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Monday night votes: Animegirl654 is trying for...
07/07/2015 à 04:19:13
Don't look at me like that...PLEASE! L(O_OL ) I...
07/07/2015 à 04:10:09
Votes from <Bianca96> =)
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Poison ivy is not a good thing to have during...
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historygeek has 19 goodness points.

Miss DollzLand

Thank you for the gifts!!!! 


Haven't been able to get on OMD and vote. Been on a few days here and there to work and do quests but not much free time.


Been up since 4 am (it's now almost 5 am) but not tired enough to go back to sleep. Figured I'd do a little silent voting and then sleep.


Have some time to deliver some votes. K is hanging out in her swing. She is apparently an early morning girl. Ugh...what am I gonna do, J and I like to sleep in late. She did let me get almost 6 hours of sleep last night. 


Haven't been on...totally understand if people need to stop voting for me while I am taking a break to take care of J & K. 

K had her one month doctor's appointment yesterday,

She is now 22.25 inches long and weighs 8 lbs 12 ounces.

Katherine Ann Marie arrived via c-section shortly before 2 pm weighing 8 pounds and 20 inches long on April 17. 

Joseph sleeping the other night in his crib.

Thank you all for helping me reach my goal of 50,000 lifetime votes. You guys rock!


  Goal - 100 Playa Items Trophy (52/100)



If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all.
Thank you for the gifts: Mayli6, Cajunmoon, Mikomi, Torchwood, Eadwynn, Savynn2, Anyamalfoy, Faechild86, Moneky-May, Yuuki07, Melody1231, Arlekinlain, Csgardener, Jenzg11, N0Regrets, Carnation, Batsap, Mistyrain, Csez, Sierradane, Joyceelieen, Ryllme, Topgearrocks, Marilyn, Ramonna, Canterville, Silverbast, Saioko, Nicole194, Purpleiris, Witch2004
I do try to answer back questions and leave some random comments every couple of days. Please check your last 100 for a vote from historygeek. Thank you for understanding.
It does not matter on which account you return votes. I try to return all votes to the best of my ability. Please do not vote for yourself.
Please do not add me as a friend without my permission. Please remember selling dolls is against the rules.
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Loft - seasonal room
Kitchen - Kitchen (seasonal sometimes) 
Garden - 
Bedroom - Indian Hotel Room
Bathroom - Spa/Hair Saloon
Garage - Storage  
Villa Tab
living room - Pink Inspired Dorm Room
Bathroom 2 - Roman Villa Spa
Bedroom 2 - Nursery
Bedroom 3 - Egyptian Themed Room
Beach - what else? A beach.
Terrace - Greco-Roman Inspired
Town Tab
High School
Fantasty Tab
Trip Tab
Winter Tab
the Cabin - Christmas All Year Round
Royal Tab
Venetian Palace
Royal Palace - Horse Stables
One Thousand and One Nights - Arabian Theme
Floating Palace - Bollywood Theme
Wedding - N/A
Manor - N/A
Panther Cave - N/A
Cinema Tab
Retro Room
Fantastic World
Secret Dollz - N/A
Shooting - N/A
Western - N/A
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Historygeek2 - to achieve levels (she's my vet)
Historygeek3 - Flirting Account
Historygeek4 - Questing doll
Historygeek5 - Nurse/Blue Account
Historygeek6 - Clothing Designer Account
Historygeek7 - Magic Cupboard Account
Historygeek8 - Jem Inspired Account (Rock-n-Roll Doll)
Historygeek 9 - Mountain Retreat Account
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