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Happy Forth of July votes! Have a great day.
04/07/2014 à 18:17:05
Happy Valentine's day votes. Have a wonderful...
14/02/2014 à 22:32:14
great idea!ok but do you know how?
01/11/2013 à 13:43:24
When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,May...
31/10/2013 à 04:26:17

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kadestry has 1 goodness points.

Video Game Developer


[Shoutout to Dearest Voters]

Sorry for missing the votes, I'm really busy!




Ganistry, the perfect potion to make you cheer up, reliable too, great with gadgets, thx for being that friend! She is  real life friend... And the bestest yet! Nobody can beat this (good-to-talk-to/lovable/crazy/clever) girl! I definitely sure! Triple confirmed! I have much proof....


We share the same style, same name and almost the same personalities! This is y dear cousin and she is 1 of my daily voters. She is the same age as me and well... You can say we are as close as Demi and Selena :) This girl makes everyday fun with sunshine!

She is really awesome, she makes a day of rain becomes sunshine :)

 This gal is one of the kind you can have, always there for yea... Like AppleJack in MLP... No seriously... :P


A great digital arts creator!!!!!!!!!

*If you want to be a friend, please mail me first, its ok, don't be shy, I love making friends anyway... :)*






School just re-opened and my CCA is starting, so tiring! BTW, I came home at 5pm so I don't have time to return last Friday's votes, I'll do it ASAP! I wish our holidays were 2 months longer like summer holidays! The worst part? I HATE MY TEACHER! No offense...



Argh... Had to wake up SUPER early to go to the doctor's and guess what... The transport I took was simply regretful... And smelly... 


Argh... Another 4 more days till my June Hols are over... I wish it was like the summer hols ppl have in other countries... Difinitely longer than all our holidays added up together.... :'(   Anyway, Left silent votes for Daily Voters! Need some comments on my new layout though...


Hi peeps! I just revamped my layout... Again! And I'm once again super active... (Except for somedays and exams) Anyway, I'm finding daily voters, PM me and we can start voting!





If you recieve votes from them, their actually my votes :)



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Started on 28/6/12


Age Type City Country
13 years Woman Hint: Its small... UK
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Hugh Jackman, Lance Armstrong, MUM, DAD, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliff Barbie, Dynamite, Ke$ha, Abracadabra Despicable Me, Rio, Harry Potter, X-men, The Avengers Ice cream, Fries
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple, Black, White Singer, Artist, Violinist Winx Club, Totally Spies, Digimon data Squad, Pokemon Singing, Drawing

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