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{#doll_oeil}Dear dolls:{#doll_oeil}


  • Please maintain my lifetime votes even, I like it that way.

  • If you said in your comment that you are leaving 2 votes for me, please double check before you leave my page that you actually did.

  •   To all the dolls that helped me to maintain my lifetime votes even, thanks for your kindness really appeciated! {#aomd_bisous} 

Thank you {#aomd_bravo}





Thank you so much my dear friend Jenzg11 for this beautiful card ;)

Thank you Sierradane for the anniversary card



   Thanks my dear friend "iloveangel"   

for this beautiful birthday gifts!


       Happy Birthday       







  {#new}  CROCHET  NEWS   {#new}


My new crochet project:

Kawaii iphone 6 crochet cover!

This is my new cell phone cover





Amigurumi Owl Keychain

My daughter asked me to do this keychain for her backpack :) 


Light Denim Crochet Shoulder Bag





This is a Crochet Lacy Vest that I made

for my daughter.




Ok guys these are just for bunny


LOL! Just kidding!




I made this to my daughter

in the first day of spring in the name of

"Sierradane's newborn chickens"






   Nail Designs I made last







Owl Nails




 My daughter's Summer Nails



My daughter's bunny nails from last year!



Crochet Owl Pillow


I made this pillow to my daughter as a Valentine's gift  




This is called "Cosy Bear Cowl". 


Crochet Messenger Bag



A Crochet Cupcake Handbag











Thanks my dear friend Christina38 for this awesome banner!

Jenzg11 thanks for this beautiful gift!



My cute birthday gift! Oct.-7-12 

 Welcome to the OMD family: 









My bunny "Cheers"




This picture was made by: nikkzscreams


Age Type City Country
45 years Woman 0rlando US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Mathew Mconaghey, Robert Deniro, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullok 80's music. Blues. Jazz The blind side. The last Samurai Pasta, fried rice, filet mignon
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple, light blue, hot pink Wedding or Event Planner Crochet

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