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I Love You Too(:
24/06/2012 à 11:51:19
24/06/2012 à 04:49:17
Not True:)
16/06/2012 à 06:42:00
I Love You More. My Everything<3
15/06/2012 à 09:57:36

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 Aiden, Andy-Roo, Alex, Alexander, Alyssa, Ashley, Blake, Carter, Emmie, JaimeCat~ , Jake, & Kyle
Well.. Thats Me.. I Know Hiddeous Right? Lol Anyway Lets Get This *** Started Shall We? My Names Xavier Max Rodriguez. But I Also Go By Xabe, Xaber, Xaviey-poo, & Xavieykinss. Only My JaimeCat Can Call Me Xavieykins. Only Andy-Roo Can Call Me Xaviey-Poo. & Only AidenBear Can Call Me Xaber. K? K. I'm Back With Aiden. Meaning, AIDEN'S PROPERTY. This Time I Promise Not To *** Up. Im A Father. If You Dont Like It I Dont Care. I'm Not Here To Please Any Of You ***ers. I Do Drugs, Get Over It. I Drink, I Party Hard & Get ***ed Up At Least... 3 Times A Week? Well.. Oh Well. Lol xD I Have Tattoos & Pericings. But That's Just Me.

Aiden, wow i mean.. you are boyond gorgeous. you make me smile and feel like a princess or something. i get major buttterflies when i talk to you. you're just my everything. We've been through hell and back so many times.. but baby, there is nothing to be insecure about. i love YOU, Aiden Eli Rodriguez. You are the reason I'm still alive.. there is a reason I don't, nor will I EVER give up. the reason is because you're my true love. the love of my life. All I've ever wanted and more.. you make me feel complete. i love everything about you. fom you lips, to your hips, to your new haircut/color. i love the feeling of your skin against mine when we make love.. the way you hold your body against mine.. (sorry if your reading this and getting grossed out) but most importantly i love you because you are pure perfection. if a god had taken a human , it would be you. i will love you till the end of time babe.
- Te Amo, Xavier

Age Type City Country
22 years Man ....... UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Your Mom. To Many To List. I Dunno D: Gummy Bears :3
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black & Neons c: Being A Pornstar.__. Family Guy, Adventure Time, & Regular Show Humping Trees >;3

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