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Your baby is beautiful~!!! Cook ie sez
19/01/2015 à 02:32:59
Happy New Year ^.^
31/12/2014 à 20:04:56
Sorry I've been late for some dv this past 2...
01/12/2014 à 23:54:23
votes from Vinya =^-^=
02/11/2014 à 21:30:26

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Old MDD player.....

( currently looking for daily voters =^~^= )

September 30th:

I finally had a chance to come back to the game, a lot has

happened in this last year. Baby Jimena is now 13 months old

and I had a second baby girl called Helena.

December 18th:

Baby Jimena is growing very fast now, she can finally laugh, shes

"talking" more in own her  way, she can grab and play with some

toys, she also dances alot :D

I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and a

Happy New Year!! <3

{#news}November 2nd:

Almost 3 months since the last time I wrote something... I've started to log

in from a 
cellphone just to send Gaara to work, right now I'm ritting this

because I was able to go to 
a internet cafe, being that I still don't have the

service at home v.v Because of that I still 
won't be able to do dailies yet, so

please dont vote for me if you want.

About my baby.... 

Her name is JIMENA, she was born on August 31st at 7:13 am, weighing 5

pounds and 15 oz :3

August 17th:

I can´t believe it´s been a month already.. There is a lot that has happened

and because of it I haven´t been able to stay here long enough to vote...

I´m now very close to my due date... almost any day now... 

Double votes! :3

July 17th:

I left everyone double votes today...  

July 10th:

I haven´t been able to log in with enough time to return votes... I left

doubles today but I don´t know until when I´ll be able to vote daily... sorry

guys for the trouble.. 

Also.. I´m 33 weeks already :3 

June 13th:

I´ll keep voting on and off... because I still don´t know until when will

everything get normalized... :/

June 5th:

I ´ll be leaving some votes today and tomorrow... haven´t been able to do

so regulary because I´m finally moving out of my parents house x3

May 28th:

First an apoligy for the absense during this past week, I hadn't

been feeling well and still aren't (but I'm better now)... The good

news.. yesterday I got an ultrasound because my doctor ordered

it to know if the baby was alright... and I got to know that it's a

baby girl!!!! :D

....I left double votes for today and I'll be leaving double votes every

day until I make up for the ones I missed this past week.. (22-28)

and also special thanks to Moneky-May, Historygeek and

Faechild86 for the lovely gifts :)

May 21st:

Honestly I can't believe the month is almost over... yesterday my

pregnancy reached it's 26th week!!! :D I read in an article that by now the

baby's ears have been developed enough that it can now hear my voice and

other sounds from the outside ^~^

By the way I'm sorry I've been falling a bit behind on voting, that's because

now that my mom isn't home I do almost everything at home (without

help) and I end up exhausted, besides of the headaches and now even with

other aches around my body, which is normal :/ I think I just gotta get

used to it and drink even more water x3

I hope everyone is doing well~ :3

May 12th:

Happy Mother's Day!!!! =3

Feliz Dia de las Madres!!! :D

In a way this day got me a little sad because my mom left this morning to

go to a job training program that will last about a month... and we won't get

to see her during that time v.v

But it's a good thing that will help her a lot... as well as our family.. it has

always impressed me how strong my mom is, always giving even though

shes tired or sick... loving, caring, comprensive... in a way shes still my

world... <3

May 10th:

It's a very special day because it's Mother's Day (in Mexico) and

well, my family and I celebrate it mostly on this date... anw... even though

my baby hasn't arrived I received something I wasn't expecting... which

completely made my day...  I hope all of you can enjoy this day with your

families and loved ones :)


April 24th:

I finished returning most of the missed votes, although there are a few that

I'll be returning later today or tomorrow morning.. Thank you all for

understanding :)

In other news.... I finally feel my baby move~!!! :D  And I still don't know if

it'll be a girl or boy, my boyfriend and I want to wait a little more, even though

we are both anxious to know^^" (hehe we both kinda want a girl a little more than

a boy, but what ever it is we'll be happy :3)

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Hii again~! I'm starting to get back to the page because thankfully I

have enough time to be here... a lot has happened during this past

year or so.. I wouldnt even know where to start :3

Im sorry that I had to leave the way I did, it was hard for me for

several reasons but it doesnt matter anymore...


I few things... hmmm... o.o

Im pregnant!!! :D Right now Im 35 weeks aprox. and I

still dont know if its a girl or boy, just that my baby is healthy

is the most important thing :) 

My boyfriend and I are getting

married soon, right now we had to change the wedding date due to a

small problem he had, but that is getting fixed (we're in Mexico and

are getting married in San Diego, US.. and his pa ssport was stolen

on the mexican side... so... we gotta wait for the replacement and

cant get married till then v.v)

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*  All rooms under construction: I apologize for the empty condo, I recently got back

to the game and for the moment I'm saving money... It'll be a long time.... :/

*  I'm looking for daily voters... so if anyone is interested please send a pm :)

*  I do return every vote. If I dont leave votes one day you can be sure I'll double

vote the next day (I do this because sometimes I leave the city for a day or two and I

don't have internet access when I do this) 

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Welcome to Gaara chan's page

I had made this account on December 31st, 2010; but as most of you know I stopped logging in around February and I recently came back.

To be honest I still missed my original account... I've been Gaaragirl92 since 2008.So it's been a while now.... besides most of the pictures, drawings, all that stuffthat I had from my original account were eliminated because I only had one copy in my usb, which got infected at my school's library >.< and so... I had to ref0rmat it v.v




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My other accounts:

koneka   mcrkira   emogee   darkettt 

 enishi   lovesick   liabee

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Age Type City Country
23 years Woman San Diego US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
:3 Punk rock | screamo | heavy metal | experimental | alternative | j-rock | goth | grunge ........... .........
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Black, red, purple.. magenta... ...Architect / Civil engineer many animes.. Drawing, sudoku, reading, music, anime, crafting...

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