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27/02/2013 à 06:47:26
tes trop mignion
26/07/2012 à 22:46:39
Shuttup thats u xD
23/07/2012 à 07:58:49
thanks :P
23/07/2012 à 07:50:53

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emoxxchadxx has 0 goodness points.

Top model

just so we clear thats not me ok is my look alike and no im not here to please anyone you dont like  it  you can fck off!!!!!
Yea this is me and no im not going to explain myself to you why im weird ;) Unicorns are ***y and so is yo mom =o haha jkjk or am i?? idk you tell me!!! Clowns scare me cuz IT lives in the sewers=0=0=0=0 ponies are small just like your dinky haha lmao ok now im talking bad*** nooooz!! ummm I think Andy Six and Gerard Way are hot!! yea im mostly in to guys ok? have a problem with that go cry to your mommy cuz im not going to explain my ***uality to you!!!! inbox me if you wanna know more. i dont do votes so dont ask me to vote!!!okkkiii i think that is it byeez peoples from another mother!!!!  

my hacks
Hey im your first hack yay!!!<3
hey guess who?!!welp yush yeh got me is Sam Wonder Girl haha just kidding well you my friend are Amazin,cute and sweet you are my bestie for life and never change ottay cuz if u do imma beat u with my roller haha you make me laugh and smile alot never let anyone tell you otherwise because they suckers with no sockers haha idk something like that !! i wuf chu and your aweseomness!!!love sammy (emoxskullxthing)
Hi you i'm Hacking your page ;p anySmurf.
Your ttly fun and nice and cool to be around,ttly happy you joined the site. and coolios to Grandma she ROCKS m/^_^ XD. but yeah dude,keep bringing on the Way Awesomeness Sam (xxwolfchicxx) 

 poems c=

Woman in the moon

Bring the moon to my feet and see me weep in defeat this is the end for the man who saw me be weak.I try to keep my self strong but in return i see myself down in my knees begging forgiveness to the woman i was once decieved.

Broken bonds

Hear the thoughts inside my head as i  bleed through my chest the chains around me get tighter as the sound of the night grows louder.i hear the sound of your voice calling my name as the one eyed owl seals my lips with the string around my neck.

Kindred spirits

From the moment we are concieved is the moment we start to live take away the sins by cleansing  them with the purity of your name. I crawled towards the pain and inside this hole i await for the one who was once my brother and  the one who didnt bother to save me again.

Hold on

I tried saving you from the wrath of destruction but instead i got you killed now i live i silence hoping to see you again only living in your shadow .The tears of blood running trough my lips savoring the pain, of the woman i lived for and the woman i died for. tell me i am forgiven so that we can live once again. 

ok so my friend Audrey is going to share acc. C=
<3 so hit her up

Haii everyone my names Audrey Marie and i love pickles and rainbows C= have you seen one?? lucky (;
bi/straight/lesbian: straight
age: 1-100
anywhose i like to make new friends and stuff and i also like to watch the stars at night =D im a very nice girl tho so dont be afraid to talk to me ^^..adventure time is my fav show and winnie the pooh is my *** toy;]o btw if you want to hack me just message me or chad it doesnt matter :)

Age Type City Country
100 years Man yo mamas house ;P Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Gerard way andy sixx Heavy metal rock punk emo Insidious U ;)
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black Ballet dancer ;) -Audrey was here bishes- Regular show adventure time amazing world of gumball Doin yo mom :oInvading chads persona thinking space xD

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