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**Tuesday votes from HOPE4EVER2**
28/04/2015 à 21:02:02
Oh so tired votes from *Fairykisses*
28/04/2015 à 19:57:22
Tuesday votes and hugs from joyceeileen :)
28/04/2015 à 18:52:31

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Miss DollzLand


News : 

Welcome to my page and thank you for your visit to my doll.

I currently slowly re decorate my rooms.


This few weeks life has gotten a little hectic for me, daily votes will be given out a bit late or in Silent Votes. Please be patience with me.


Silent daily voting (23 Mar - 3 May 2015).


28 Apr - Monday & Tuesday daily votes have been delivered.


Thank you to all my friends for the lovely gift, i love it.


To all my friends please read & please help : I need more love points in Sweet Scandal Returns (Android games from Google Play Store). I really appreciate if you all please use my invitation code. It's not necessarily you guys need to play until finish (just have to play until the tutorial end). My invitation code is : RKCvXW



A note about Voting : 

Please keep my lifetime doll & loft vote's equal.

I only return +2 voters and i will not return +1 voters unless it was to equalize my lifetime vote's.

I am accepting daily voters, please send me a message if you are interested in exchanging daily votes. Thank you.



My Other Dollz : 

If you received any votes from these dolls, it was from me (◕‿◕). If they are not listed here means they are not my dolls and if any other doll claiming under my name, it's a fake. 


adlynn dianza eina fasya irine isya rasya reiyna riena ruzy wana wina elfi aleya aleya01 alaya02 aleya03 alaya04 aleya05 aleya06 aleya07 aleya08 aleya09 aleya10 



Thank you Arlekinlain & Fairykisses for the beautiful pictures :





Fashion Show : Shorts For Everybody




Thank you Fairykisses for my lovely Avatar & Signature :








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33 years Woman Malaysia Other
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