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Hi!thanks for your votes +2 from ***romi2000***...
24/04/2014 à 23:57:29
Fast Thursday votes from *Fairykisses*
24/04/2014 à 23:22:58
Thursday votes from Selinie777. "Look at...
24/04/2014 à 21:38:12
votes from Danutzik65!
24/04/2014 à 20:43:00

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Miss DollzLand

April 24 - Dropping off votes.

April 23 - Leaving votes. I still can't get my darn printer to work so I can scan photos. I got four done the other day. I have tried all the troubleshooting fixes, too.

April 22 - Going to leave silent votes today. I have a darn migraine.

April 21 - Hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday (if you celebrate the holiday). We had a nice time. I will have photos up later to share. Going to leave Sunday & Monday votes for you today.

April 18 - I'm trying to scan some more old photos so I can throw the photos away (just a bunch of pics of animals) and my printer won't recognize the application list so I can scan them! So annoying. Votes for you.

April 17 - Mostly Silent Votes for You! Wish the weather would have stayed warmer. Not too warm but just a bit.

April 16 - Votes for you. Joseph had his check up yesterday. He is 20 lbs and 29 inches! And he didn't need any shots, so he was a happy boy. 

April 15 - Tuesday Votes coming your way!

So yesterday I was going down the basement stairs to put the laundry in the dryer and I fell down part of the steps. Thank goodness I didn't fall far but I cut my arm and my left side hurts (where I took most of the impact). I wasn't even rushing down the stairs.

April 14 - Monday votes for you!

April 13 - Silent Sunday Votes

April 11 - Silent votes for everyone. Need to start shopping for a new car seat for Joseph. The infant one won't do for much longer. Wow!

April 10 - Mostly silent votes for everyone.

April 9 - Changed background to a picture of the giraffe toy that Joseph is really enjoying. (obviously not a photo of him!) He's putting the blocks in it now.


 Accepting new daily voters (have space for a few). Please be aware that I usually vote silently and have to double vote for weekends during the week.

  Goal - Reach 50,000 lifetime votes

Picture: After he destroyed the 'city' I built for this v-tech cars.


 Picture: This is what he ends up doing when he's bored of his toys. He's resting on my leg and looking at my laptop while I vote.

If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all.
Thank you for the gifts: Mayli6, Cajunmoon, Mikomi, Torchwood, Eadwynn, Savynn2, Anyamalfoy, Faechild86, Moneky-May, Yuuki07, Melody1231, Arlekinlain, Csgardener, Jenzg11, N0Regrets, Carnation, Batsap, Mistyrain, Csez, Sierradane, Joyceelieen, Ryllme, Topgearrocks, Marilyn, Ramonna, Canterville, Silverbast, Saioko, Nicole194, Purpleiris
I do try to answer back questions and leave some random comments every couple of days. Please check your last 100 for a vote from historygeek. Thank you for understanding.
It does not matter on which account you return votes. I try to return all votes to the best of my ability. Please do not vote for yourself.
Please do not add me as a friend without my permission. Please remember selling dolls is against the rules.
If anyone wants a specific gift on a specific doll, please let me know. I do have gift vouchers on historygeek3.
Loft Tab
Loft - seasonal room
Kitchen - Kitchen (seasonal sometimes) 
Garden - 
Bedroom - Indian Hotel Room
Bathroom - Spa/Hair Saloon
Garage - Storage  
Villa Tab
living room - Pink Inspired Dorm Room
Bathroom 2 - Roman Villa Spa
Bedroom 2 - Nursery
Bedroom 3 - Egyptian Themed Room
Beach - what else? A beach.
Terrace - Greco-Roman Inspired
Town Tab
High School
Fantasty Tab
Trip Tab
Winter Tab
the Cabin - Christmas All Year Round
Royal Tab
Venetian Palace
Royal Palace - Horse Stables
One Thousand and One Nights - Arabian Theme
Floating Palace - Bollywood Theme
Wedding - N/A
Manor - N/A
Panther Cave - N/A
Cinema Tab
Retro Room
Fantastic World
Secret Dollz - N/A
Shooting - N/A
Western - N/A
Party Tab
My other Dolls...
Historygeek2 - to achieve levels (she's my vet)
Historygeek3 - Flirting Account
Historygeek4 - Questing doll
Historygeek5 - Nurse/Blue Account
Historygeek6 - Clothing Designer Account
Historygeek7 - Magic Cupboard Account
Historygeek8 - Jem Inspired Account (Rock-n-Roll Doll)
Historygeek 9 - Mountain Retreat Account
background: Fisher Price Giraffe with blocks (photo from Toys R Us)

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35 years Woman Philadelphia US
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Writing History Books

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