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Hi.Ahoj.Hej.Dia duit.Hola.Salut.Tere.Hallo.Bok.Labas.Ciao.Hai.Ola. Sveiki.Hæ.Здраво.chào.Привет.përshëndetje.Здрасти.Witam.Oi.Хи.Szia.Hei.Merhaba.


Thanks to Nikkzscreams for this amazing drawing!

The following message is more than a year old, I came back now. I won't delete it for the sake of having written some info on my page, since I don't want to write about myself anymore.

I'm sorry girls, but I'm leaving this game for good. My last day here seems to be on September the 3rd. Ohmydollz is really boring to me. Everything is too great (and pink.. oh, how I hate this color), everybody is too friendly, and this game is all too dreamy itself. This is not how real life is. Real life is full of ugly people (not only by their personalities, but also by of their self-appearance), drugs, alcohol and things like that. I don't say it's all bad, it is in harmony there, and that's what I like so much. Once it is good and once bad, once it is something between, so you'll never get bored (unless if you do nothing). Beauty is sometimes hidden behind the ugly side of things or people. Just like "don't judge a book by her cover". I know that's what ugly people say. But I'm not ugly and I agree with that and I say that too, sometimes. It's just by the way you get it. Anybody can be good-looking and kind, just as an ugly person can be bad. It's just up to your personality if you see that hidden beauty and when you see it. God can help you seeing that when you need it and when is the time for you to see that. But then something happens. Everything is nice, but the very next day it's just like yesterday or any other day. God desn't give you the ability to see the right side of things all the time. He borrows it to you at the ringht time. And that's how it should be.    Well, this is very interesting for me to think about. I should probably read a book about it. Grr, I ended up where I didn't want to end up and I'm just waisting your time with my thoughts, which you probably don't care about. Sorry.  Now imagine you in a real world which is just like Ohmydollz. You can be friends with anybody, seduce the man of your dreams, you can have everything you want (except drugs and alcohol). It would be fun for some time, but it will just take some time, weeks, months or even years (it depends on who you are) to make you realize how boring it is. And imagine these little girls playing this game. They'd get used to how it's perfect here, and they'd expect the real world to be as perfect as Ohmydollz is. That can make some problems for them in their lifes. They cannot earn eny experience which could help them in their real life here (except english, this game helped me to improve my english very much, thanks for that, Sarah). I would say this game is just like when you use drugs. Everything can be just like how you want it, but it's just for a while. It's not forever. And if I'd like to have some real fun myself here, I'll probably get blocked. I didn't want to critise Ohmydollz, I don't know any virtual world which is perfect. None of them was made by God, and a human cannot make anything like God has made. I hope you all get what I wanted to say. It might seem as if I was drugged or as I would be a freak, but no, I am totally okay now, I'm just a little bit sad,because I remember how much Ohmydollz once meant to me. I'll try to read it myself and try to correct these mistakes or ununderstandable sentences, later. English is not my first language, but I think I wouldn't write it as well in my first language as I wrote it in English. I'm sorry if you didn't get it. You can try to think about it, if you have some time for that and if you think it's worth it. I just wanna say thank you to all dolls who were friends with me, who voted for me, gave me gifts or just looked at my doll and her house. And thanks to all dolls who did that on OhMyDollz. Maybe you think I forgot about your existence, but sometimes I do remember your names, and I also remeber what messages we were sending to each other. Maybe I won't remember all your names after a few years, but I'll always remember that once I played a game called Mydivadoll and that there were some really kind people who always maked me smile by their nice messages. Most of you were really kind and friedly to me. I already miss you now, writing this.... Good luck for you all here, and in your real lifes. I hope you get what you really wanted, that your dream which you were hoping to happen sometimes are going to happen. Ofcourse, you have to do something, not just wait.  My dream is to move to travel around the world. I'm going to study hard, if I'll have really good results at school (I have to get almost all As), my parents will pay me one year study in the USA. That's not exactly where I wanted to go (my dream place is in Australia), but I'll try how it is to live so far away from my family (I live in Europe), if I really want to be that far (or even further) away from them for a long time. This was just if you were curious.. Tbh I don't have any problems with it. Now, when I really wrote everything I wanted to write, I have to say bye to you all. I love you. Say goodbye also to my next dolls: Nightrider, Juggernaut, Jenny-er,Jennyjoe, Fearfactor, Drug, Gunjet, Noreply and Creature!




Age Type City Country
100 years Woman No. Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Winnie the Pooh Alternative rock, horrorcore psychedelics
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple haze, Acapulco gold and White widow :)))))))) Bilionaire South Park Dreaming

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