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"Once upon a time, a wish,a  promise of eternal love.

A smile, a lie, a last kiss,
and a simple 'wait for me

'Till death do us part', you said,and Death will part us for sure.
But to hold from that day forward,
my enslaved soul was left down.

And I hear the frogs croaking songstelling me that it's all my fault,
that I wait at the shade of the swamp
for a man that will never return.

Here, where the sun doesn't shine,the only woice I can reach
is the sad song of a lullaby
of a bell that tinkle in the air.

And when Death comes,
will you cry for me?
Will you be there by my side
at the edge of my last breath?

Past the point of no return,there's nothing left here for me.
My happy end is the curse

of a twisted fairy tale" 
















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