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Feerik Hills is the smallest and most boring town of all in DollzLand. I was born there, grew up there and I'm afraid I will die here. This is an absolutely depressing environment. Long ago the city was prosperous, there was a doll factory which worked very good and was well known throughout the region. But it closed years ago and now, between unemployment and the constant fog, the city is just dead. As I've never been good at school and my family was not rich, I left school after high school and I became a waitress at the last restaurant that is still open. One evening when I was doing stock in the back room, I came across an old cardboard which lay moldy behind a shelf. Basically, wrapped in a trash bag, I found an old strange little book. Beark, what is the cover material? ... It's disgusting ....

I mentioned the book to my friend Olivia, after I brought her home and we chatted together. It is a downright scary thing. Whoever wrote it must be pretty deranged. It is full of magical ulas and there are all those weird drawings and in all corners there are in ions like "do not read aloud", "he observes me" etc .... Me, I´m totaly scared, but Olivia is the opposite, she totally enjoys this. She believes we should try the fate of "Wealth, Youth and Eternal Glory." "Oh, go on icequeen88, this is nothing bad. In addition, tomorrow is Halloween, this is the theme, have fun! Worst case will be that there won´t happen anything at all ... -...and we will look ridiculous! Oh, you're no fun, it will not kill us ... " I finally accept, when Olivia wants something, she always ends up getting it in my case, she was very persistent. She drags me to a small dark alley, into a shop for witchcraft. I did not even know we had something like this here. We leave with a bunch of ingredients and strange objects.

We walk towards the old playground in the park. Two years ago a little boy fell off the slide and broke both of his legs. In order to install some safety standards, the city chose to close the place. Olivia starts drawing circles and symbols with salt, I thought it was only used to make the charcuterie but apparently it's a pretty powerful ingredient in the occult art. We light candles and we set them in the center of the circle. We laughed while we said the magic words. We must have looked so ridiculous. As we spoke the last word, a big gust of wind extinguished the candles. We stop laughing for a moment. But then started laughing again. What did we expect? I get up and begin to store our equipment. "Uh .... ...." I look at Olivia and she has such a worried look. I turned around to see thick black smoke invading the pitch. Olivia is literally sucked into the darkness. I totally panic and run as fast as my legs can carry me towards the road, a lighted spot in the dark. I stopped, out of breath and I heard a voice behind me. I turn around, there she is, but her face ... .her eyes ... they are all black !!!! "You called me, darling?" Said the scary Olivia-Thing. I'm scared, I want to scream but I can not, I want to run away but my legs refuse to move. You know in those horror movies when the heroine faces the killer and remains standing there? Well that's pretty much it. Dark-livia approaches to me, I'm afraid and I think I'll die. When suddenly, a roar is heard and a car races at full speed down the street. It skidded to a stop beside me. Two - lovely - boys get out of the car, carrying guns. I do not have time to say anything, one brings me inside the car while the other distracts Dark-livia. The car immediately proceed until we are all three in and we leave the scene at high speed.

OH MY GOD !!!! YOU KILLED HER "I totally lost control of my emotions, I scream, I cry, I do not understand. It was him, the guy there in the p***enger seat, he shot Olivia! "Dan, calm her, I can not drive with a crazy girl that moves and screams in the back!" 
said Dan, than he turned to me and slap me in the face. Still shocked, I shut up immediately and try to hide in my seat. I escape one monster just to find myself on the road to I-don't-know-where, with two psychopaths who shoot anything that moves. Fabulous. We stop at the side of the road, near a seedy bar. Both men turn to me "Okay so now, miss, be quiet. We do not want you any harm, your friend is going to be fine, but you are not. -She´s Okay? You shot her !!!! -Do not worry, the demon who possesses her is probably gone already. -De ... de. ..demon? -We will explain everything to you. Come inside, this bar is run by friends, you will be safe " I'm inside the old house. If this bar once was popular, it was a very long time ago. The furniture is dusty, or broke, low light and there is that musty smell of old. I turned to Dan and mockingly say "Yes, it is very welcoming" that breaks the silence. From behind the bar out three funny characters. All in all there is there is Dan, his brother Sean, old Robbie, the weird guy in trench coat Astiel who is an angel or something like that, and the one with the red nerdy t-shirts is Molly. Together, they explain, they hunt demons and other evil creatures and save the innocent. To be honest if I had not witnessed supernatural events earlier, I would have thought that they escaped from a mental asylum.

Based on the clues they found in books, newspaper archives, and even on the net; the book that I found was the Nécronomidoll; an old book, written by a mad guy in ancient times, and the book was made out of human skin. Beark. That´s disgusting! In short, apparently the "Wealth, Youth and Eternal Glory" is just a lure for attracting weak souls who do the ritual to fulfill their need for materiality and release demonic forces that seek to dominate the Earth. So we have to close the portal through which all these creatures from hell have landed. Usually, the portal in question is located near the place of invocation but after a thorough search, we found nothing. Finally, Sean arrived with news. Behind the playground, there is an old abandoned crypt, the magnetic spectrograph went crazy when we approached. One thing is for sure, the things happening in there are not good. The voice seemed to come from the bottom of the crypt. Without a hint of hesitation, Sean and Dan rush towards its origin. I try to follow them, not because I'm excited to meet the horrible monster, but because it got dark outside and I did not want to be left alone. We arrive in a large room, where a horror show occured. I can not describe it to you, there was blood everywhere I think I'll vomit. Dark-Livia is there in a fifteenth century dress, her face is all distorted, it's scary. She looks at us with a smile "Ah, my friends! You're finally here! It was not very nice of you to leave me alone last night. But you will catch up, starting with you dear icequeen88." She steps closer to me, but Sean and Dan are faster. They start to chant stuff in Latin, the ground starts to shake. Finally a thick black smoke comes out of Dark-Livia´s body and the smoke rushes into the tunnels of the crypt.

We brought the unconscious Olivia into the car, according to Sean and Dan she will be fine. I really hope that when she wakes up she will have no recollection of what happened. We then return to the crypt and explore the maze of corridors in which the black smoke engulfed. The gate must be there. A tunnel leads to the old town cemetery. At Halloween it always is a busy place, but tonight it is particularly busy. There are large cracks in the soil, off some smoke escapes, off others, hands appear and grip the feet of partying students trying to drag them into the infernal depths. Ravenswood vault seems to be the central point of these events. Sean and Dan have their weapons and fight their way through the crowd without much trouble, I join them being armed with a shovel, battling zombies and other disgusting creatures. I do not have time to say or do anything but suddenly I find myself overwhelmed by the thick black smoke. I can´t do anything other than inhale. It enters my body completely. And what happens next is very strange. It's as if I did not have any physical control. I can see and hear, but I can not control my body! I heard a voice in my head telling me. "You and your cronies, have driven me from the body of your friend, but now you're mine. Look what I'll do to them " I see, literally, attack Sean and Dan, but I think they are used to stuff like this, they defend well. They flatten me down and begin the same ritual they did with Olivia, who was released from the clutches of the devil. It hurts but I can handle this, I try to push it out of my mind. But it is very powerful, and I'm tired. It does not stop talking to me "Look , I can offer you everything you want, everything you've always dreamed of, I will leave this town. You always deserved better than being a waitress at the far end of the world. You shall have eternal youth, I'll bring you more wealth than you can imagine. But if Sean and Dan return me to Hell, everything will be like before. You return to serving fries and burger to truckers for three $$$ / day. Is this really what you want?

Age Type City Country
26 years Woman Sweden Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
The stars U see in the sky anything but rock Horror and Fantasy Thai
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue and silver I dont know Musicals Dance

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