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Today I made crock pot spiced mixed nuts. May...
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I made microwave Rich Chocolate fudge with...
20/12/2014 à 16:04:47
Thank you ^.^ +2 back. Creative outfit.
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icefoxes has 16 goodness points.


Rooms are still a work in progress. Loft is complete!


Hello, and welcome to my page! Please enjoy your visit and feel free to leave a comment and/or votes! Now let's get down to business...


Finally, winter break! Since I have all this extra time, I shall resume daily voting (which will continue even after break). If you're interested, let me know! Just send me a PM. Don't ask in a comment or I'll ignore it.


I have been playing a few years, I think 5? Anyway, I am here because my friend showed me this game and we played it together.


I do spend lots of time on the forums (it's great, you should try it sometime). There are lots of silly but fun games and clubs. 


Some random things about me: I love MineCraft, almost too much, <3 and my favorite food is ikura, a type of sushi with salmon roe on top. I really love purple. I love purple almost as much as I love to draw, which is a lot.  I am also learning Japanese, Spanish, and Polish (in order of most fluent to least).



Level >>> 7 $$$


Ohmydollz Basics >>> Tops >>> 10 $$$


Asian Shop >>> Accessories >>> 8 $$$



*Thank you adrlynne for the christmas tree, fern, little doll, and gold mannequin head!

*Thank you fasionstar for the ladybug!

*Thank you anyamalfoy for the painting!


*Thank you jazz333 for the antlers!


*Thank you goldenlightt for the hat, roses and mirror!


*Thank you angelfire for the hat, cat, skirt, and teddy bear!


*Thank you faechild86 for the mirror, mannequin head, and bat!


*Thank you iklovech for the long wig, puppy, curly wig, and skirt!


*Thank you zarinen for the headband and present!


*Thank you kiya1990 for the horseshoe and skirt!


*Thank you toji for the little pink doll!


*Thank you cocobelle for the sunflowers and roses!


*Thank you rheasilvia for the schoolbag!


*Thank you maytiling for the schoolbag!


*Thank you athena1 for the pencil!


Thank you april for the taffy apples!


Thank you seralina for the puppy, little pink doll, and flowers!


Drawn by Nikkzscreams.

Thank you fasionstar!


Thank you campanella!


Thank you bloodyemos!


Thank you campanella!

P.S. Happy holidays. {#star}

Age Type City Country
14 years Woman Chicago, Illinois US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Sorry I don't follow politics. Classical I don't really care Ikura
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple Something Art Related The Big Bang Theory Drawing and MineCraft

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