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-skywatcher quincyThese are my new dolls! Decided that since my 4 dolls were running out of votes, I better make new ones and dress them up so they can be of good use ^.^

-These accounts are going to be my main voting accounts for this week, mainly because Quincy has vip which means double the votes!  (also so you guys can get used to them)

- apparently becoming vip doesn't mean you're using the bank. *crying*


  Random Stuff :D

I will give every single vote back! I do check my latest 100 so if you can only give me silent votes that is totally fine ^.^ (to be my daily voter just vote for me every day and I'll return it :P)

As of right now all of my rooms are completed :D

I vote around 6pm EST (:


About Me :D

I'm Canadian (EH! GREY! COLOUR!)

My Ethnic Background is Chinese.

My birthday is February 21 :D

I'm obsessed with japanese, koreans, and chinese people :P

I LOVE watching movies.

I'm obsessed with YAOI... omg...omg... *nose bleeds*

I'm an Otaku only in the summer time ;) and a major reader in the other seasons :P

I'm obsessed with long hair... OMG

I'm Bi***ual.... still confused though... I think it's a stage.

I picky with food :P

I LOVE to collect things :P (notebooks, posters, books, comics, etc)

    Favourites ^.^

Favourite Book: ILL GIVE YOU THE SUN by Jandy Nelson

Favourite Series: THE SELECTION SERIES by Kiera C***

Favourite Author: Rainbow Rowell

Favourite Genre for Books: Romance

Favourite Game: Anything that Telltales makes (or League of Legends)

Favourite Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

Favourite Childhood Movie: Land Before Time *cries*

Favourite Actress: Scarlett Johansson

Favourite Actor: Lee Pace

Favourite Singer: Taylor Swift

Favourite Show: Game of Thrones

Favourite Genre for Movies: Action

Favourite Youtuber: UberHaxorNova

Favourite Colour: White

Favourite Animals: Horses

Favourite Store: Chapters

Favourite Hobby: Drawing :P



These are all I can think of as of right now! If you guys want to know anymore favourites, you can ask me :D


Thank you for the BEAUTIFUL gifts!












My Medieval Beauties (; 


I'm honored to have you reading my page <3


♥I LOVE YOU ALL...(I really do)


Age Type City Country
15 years Woman ._. Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
HOT PEOPLE, YEA ALL OF YOU READING THIS Pop music with a hint of depression (; Disney Movies (: Garlic Bread
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
White Author Game of Thrones Playing League of Legends

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