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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a British boarding school for magic located in Scotland. The castle is in the mountains near a loch. The precise location can never be uncovered because the school is hidden by the most powerful spells possible, and is Unplottable, however, according to Hermione Granger it is "not far" from Dufftown. Spells protecting the castle include anti-Apparition and Muggle-repelling charms, which make the castle appear as an old ruin with a sign that says 'Danger, Keep Out.' These spells may be temporarily lifted by the sitting Headmaster. Most electronic devices do not work on Hogwarts grounds.  There are approximately a thousand students attending Hogwarts at any given time.

About Me

Hi, Im Ester Novack younger brother. My name is Eriol. I study in Howarts and train very hard for enter the Quidditch Team in two years.

Course: 1st
Specialty (type of spell): Attack and Defense spells
Patronus: Wolf
Mascot: Black Cat
Parents: magicians
Brothers: One Sister, Ester Novack from Howarts, house Ravenclaw 4th grade
scopaf0.gif image by arlequin_lain
Magic Wand

Aubree Baker: Length 26.3 cm
Wood: Cherry Wood
Core: Sphinx hairs
Good for attack spells and incantations. Poor for transmuation



Age Type City Country
32 years Man
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