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~Welcome to my page~

I am so sorry, I wasn't online for awhile, real life kept me busy...All votes have been returned

 It would appear that this is now a permanent statement: Due to a crazy schedule votes may be randomly returned, but will still be returned...


Best method of contact is in PM not comments


I do silent voting~ 
I really have no clue what day is what anymore due to the time switch at 6 pm EST.Which is around when I normally vote


- If you'd like to be a daily voter just drop me a PM.
- Please keep my lifetime votes even!!! I'll most likely not vote back if you've only given me +1, unless it was to even my lifetime votes.
- Please no begging for gifts or votes, I shall ignore said begs...
- Please remember selling dolls is against the rules.
- My friends list is not my daily voter list, though it does have them there on the in-case anything happens; but also friends, alts, voters that went mia, people I creep on and so forth
- (insert something I forgot)
When given gifts, I like to give a gift in return. If I am busy, I tend to send the same gift back; other than that I tend to try and give a gift that is in't already owned by the player yet...

Alt. Accounts
If you receive votes from these accounts, they are from me~
On haitus for now

~Pictures from other users~

Thank you very much arlekinlain <3

Thank you very much snortmort <3 

                      ~The person behind the doll~

My zodiac signs are:

I have multiple accounts, I don't use them all as voting accounts though.


Cooking, drawing, writing, reading manga/manhaw, watching live actions, cosplay/crossplay and watching anime

Shows I'm watching:

Big Bang Theory | Criminal Minds | NCIS | 2 Broke Girls | Stalker | Zoo | Code Black | Supernatural

Favorite Colors: 

Black | White | Blue | Purple | Red

Favorite Music:

I like most, preferably pop, rock, metal, j-pop, k-pop, j-rock, and visual-k.

Favorite bands/Artist: 

LM.C | SHINee | VIXX | Halstorm | Volbeat | Skillet | Lindsey Sterling | Big Bang | Stoned Sour | Linken Park | Breaking Benjamin | G-Dragon | After School Malice Mizer | Gackt | Vic Mignogna | Yuki Kajiura | DIV | 2NE1 | Bullet for My Valentine | Korn | Unshine | Disturbed | Ayabie

 Other games that I can be found on:

Gaia Online |Fantasy Defense | Line Play

School Idol | Legend of the Cryptids | League of Angels Fire Raiders

Spirit Stones | 

I found this picture on diviantART, and I hope it may become an outfit.


-fingers crossed-

~Slowly working in order on these trophies~

When there is a sale:

Working Girl Trophy: the last two

Progress: 31 out of 50/ items obtained/bought from 4works 

Playa Trophy: all of them

Progress: 3 out of 5/10/25/50/100 items obtained/bought from the Playa store

Garden Trophies: the last three

Progress: 15 out of 25/-/- items obtained/bought from the Garden store

When I get to them:

Permanent Flirt Trophy: the last three

Progress: 12 out of 20/-/- permanent flirts

Trophies of Characheristics: last one

Progress: 400 out of 500 characteristic points

Trophies for Lifetime Doll/Loft votes: last ones

Progress: 23117 out of 50000 lifetime votes


Cons and places that I have gone to~


-  (my first ever convention) went to Mega-Con with a friend, and I bought a tail <3

-went to Anime was a sad con...


- went to Mega-Con with the same friend as last  year

- went to another convention(with ayase-chan this time), and went to the maid cafe (my friends ran the cafe~)

went to anime central...and mentally died for many different reasons

- went to Medival Times for my birthday


went to Washinton D.C. for the inaugeration

went to Mega-Con again, this time with Ayase

- graduated high school

- went to Medival Times for my birthday again


- Went to Mega-Con was smaller and slightly more dull this time

Went to Knightrokon, again, much better this time and all around more expensive too...

- ~birthday coming soon~



Blog | 

 Thank you for all of your wonderful gifts~ {#star}

co okiesez

Thank you all very so much


Thanks for visiting my doll.

Age Type City Country
23 years Woman US
Favorite celebrity Favorite music Favorite movie Favorite food
Maya, Aiji is by LM.C, SHINee, VIXX currently: Death Trance is it edible?
Favorite colour My dreamjob Favorite show Favorite hobby
rainbow anime, Korean drama, Japanese drama being a wonderholic otaku

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