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LOL why you have no clothes??
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+2 from Iponyx3123! Watched Ant-Man today and I...
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Wednesday votes from Emeralda1221. Have a great...
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I think this is my favorite photo I took. It's of me, and not the kids, but it makes me smile :)



Hello, and welcome to Faechild86's page! I started playing OMD back in my freshman year of college in 2005 on the website MyDivaDoll, and migrated here when it shut down back in December 2010. So I've been around awhile. I am an adult, who lives in the US, Indiana to be exact, and play this as a way to escape. I love designing and arranging rooms, although I get very little time to do so. I am a daily voter, but often don't have time to really check my last 100 throughly. So if you're not a daily voter, PLEASE leave a comment so I know you stopped by and can return the favor. That being said, please keep my votes even. I'm a tad OCD, and having them uneven truly bothers me. I'm slow to repond to messages, and I generally don't respond to very generic ('Hi!' 'Can we be friends' 'love your doll') messages since I know it's generally players just looking to chat with people who are online that very second. And that's usually not me. I DO try to answer any questions that get asked about the game. I'm just... not a very chatty person, I suppose. I've been told I'm an excellent lurker. Hope you all have a nice day! Shout out to the wonderful OMD players who did the artwork for this page, Arlekinlain & Fairykisses from the US site, and RyA from what looks like the French.
The folowing are my various accounts that I use for voting, and just for fun.                                       The last three accounts are my niece's. School and visits with her dad means she can't log in often, so I help out, and keep an eye on them for her.  

Age Type City Country
29 years Woman Bloomington US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sandra Bullock Celtic Fantasia Rasberries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
silver animater NCIS, Bones, Medium, The Mentalist, The Closer, Glee, Charmed reading, hiking, dancing

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