart, even though I was with other people, at the end of the day it was ALWAYS YOU I truly wanted.. now you're finally mine and I am NEVER letting you go. I will spend forever & always trying to make you happy, loving you and protecting you. I know I get over protective and waaay too jealous sometimes but it's only because I care and I ***ing love you and need you and I'm used to people leaving and hurting me.. and I know you aren't like that you're not like everyone else. I trust you with my life. I can't wait until we meet next year so I can actually touch you and kiss you and show you off to everyone and be like "LOOK AT MY GIRLFRIEND SHE'S BETTER THAN YOURS BYE". Ehehe.. You're all I need to be happy and to live. You are the most attractive person ever I swear ugh ASDFKJSLLA (to me at least idgaf what anyone thinks or says) anyways, its getting hard to type and this sucks so much (m ore than you (; ) so Ima go now. ByeBye. I ***ing love you gorgeous <3 P.S. Sorry this sucks..

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