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24/05/2017 à 18:40:16
Blessed day lovely friend! Hope4ever2
24/05/2017 à 15:17:27
Do you ever find random glitter on yourself?...
24/05/2017 à 03:49:22
Saturday morning votes from SIERRADANE: I sure...
20/05/2017 à 12:59:51

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Why won't the Gods let my die? ...

Like... I tried plugging myself to the mains electricity, but my body was just spazzing out a bit and left me with just a bit of a burn, and I'm still alive, even though I placed the cables to the right and left from my heart...

Tried cutting my veins... Who knew that they are actually so deep inside of our hands, had to like cut 3 to 4 mm deep into my hand, but still didn't get to the vein, I did however get so deep that I no longer felt anything, so that was a strange feeling...

But guess what! My elementary school friend and cl***mate succeeded before my... He hung himself...
When I was at his funeral, I just couldn't believe it...
And than when I got home I couldn't help myself, but to curl up into a ball and just cry at the fact of how helpless, alone, weak and most of all meaningless and pointless we are.

Really, nothing we do matters in the grand scheme of things... Probably because there is no grand scheme, there is no goal, no meaning, there's nothing...

At the end we all die...

At the end we all are just dust

Well that's that, not that anyone will see this :P
(Reminder to all, drugs are illegal, specially if the catch you)

I suggest listening to Cara Mia Addio, so powerful, so sad... But worth listening!


Purple Angel Wing Heart



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Purple Angel Wing Heart

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