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+2 votes from rubyheartz08 :))) Time to get...
29/11/2014 à 00:24:11
The first Tour de France winner was...
29/11/2014 à 00:20:47
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28/11/2014 à 16:24:03

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Miss DollzLand


News : 

Welcome to my page and thank you for your visit to my doll.

I currently slowly re decorate my rooms.


27 Nov - Dailies Wednesday until Saturday votes will be given on 29 Nov.


23 Nov - Hi friend, I'm finally back to OMD :) I have decided to start my daily voting again starting tomorrow with the new week. If you will still have me, just let me know. Thanks.




A note about Voting : 

Please keep my lifetime doll & loft vote's equal.

I only return +2 voters and i will not return +1 voters unless it was to equalize my lifetime vote's.

I am accepting daily voters, please send me a message if you are interested in exchanging daily votes. Thank you.



My Other Dollz : 

If you received any votes from these dolls, it was from me (◕‿◕). If they are not listed here means they are not my dolls and if any other doll claiming under my name, it's a fake. 


adlynn dianza eina fasya irine isya rasya reiyna riena ruzy wana wina elfi aleya aleya01 alaya02 aleya03 alaya04 aleya05 aleya06 aleya07 aleya08 aleya09 aleya10 



Thank you Arlekinlain & Fairykisses for the beautiful pictures :





Fashion Show : Shorts For Everybody




Thank you Fairykisses for my lovely Avatar & Signature :








Age Type City Country
32 years Woman Malaysia Other
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