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21/09/2014 à 02:00:34
"Let us be grateful to people who make us...
21/09/2014 à 00:02:54
I am but mad north-north-west: when the wind...
20/09/2014 à 21:13:00
Yayy for vacation!! lol
20/09/2014 à 21:02:23

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9/20~  Spent the day lazing around. Was here, on Hatchlings and outside. Trying to figure out side accounts. Most, I think, will no longer do any quests unless it fits thetheme they may have PERFECTLY. Otherwise, save save SAVE for the next 50% off sale (or even 30%) to finish them off. All have AT LEAST 5 rooms not touvhed, and quite a few in progress. Busy busy!

 If anyone would like (or knows someone who would like) any of the new gifts leave me (or PracticalMagick) a pm! I'll deliver them sometime in the next few days.

*next 50% sale, 4works office tab, pencils and brushes to complete trophy.

 The Earth has come to life today

Spring is here

Hurrah hurrah

So fly little fairy

Fly fly fly

Fly through the meadow

And touch the sky

When you get where you're going

Remember this day

The day the Earth came out to play


Poem is from an old Macy's spring dresses commercial

No idea who wrote it, Google can't find it.


My niece's accounts that I help with.


you'll have to search Sa$$y, the site destorys the link, sorry.

My triplet accounts



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28 years Woman Bloomington US
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silver animater NCIS, Bones, Medium, The Mentalist, The Closer, Glee, Charmed reading, hiking, dancing

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