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17/04/2012 à 01:22:59
I miss you >,<
15/04/2012 à 23:20:09
Dang, This Alex guy really does love you. ;D...
31/03/2012 à 17:54:45
Ha wow ! D;
29/03/2012 à 09:29:06

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Status; Love You Alex. <3
Status2; Got Back From Cousin's house earlier than expected. Stephene *** You .
Let me Talk About this Beutiful Girl, It's supa Macy <3 yep ! She's Super ! no lies D;! I Said so, so no LIES !
She can drive the hell out of you CRAZY ! & make you feel like *** & Happy !! SHe may be that girl who you'd like *** ;] ! so try to win her HEART & NEVER loose IT :) cause if you did imma kill you :)
Her Age? is none of your beezwax if you wanna know ask her through Pm'z & if she didn't answer don't be the hell mad at her, she's Bi maybe ? Single :3 ! & Happily Pretty & Beutiful ..
She Love's me :$. yeah yeah, she do, be jelly -,- IDon'tCaare xD ! uhmm, she can turn you ***in happy so easily .. so yeah .. HitHerUp? She Don't Bite hard;]
Look Alike . .
There' Goes the first hack of Alex :D ! I Love you girl like so *** much ! yeah much is a lil for my much , haha :D ! like really really much ! When you told me that you're gonna quit I was so ***in sad, n didn't want you to, cause I know that I'll ***in stay sad since you're not around, you make me smile 24/7 ! whenever you're around I feel happy, I don't want you ever to give up ! cause You're strong, n I bilieve that you r , yeah I'll be that guy who walk by holding your hand n not afraid of anything, I'll never let you down or let anyone get you down or deprets you, cause imma kick this someone's *** if he did, all you gotta do is tell me XD ! I'm glad I met you, like really glad , you're a close friend to me baby girl, n imma do anything to see you smiling, don't let anyone judge you for who you r , cause it's you, it's how you grew up at ! stay the same, n don't change for anyone no matter what happened, you mean lot to me girl C:! n I know that I mean lot to you too :) ! I'm not afraid of anything , Imma break everyone's head who's trying to mess up with you . . I love you much hun ^^ .. people who's reading this, if you touch her or hurt her imma really hunt you ! n make you *** yourself then burn in hell ! .. wuuvv you girrl <3 Stay cool :3 ~ Alexxbix
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Age Type City Country
20 years Woman SomePlaceOverTheRAinbow! Other
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Me. ;] MacMiller MacMiller's Genre&&Shit SpongeBob! Name It, I've eaten It.
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
Blue Bishes MacMillersBisshhh :P Watching MacMiller Singing&Watching You Sleep ;]

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