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yeah just pict attic and move it all to...
22/03/2017 à 21:53:55
I'm vary much not a fan on most dress parts for...
22/03/2017 à 21:51:36
nope it had the same stuff as the original...
22/03/2017 à 21:31:55
awww yeah I hope they return the chests soon so...
21/03/2017 à 20:33:35

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hunnybear has 0 goodness points.

TV Serie's Actress

 This doll is a club account . . . she does not return votesSorryThanks fovisiting my den : )

 2/1/16: Thank you to everyone who voted for my "Crime Scene" loft... I appreciate your kindness beary much <3

12/19/15: Holiday Happiness from haelina:


12/17/15: A cute kitten to hang by the chimney with care... thank you, flameranq!


10/23/15: Spook-tacular Treats from the beary sweet haelina...

7/4/15: Happy 4th of July... celebrating in style
with a delicious drink from bearlywitchez!

5/31/15: A beary stylish T-shirt from bearlywitchez... thanks!

3/18/15: My fairy made a home in flameranq's horseshoe! Who knew???

/17/15: St. Patrick's Days gifts from the lovely haelina
 *  * * 
Thank you so beary much!!!

1/2/14:  Hmmm, need to update this (badly) :P

7/20/12:  A year (?) later and it is done :)

12/12: *poof*

 7/9: wöw! Made great progress today (on paper, LOL)!  Definitely more pink/plum than I envisioned, but I have to work with what's in the boutiques *sigh*


7/7:  Finally settling into my den. WANTED:  mauve bamboo print couch from Fall Store :) I can bearly wait!


7/2:  My FURniture is sparƨe, my CUBboard is bare,

 that doesn't mean BEARly anything is happening here. 

My focus piece and color scheme is above (if you care :P)!


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