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hey love ur page;P
05/05/2012 à 17:11:09

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Top model

#Pictures Are Look Alikes .<3

Jordyn Quit ..

So, She Gave This Account To Me ; I'm Nataly (:
Okaay, Sit Down &' Listen .<3 I'm Nataly &' I Could Give A *** Wha'cha Think (: Now, I Could Write An Amazing Paragraph Cause, I Have Skills Or Yo' Can Message Me Up ! ;D 
Status ; I May Be Falling For You  ;D
Listening To ; Shot For Me ; Drake (:
Talking To ; Amber ..
Winning. On Top! Ok this is gonna be LEGEND- Wait for it
Do you see that ***yBeast up there?? Like Hot *** girl, im so Jelly of youu! Shes single Boys (; so Get at her, but not literally cause if you hurt her, I will CUTYOU! Any***s. Even though we just became friends, you are already my MainSqueeze && Your so gorgeous I cant handle it. I would Bang you. < Awkward,Like me(:
Stay Awesome and Swag-alicious (: Angie #PeaceHomie

Nah, man. Screw Drake, I'm settin my hacks fat *** RIGHT ON TOP. c: I love you Nataly. You make me smile & you can make me laugh my liddo' heart out. You're gorgeous as a mo'fo, & I can't believe Drake will hack you, but not me. ***. Anyways, you're what's crackin. you got them crackerjacks all up in yo' mouth. You're the bomb. & I love you for it. I instantly fell in love with you that first message when you said "Hey, Jordynn quit." Very attractive. <3 I LOVE YOU, GIRL. YOU'RE REALLY COOL. Loooooveeeee, (BRITTANYGOTTEH***SWAG)

I'm Your First Hack ?;O IM SPECIAL MOTHERFUUCKERS<3.>:).See That Gorgeous chick Up There ?^^.Yeeh,>:).She's Amazinn'<3.& So Legitt,Im Jealous.D;<.Anyways.We Just Met & Shiit But I Alreadyy LoveeHer<3.>:].She Has more Swagg Than Yoo' Mamaa Hoes.>;D.True Storyy.Well.One more Thingg; She Ainn' a Fake.It Says Right There,Her Pictures Are Look A likess,So GROW A PAIR OF EYES MOTHERFUHKAS.Alrightyy ?Or Ill Get Barneyy On Yo' ***,[;.LoveYouu<3.~Drake.[:~

:O yaya! xD anywho you chicka bicka is awesome :) swagger like mick jagger haha.You are an amazing friend even though I just met you.Just want to say your like becomming my new best friend who is talkable and legit as shiz love you lots girlie From:Sotyanna :)

Age Type City Country
23 years Woman Stalker .(: ♥ US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
'Diggy Simmons ♥ Walk To Remember♥ Pizza(:
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink ♥ Singer (: Jersey Shore ;D Anythinn' ♥

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