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lovely doll c:
07/04/2015 à 00:27:54
I got a new phone so I'll need it again!
06/08/2013 à 00:30:23
I hate you. so. much. god. no. ew. :c
04/07/2013 à 07:13:07
Ooh baby, I LOVE those long movies you make me....
15/06/2013 à 03:35:18

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My lovelies.

hey bby, lets see what to say about this beautiful chicka, <3 for starters, you're an incredible best friend, sometimes we feel like ripping eachothers heads off and feed them to a wild pack of wolves but despite that, we somehow stay friends c; you're an insanely strong person and I'm proud of you with everything you go though.. honestly I am. I can tell you anything and no matter what, you'll try and help me through it all (: I've known you for a crazy long time and hopefully there's many more crazy stupid and amazing more years to come doe, never ever ever forget that you're special to me and breathtakingly gorgeous, mkaay? Love you tons sluut <3 xo-Jessy!
Emmie! Well first of all, youre a lovely person :3 you're gorgeous, I honestly know so. Despite what you may think, you're a wonderful person. Youre nice and funny and charming (x And one of my best friends. I'm very happy that I can say that ^^ All around, you're a fantastic person, and it is a priveledge to have you in my life. Let's go to Alaska together a build an igloo, roasting tons of food over fires. Mkay? I wovee you, miss --Danny 

Age Type City Country
15 years Woman Collin'sWorld US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Collin c: CollinSinging Collin'sMovieAboutEmmie Collin
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
COLLINS EYES. Collin'sWife Collin'sShow. Collin

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