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Votes for you my dear friend... from Hope4ever2
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Sunday votes from Akane92 :D 4 days unitl...
21/12/2014 à 15:59:22
+2!! YAyy! Christmas weekend! Hope you have an...
21/12/2014 à 03:03:31
My friend, I just had a close encounter with...
20/12/2014 à 05:08:44

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I'm a bit busy please forgive me if i don't reply. Only silent votes from now on :)





Hello! I come from MDD my username was Sorome!

Name: Verónica

Physical:  black hair, white skin, dark brown eyes.

Food: mexican, pizza, cheese

Hobbies: writing, daydream, singning, anime.

Likes: life, creativity, writing, excentric, the movies, cute stuff, strange stuff, original people, animals, stuffed animal, my fiance.

Dislikes: school, teaches, work, injustice, prejudice, hypocrecy, wasting time, fear, perfume, lying, being interrupted lol.

Personality: Quiet, shy, except when you get to know me, crazy, weird, original, sensitive, selfish, cold, creative, curious, patient, open minded, i like to respect people, happy and peaceful ^.~


  I'm open to daily voting! If you want to exchange daily votes  just leave a comment or a private message! (Daily voting not open atm)

 I like to vote back, so i always do! I always check my last 100 votes.

 I don't usually leave comments when i vote.

 If i run out of votes i will use my alternative "jewel" accounts to return your votes, please check them out!

 You can add me as a friend if you want, but please don't ask me to add you if you just met me, i add people that become my friends.

 Don't steal my layout, took some effort so please make your own.











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This is my magic items collection,  pets and more.

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Age Type City Country
27 years Woman Mexico Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Hilary Duff Rock, pop Back to the future Pizza
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Purple Writer The big bang theory write, play online-games

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