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eliisa has 33 goodness points.





~♬ [I think I'back witdaily voting now♬~



New page!!! :D



For the people who vote for me:

If you're not my daily voter, then please leave a comment saying you voted, cause othervize there's a high chance I won't be able to return them, cause I get more votes then 50+50... Thanxx! :D

List of people who I vote for daily is somewhere in my WIA! You'll definitely find it! :D


PS: You don't have to ask me if you want to be my daily voter, just start voting for me and if you've been voting like 3 days already, there's a high chance you'll get into my list! :D A lot of people have asked me to be my daily voter, but then like a week later they'll quit OMD forever... -.-



If anybody ever want a gift, then you can just ask me! I don't mind! :D

The only condition is that you have to be my friend!

ps: I count all my daily voters as my friends~! ^_^



Anybody interested in daily voting? :D




My name is Eliise and my birthday is on 6th October.

I love music, manga, anime, books and OhMyDollz.

Before OMD I played MyDivaDoll and some of my dollies (ALL MAIN) were:

Locette (my first dollie and a fashion show winner: 20. September 2011),

dlmcsgfan (this dollie was for some reason my most popular one),

Joeluver01, Eliise95, Rosalinda95, Malviina8, FairyLila (Eliisa02 in OMD),

Stelarita (Stelarita in OMD too), Liilja (my flirting dollie, Eliisa01 in OMD),

Leisha4u, Raidlepp and much more, cause I'm in love with this game.

 My OTP is Leobin, haha 



 Bands / singers / groups I like 


Vixx, B.A.P, TVXQ, Beast, 2PM, BTS, Infinite, SHINee 

BigBang, JJCC, 100%, Boyfriend, Super Junior, Exo, Nu'est 

U-Kiss, JYJ, Teen Top, LC9, SS501, FT Island, CN Blue, C-Clown 

Secret, Glam, 2NE1, F(x), Spica, 9Muses, Girls Generation, Girl's Day 

Henry Lau, BoA, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Hi, Ailee, Kwon Jinah, Sunmi 

Plastic Tree, Heidi, UVERworld, Seremedy, Tokio H0tel, Overworld 

Bring Me The Horizon, 30 Seconds To Mars, Avenged Sevenfold 

Escape The Fate, Metallica, Get Scared, Joel Favier, Sandra Nurmsalu 

For short my favourites are Vixx, B.A.P, Beast, JJCC, Jaejoong and Bring Me The Horizon ^_^


 List of the people I vote for daily 


Andybel, Ayase-chan, Aprilz, Aiji-san, Aylet, Asiuleczka, Adrlynne,

Birdlyre, Bianca96, Cyberdoll96, Clare87, Cooki esez, Chrystaleen,

ClaudiaFaith, Danutzik65, Darkelfqueen, Emeralda1221, Euphraxia,

Fairykisses, Fairysnow, Faechild86, Fabuloussprouse, Goldenlightt,

Gothgirluni, Haelina, Historygeek, Hope4ever2, Hollystarr99, Hurt,

Ingridam, Jue, Joyceeileen, Kruna, Keiramarina, Kogato, Khandroma,

Kiironorisu, Ladykikyo, Love84, Lilutza, Luanaponte, Luminaaina,

Melody1231, Madara, Mikomi, Madlycan, Magikgoddess, Mllemeg, Marilyn,

N0regrets, Novemberleaf, Nicole194, Pinkiceprincess, Racoongal,

Roseaddict, Ryllme, Roisinblue, Sierradane, Saioko, Sanzina, Sweettears90,

Saphie1, Silverbast, Scar seagull, Selinie777, Supersparklez1,

Zarinen, Tsotso, Vinya, Venus787, Witch2004, Xgegex0925, Yuuki07

 My dollies 






In French version:



In German version:


In Spanish version:


And my main dollies:


₪ ø lll ·o.


Age Type City Country
19 years Woman Estonia (It's a country in Europe) Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
K-pop artists ♬ ♬ ♬ Gayo (K-pop) ♡ ♡ ♡ Anything where T.O.P is :3 Ice cream and sweetzzz x]
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue and all others too Photographer VIXX TV ^_^ Making people happy :3

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