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 I have stopped DAILY VOTING 
So sorry to all but school starts tomorrow and I will be just too busy to carry on daily voting:( Please don't vote for me anymore if you are one of my daily voters take me of your list. However I will still keep my list up just incase I decide to starts again in thr future :)! Thanks x
(ps but dont take me off your friends lists because I still want to be friends!) 
My alt dollz are: Italy99, Italy999, Italy9999 and Italy909 and Fiore :) 
 Hi I am from Italy :)! So sorry if my english/grammar is not perfect!!
Please add me to your friends :) and tell me so I can add you to !
I have won the fashion show once and I am hoping to win again soon so if you see me please vote !
A bit about me:
Age- 16
Name- Mariella Rossi 
Natural hair- Dark brown
Natural eyes- Dark brown
  17/07/2012   155 votes
 I am looking for daily voters so if you are interested pleases send me a pm !
Daily Voters: (please make sure you vote for me everyday otherwise i will take you of the list !)
*c o o k i e sez 
Gifts I want:
Please send me gifts:) and please votes, comment and pm thank you !

Age Type City Country
18 years Woman Rome Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
pink/purple model

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