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gingerjane has 18 goodness points.

Haute Couture Designer

Hello OMD players!


I could not find the pre-requisites and forbidden items for this next LOFT SHOW, so I went to French site and did Babel translator, which is still confusing:


My friend Lucie comes to have her first child, she told me very special mission to decorate his future room, a single word in order a "child's room" where he can rest, fun in a small world nothing that for him or for her (she does as not disclosed me if the baby in question was a small client or a small client)

She wishes that he or she gains a maximum, at least until his 8 years I look forward to joining it, I have full sketches my "book" for boy to girl... pink,

am eager to show him everything and discover its small wonder what room will choose? You'll understand this next show you will need to create a House boy or girl.

To register for this contest OhMyLoft, you need to always have these prerequisites objects:-use at least 2 items from the store basics

Prerequisite background for this theme: - a plush or toy - bed - seen inland - realistic setting

tolerated Elements:-gaming consoles (laptop or Tablet) - desks - one or two fashionable  one or two pets 

 forbidden: - the gift between friends - posters of stars, design frameworks.
-Characters - THIS MEANS ADULT OR KIDS OR MINI Characters

bed adolescent or adult, (????  It says bed above-I guess meaning kids bed crib, baby or up to 8 years old it stated)


Age Type City Country
42 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Pink "Think Pink" B52's Pink panther candy
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Um, pink, duh

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