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Status: I'm taking layout requests! :) Please vist the board and go to my page. Or simply click here   
{#aomd_bisous} Xin chào ban bè! :3 Me name ish Kamilla. I'm an age between 10-13. :) I am Asian and proud !  ^-^.  I was raised to respect others so it would be nice if you did the same to me. I speak 3 languages (English, French, and Vietnamese). <3 I love cute things, bunnies, puppies, manga, anime, and 2NE1♥ my family and friends they mean the entire world to me. I have a kitty named Fang, a bunny named Sunny. (Hehe that rhymes) and a newborn puppy named Yoki.  =) Pronounced:YO-KEY. ;3 I know what it's like to be hurt by people, have fake friends, and just have people annoy the heck out of you -.- So please don't come up to me acting like that. Anyways, I'm a cheerleader and a dancer. I love ice skating and roller skating. I'm a ballet dancer. :P I love chocolate and ice cream! ^_^ and I hate spiders lol. ;D Lalalala... welp, If you have any questions or what ever don't be shy and ask. Btw do not even try wasting your time being rude to me because I'll report & BLOCK you! Mmk. Tam biet! <3 :] :o Oh and lookie! A lil pic of moi c;

Here is a list of the people that mean everything to me and have been there for me since forever! :) And no matter what people say about them, I know that they'll always be my besties! [NOT in order]
Demia6: The "Ying Yang" friend. I've known you for a really long time and I want you to know that you are such a great friend.You've helped me with everything and you're my role model. You have the coooooolest phone I've ever seen. You're parents buy you things a lot of stuff I'm like "Man I wish I was you" :D But you always give your things to charity or sometimes to your friends becuase you know you don't really need your things :P I'm glad I met you <3 Love ya Sierra <33
Jaleesah: Hehehehe. "The awesomely weird one" I love you Jay. You're so cool and you always know how to cheer me up. Your hair is AWEEESOMEEE and you're sooo legit. You love domo and pandaaaz c; And cotton candy :D You make impossible things seem easy but when other try to do it, they fail. You're one of a kind Jay. I'm so happy to have a bestie like chu <3
Nini206: My "Cheer buddy" I've known you since I was sooo little lol. I remember when we always did gymnastics together and cheer together.And we would always go to each others houses. Haha and we still do! Fun times.Love you Mia <33
Rosslyn: "The homie" B)You're so cool and smart! You always get A's and stuff! You're like a scientist or sumthin LOL. You're just that smart! AND soooo funny lolol. I love our weird conversations you're the best <3 Don'tforget that <33
Alianna: A.k.a "The Cl***y One" :P I love you!! You always stick up for me. I know you have my back and I have yours.You're like a big sister to me. You're soo nice and I know I can always count on you. Even though you get in trouble a lot at school ;D It's not because you did anything wrong. U stand up for what you believe in and if that means getting in trouble or even dying, You'll do it because that's who you are. And that's why you're the greatest person a friend could EVER have :)
 Kamsi: My other "Cheer & gymnastics buddy" You're amazingly pretty,nice, sweet, and I trust you with everything. You're a HUGE fan of Justin Bieber [Heh, like Sierra] I know a lot about you. I could make an encyclopedia about you :D Stay beautiful <3 
Crissy: The "Peace Maker" :3 Lol you always make me laugh ;D And your p***word is funny LOLOL but true... :DD I think you and my sister should be twins. haha no lie. You guys like the same stuff so xD..Anyways, I love you Crissy you're just so aszjlkisfthtgios aweosme it's really hard to explain D; Lol. Luv yew <3
Dayme: My wonderful "Sleepy Buddie" :D Let me start by saying congrats on your new award "Twizzlerz First Place Cheer Competition" You guys should see it it's a big trophy and it's shiny and stuff lol. Continuing, Dayme I missed you so much when you left OMD. But I'm glad you're back it hasn't been the same without you <33 You can make anyone smile because you're just that amazing :) Love ya! :*
Kori: My lovable "Body Builder" Lol I call her that because she is always a hard worker. She does lots of sports and she has muscles O.O (Tiny ones) lol :] I love Kori like a sister because she's always nice to me and everyone she meets. When she's not doing sports she's like a whole different person :D She always has on the cutest clothes that I get jealous ;D We go shopping with each other and scare people at the mall :) We're so weird ^-^ Love ya Kori! :* 
Kaydee: My "KutieKawaiiBear" fwiend :3 Kaydee, a.k.a Cocoa, We do lots of things together. You draw the awesomest things! One day you'll be a professional artist :) I remember I asked you to draw my puppy Yoki for me but I didn't think you'd actually do it lol. :D But that was the best drawing I ever saw and it means a lot to me. :) Besides drawing you love, reading, listening to music, singing, and writing poems. Yea, I know lots about you ;D I'm ur stalker and you're my bwest fwiend ^_^ Luv yhu <3 (: Avatar and sig. made by Zoey900. Thanks :)   Made by Jaleesah. Hehe Thanx  c;     This was made by Sierra. Thank chu :)     Another one made by Sierra <3 Tyvm<3                                                                                                                  This drawing was made by Cocobelle. <3                                          Blingee made by Cullen97. Thaaankz yhu!     This was made by my friend Kamsi <3 Ty. Ooh ty Nini206 for this it's soo prettay <3                                   This blingee was made by Torifan562. Ty(: This is so cool! Thanks Kori! <3                 

Age Type City Country
20 years Woman BunnyTown US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Dara,Minzy,Bom,CL 2ne1&SHINee IDunno ^-^ Sushi
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Pink and purple Dancer Mermaid Melody & Flashpoint ;3 Dancing

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