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Pretty doll ^^ And the picture of you is...
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Yea, if you like try...
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Thank You, I like yours too.
01/05/2011 à 22:49:46
Thank You ^^. Voted back.
28/04/2011 à 20:01:41

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So, it seems that I should spend some time putting up a couple of stuff about me, only to be fair with everyone else.

Nah, actually I'm bored, I can't sleep and my neighbours have already knocked on my door twice this evening (it seems that they can hear me playing my Morbid Beauty - my violin - which wouldn't be a problem wasn't it almost 1 a.m)

Ok, so I'm turning 23 next June 14th, I still live with my parents in Portugal (apparently if you read the news you might well know a little something about my country's current situation)

I'm doing my masters degree: I graduated in Languages, Literature and Culture (English and French) in order to become a teacher. However, weird stuff happens and I'm now so addicted to the Victorian Era that I'm actually considering doing a PhD on that matter. My country definitely lacks "Victorian Experts" (I was a student of the only expert in the country), and I feel people need to know about this. Ah, just to think that I used to hate History... Now Literature's always been my cup of tea!

Still, I'm a trainee teacher, and I love it. I find it quite easy to motivate my kids, but I believe it may also be a consequence of my youth. After all, I'm about 5 years older than my students! It's funny how my lack of social devices to cope with most situations are actually great to get to the so-called high school freaks: "Hey teacher, I checked your fb: you're a Goth, that's so cool" and you spend an hour or so after your last cl*** of the day chatting with your students about anything and everything Goth (or not) related.

Speaking of Goth, no, I don't dress Goth to go to school, but that comes from my filosophy: Goth is in one's soul, not on one's clothes. Therefore, I accept the fact that I can't wear all-black, corsets and stuff while teaching. However, that's what I wear on my spare time.


Anywayz, moving on to some of my deepest p***ions: Finland! Fell in love with the country about 10 years ago, when I first heard of HIM. I'm currenlt working to get to leave my country behind. Hence the whole PhD thing: while doing so, I'd be working on a teaching of Portuguese as a foreign language masters degree in order to go to Finland. Ask me not why, but I feel that's how it's meant to be, where I'm meant to live! I love my country, but it ain't good for living. Coming here for some nice, relaxing vacation, that's fine, but more than that... no thanks! I'm way too ambitious to waste my life here. Besides, I actually dream of teacihng my mother tongue as a foreign language, I'll only have to lose my accent (from Madeira), but I think I can do that.


There you have me, all smiley and stuff! Little make up on cause I recently underwent eye surgery, so make-up's still a no-no :(

My imvu'ed version.


Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Lisbon
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Eicca Toppinen Anything Metal or Classical Don't watch TV Traditional Portuguese food
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
black teacher of Portuguese as a foreign language Don't watch TV reading and playing Morbid Beauty (my Violin)

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