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Hello everyone and welcome to my main dolls page.  

 6/20 I'm back finally from our trip to Niagara Falls (NY) to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  Beautiful time with my hubby (state park was in walking distance of our hotel room so the car was parked the entire time, lol- first time we're gone away and not have to drive daily).  If you've never been I would definately recommend it as a wonderful get-away.

As for who I am:  My name is Crystal, I used to be xtalgoddess on MDD.  I'm gemini (25 May) whos into the supernatural (parapsychology, cryptozology, natural oddities).  I also like most music (not into country-sorry).  I enjoy photography, reading (mostly fantasy & sci-fi), word/number puzzles, video games (mainly play online now).  As far as collecting goes, I love old books, cats & faeries.


Thank you girls for all the wonderful gifts you've given me; Faechild86 (43), Arlekinlain (23), Ramonna (11), N0regrets (4), Mineyeung (3), Witch2004 (3),  Andybel (2), Tuvab (2), Birdlyre,  Cook iesez, Eliisa, Jazz333, Rubyheartz08, Saioko, Savynn2, Sierradane, & Sweettears90 .  I appreciate & enjoy these beautiful gifts very much, thank you!

 *Daily Voters:  For the time being it'll be votes with no notes.  I accept new daily voters (if you're looking for someone to exchange votes with).  I'll be checking my last 100 list daily & returning votes from there.   Thanks for understanding.  

I RETURN VOTES-please keep my lifetime doll & loft votes even.  I always appreciate comments especially if you're using an alt. doll I'm not familar with. 

Magikgoddess is my main doll.  I currently only have four alternative dolls that help me out.  They are; magikgoddessvoting, magikgoddessvoting2, magikgoddessvoting3 and of course, magikgoddessvoting4

At the moment I'm trying to save up for the $$$ Trophies (hard to do when a quest comes along I want, lol)...  I'm also trying for the doll & loft lifetime vote trophies.

"It's not that chocolates are a substitute for love.  Love is a substitute for chocolate.  Chocolate is, let's face it, far more reliable than a man." -Miranda Ingram 

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38 years Woman UK
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