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icefoxes has 24 goodness points.


Artwork and layout by icefoxes.


It's my birthday today, I am now 15 (and my dog has turned 11 :D) Also, happy Bastille day! I'm loving the free dress, it's so beautiful. <3


I have been on this site for about five or six years. I'm usually pretty active but there will be periods of time (usually a month or two) sometimes where I'm inactive. I always come back though! Every now and then I do some daily voting, too.

I also love to make digital (and traditional) art. I do have a DeviantArt account that I'm active on. Technically I can't link to it, but if you want to check it out my username is coconutmoose. However, you have to be logged in to an account to see my drawings. Sorry about that but it keeps the curious parents away. >.>

Some other random things about me...

I love purple, my favorite game is MineCraft, and my favorite anime is Baccano! Besides drawing I love to read books and study languages. Speaking of languages (pun intended), I'm currently learning Japanese and Spanish, and hope to start learning Hindi.


Loft - sort of a messy room full of clothes. It's kind of ugly. >.<

Bedroom #2 - a bedroom full of cherry blossoms, toys, and lots of books.

Casino - an empty room I don't know what to do with. Any suggestions?


Do not go to my hotel room, it is my storage space.

I do not have any at the moment. If you'd like to exchange dailies feel free to ask.


Special thanks to the following people, they have all given me gifts for which I am very grateful!

adrlynne - fasionstar - anyamalfoy - jazz333 - goldenlightt - angelfire - faechild86 - iklovich - zarinen - kiya1990 - toji - cocobelle - rheasilvia - mayatiling - athena1 - april - seralina - xemoxrockerx - potatochip-me - animegirl654 - fairykisses - elonnany


The following are the various other gifts given to me.


Thank you fasionstar for this certificate!


Thank you campanella for these drawings!


Thank you bloodyemos for the blingee!


Thank you xemoxrockerx for the drawing!!


Thank you fairykisses for the collage!

Age Type City Country
15 years Woman Chicago, Illinois US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sorry I don't follow politics. Classical I don't really care Ikura
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple Web cartoonist/animator The Big Bang Theory Drawing

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