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DeuceMan c:
 I'll only be getting on to talk to Emmie, Jordyn, Alexis, Alexis, and Nataly.
Hai dere. Welcome to Deuce's page c:. Well, Lets get this show on the r o a d! Hmm lets see, Hes an age, Hes straight & I think takennn? EVEN IF HES NOT, YOU CAN'T TOUCH HIM. I'll kick yo anus that ain't gonna be famous. Hes WAIT ***S GOTTA LOAD MY GUN. Anyways, Hes like this blob of cuteness. Hes honestly one of my bestfrands, And i don't know where i would be without this muther fudgerr. Speeking of fudge, I'm hungry. For chocolate. Like it's my girl craving. Like fuh real. It was so cute, Deuce thought i was mad at him and hated him, And he kept doing absolutely everything to try and make me unmad and not hate him, But i did all that *** for fun. It was super duper fun though ^.^ LIKE FORREAL, WHO THE HECK LOVES ME THAT MUCH? Thats adorable, Anyways haha. Deuce, keep your head high. Your perf, Your my big brother, I trust you with my life. And i'd do anything for you. Keep smiling Deuce Man. Emmie loves you always.
-Love always, Your home girl Emmie Aka Spreadyourwings. HOLLA AT CHA GIRL~
Important People.
Emmie c:
So this is Emmie. (duh) She's been my bestfriend for like, a ***ing long *** time. ILOVEHERTODEATH. she's legit. She likes to ***ing yell at me. I love her tho. ;D SHES***INGAWESOME. Yea. Dont agree? well then you're wasting your ***ing time reading this, ***bag. Anyways. Ilovethischick. *** she has more swag than your ***ing face. Jealous? hoe you better ***ing be jealous. She makes me laugh like askjsajoshaoshjishdfjegujakisj. She's always been there for me. Like, A l w a y s. And she has my back all the time. SHE'STHE***INGBEST. she's the best ***ing best friend anybody in the world could ever ask for. If you hurt her I swear to you, you will regret it. GOTIT? I love you Emmie (;

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