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Video Game Developer

I'm Alexis or otherwise called as Lexus or Baby Carrot. I own nine babies, as in my nine pets, they are my life. I love animals, nature, music, drawing, dancing  and going for walks. I've battled through many struggles in my life and probably still got many to face, but I love life. I'm a loser at heart and I tend to laugh when I find things sweet. That's really all there is about me. I don't come on much anymore but you can feel free to message me, I'll respond when I get a chance.
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Oh my gosh, hey there Alexis! Your an AMAZING friend who knows exactly what to do when your friend is feeling upset. At times you  can be the craziest funniest most happiest person in the world while other days you would rather give people the evilest stare and a half smile, your never slow to say what's on your mind and what you think of the situation at hand. You're a very loving person when you want to be and when you just plain out hate someone they know that they need to back down and go away or somebody's going to get a beating and maybe grenaded at hehe. Well that's all from me and I hope you enjoy my little say of you. Love ya Alexis!
-Muntaha ;D 
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Age Type City Country
16 years Woman Somewhere Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Homura Akemi Anything Kiki's Delivery Service None
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Sky Blue Closed Captioner Angel Beats, K-on, Anohana Sleeping, Anime, Helping

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